WWF Superstars 4/2/1988

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Winston-Salem, NC

1.)Rick Rude defeated Eric Cooper
2.)Don Muraco defeated George Petraski
3.)Bad News Brown defeated Phil Newkirk
4.)Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Conquistador #1
5.)Andre the Giant fought Brian Costello to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. An interesting way to start the show. They actually show how Randy Savage won the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania IV. That’s right, they didn’t use stills but rather actual clips from the big show. Hogan whacked DiBiase over the back with a chair and Savage was able to hit the elbow drop to win the championship.

2. We hear from Hercules who asks if the Ultimate Warrior has the guts to wrestle him in the ring again. Hercules says everything he has said is the truth and the next time they wrestle there will not be any unanswered questions. Bobby Heenan calls Warrior the ultimate fool. The Ultimate Warrior shares his thoughts on Hercules and I have no idea what he is talking about, again. Warrior promises that Hercules will fall like everyone else.

3. Jim Duggan shares some comments regarding Andre the Giant tripping him. Duggan had DiBiase all set for the finish. Duggan tells Andre that no matter where Andre is he is going to get a piece of him.

4. Craig DeGeorge is standing with Nikolai Volkoff, Boris Zhukov and Slick for an interview. Slick puts down the state of North Carolina for having ugly women. Slick puts over the team as the greatest team in the WWF. Slick is putting over Russia for having the superior country when it comes to talent. Slick and his men sing the Russian national anthem.

5. Bret Hart cuts a pre-tape promo during Bad News Brown’s squash match. Bret Hart tells us that he is going to get even on Brown because he messed with the wrong guy!

6. Jim Duggan came down to the ring to confront Andre the Giant before Andre’s squash match. Duggan says he isn’t afraid of Andre the Giant. Duggan challenges Andre to a match! Andre grabs Duggan by the neck and starts to choke him! Andre wraps his strap around Duggan’s neck and delivers a few head butts! Duggan is able to hit Andre with a 2×4 to knock the big man down!

7. Ted DiBiase cut a promo on WWF World Champion Randy Savage saying Hulk Hogan won’t be able to save him now. Savage chimes in and says that DiBiase would rather be rich and dead than being poor and alive. Randy wants DiBiase to try and come get the gold anytime!

8. We go back to Andre in the ring who has knocked out several officials and attacks the camera man on the apron! Andre is going nuts! Andre steps on a poor guy’s head!

Final Thoughts:
Thankfully the show is filled with angles and material that isn’t centered around three guys. A really good episode this week as it had a purpose from the start to the end. Andre going nuts was a great way to end the program, I thought. Interested to see how that continues and the Savage/DiBiase feud develops over time.

Thanks for reading.

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