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WCW Thunder 5/27/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Kaz Hayashi v. Lash Leroux

The match was interrupted after a couple of minutes as Savage had arrived and he was screaming for Buff Bagwell. He beat up Disco and Scotty Riggs who kept looking at his mirror.

After about ten minutes Kaz wins with a senton splash…

**1/2 Not bad.

Match 2: Prince Iaukea v. Van Hammer

Tank Abbot is in the crowd watching….and Tenay is talking about him.

Hammer is destroying Iaukea.

* Cruiserweights are done for.

Gene calls out Macho Man. He understands that Macho is not happy. But Macho declares he is actually pleased. He talks about his girls and his upcoming title match. He goes off on Nash and he does not step in crap he steps over it if you can smell what the Mach (no “O” on his pronunciation)┬áis cooking. He is going to haunt Nash and he is going to get him. He invites everyone to watch him regain the belt because he is better than him and he is more macho than him and he will get beat. For some reason Gene asks Madusa who here favorite wrestler is….it starts with an M and ends with an M but melts in your mouth and not in your hand. The other two agree. Macho is going to beat up Buff Bagwell, but not too bad as he wants him to watch him win the title at the PPV.

Match 3: Cat v. El Vampiro

Cat issues an open challenge. Vampiro answers. He kicks at the Cat who backs off and confers with Sonny. He offers Vampiro money, Sonny does, and Cat takes advantage of the opening and kicks him in the head a few times. Cat makes relatively short work with a kick to the head.

*1/2 Cat is going nowhere and that is the problem.

Flair is in the back with DDP and they are talking. Benoit comes in and he is fed up with Flair for being egotistical. He wants to settle this right now and DDP attacks him from behind and beats him…..

After the break Brian Knobbs is out and he is screaming about being the King of Hardcore. Oh he is Nasty too. He wants Bigelow to take a walk on the Nasty side….fuck he is annoying. Gene asks about Hak and Jiimmy Hart has come out and Knobbs screams about nonsense. He wants Knobbs to rejoin the First Family. Knobbs screams about being nasty and will think about it….

Konnan comes down and does his thing. He was on his own after leaving the Wolf Pac but he keeps getting sucked in. He gives props to Rey and Kidman and Nash and will not forget and the Filthy Animals will do something….got distracted. I am watching the current RAW while watching this! He is Bowdy-Bowdy etc.

Match 4: Konnan v. Kaos

Kaos starts strong and gets a couple of two counts. Kaos controls the first three minutes. Konnan makes a comeback with a DDT and gets a near fall. He reverses a whip and strikes with the rolling lariat. Konnan works him over and gets his boot up off the whip but he is powerslammed. Kaos takes his time going up top and misses the guillotine legdrop. Konnan runs over and hooks him in the Sunrise. He taps.


Match 5: Lenny Lane v. Evan Karagias

Lane is clotheslined to the floor. Here comes Lodi looking a bit different….all oiled up etc. Lane takes the offensive as Lodi claps. Lane has controlled the last two minutes but is nearly pinned after a flying crossbody.

Tenay informs us that Gene will talk to Tank Abbot tonight.

They go back and forth and Evan gets the win.


Piper is bellowing about his PPV match with Flair and saying odd things….it was pre-recorded. He can be great and Flair the Bash or something.

Gene is by Tank Abbot and he calls it Ultimate Fighting Challenge. Abbot is excited to be by Gene. He had nosebleed seats but used his name to get better seats. There have been a bunch of cherries fighting so far. Gene mentions Hardcore matches and Tank thinks they are not nor will Sting and Rick’s match be as it is some sort of shoot fight thing they are fixing to do in a cage. Rick comes down and takes a swing at Tank and they flail at each other. Tank is led away and Rick challenges him and will take care of him after he deals with Sting.

Match 6: Chris Benoit v. DDP

They start hammering each other. Benoit catches the leg and DDP goes for the discus clothesline but instead he is taken down and put in the Crossface! DDP barely gets to the ropes. He rolls to the floor and Benoit suicide dives into him and Page’s head hits the railing. He runs him into the railing again and then the post. DDP is rolled back into the ring and Benoit slingshots right into an atomic drop. DDP suplexes him and now stomps away. Benoit counters by knocking him down and he stomps a hole in DDP. He keeps after him but DDP reverses the whip and back elbows him…before the whip took place. Both are slow to get up. DDP is up first and he picks him up but Benoit muscles him down and they fall to the floor. They are brawling and DDP eats the railing. Now DDP runs him from railing to railing and then suplexes him.


Benoit was rolled into the ring and when DDP tries to get in he is double sledged and kicked. DDP reverses the whip but Benoit hooks the top rope; he lures Page in and knees him in the gut and then whips him into the corner where he mounts and pounds him but DDP nuts him and drops down and Benoit’s face slams against the top buckle and both are down again. DDP stomps a hole in the chest and stomach of Benoit. He bounces his throat off the top rope and gutwrenches him followed up by a gutbuster. DDP boots him in the head sending him to the apron but Benoit shoves him off and goes up top only to get nailed and he falls….upside down and DDP kicks him over and over and finally allows the ref to unhook him. DDP unwinds the tape from his wrist and chokes him out with it. DDP slams him and gets two. DDP goes back to choking him but Benoit gets vertical only to be dropped back down via a spinning slam. DDP now turns to the sleeper. Benoit counters with a jawbreaker. He blocks a blow and fires off a right and now a series of them. DDP is wobbly and a chop drops him down. He pulls him up but the whip is reversed and Benoit is thrust front first into the corner and DDP goes for a back suplex off the rebound but Benoit floats behind and hits a bridged German and he gets 2.5 and now another one. He goes for a third one but is back kicked in the nuts. DDP is a bit slow to follow up and he powerbombs Benoit and now he gets a 2.5. He calls for the DC but Benoit backslides him and gets a near fall. Benoit trips him up and hooks him for the Crossface! Bigelow runs down and headbutts him and he mauls him. Flair comes down and stomps on his nuts! Now Bigelow holds him up and DDP Diamond Cuts him!

**** Great match. A clean win would have been a gamechanger for Benoit but I understand as DDP needed to be strong. Great match.

Match 7: Buff Bagwell v. Randy Savage

Savage tells Nash that he is going to take Buff to school. Buff responds that he should take the three chimps and go back to the zoo!! Classic. All three women get on the apron and surround Buff. Madusa is in the ring and so are the other two and they surround him and distract Buff and Savage belts him. Savage has owned him so far. He is pounding him and choking him out. Ms. Madness nails him with a missile kick right when Buff starts to get the upperhand. Buff is hung up in the corner and choked out, and he pulls back on the neck. The ref has a chair to try and fend off Savage. Savage shoves him down and goes for Buff again but is pulled off by security…..

** Again Buff looks weak. Hopefully he gets a win down the road.

**** Strong Thunder. They are building up the main event with having a lot of Savage as of late. The Benoit and DDP match was awesome too. Sad when Thunder was better than Nitro.

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