WCW Thunder 6/3/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Scotty Riggs v. Bam Bam Bigelow

Match was about nine minutes. Riggs got in some offense but obviously lost.


Match 2: Hugh Morrus v. Kidman

They go back and forth. Morrus is tossed to the floor and then Kidman springs into a flying plancha. He follows up by flinging him into the steps. Jimmy Hart gets in the way and is finally hit but Kidman turns right into a lariat. I had to eat…..watched it. Kidman had him beat in a surprisingly decent match but Brian Knobbs comes down to interfere and they destroy Kidman. Hak runs down and clears them out.


Match 3: Buff Bagwell v. Brian Adams

Okay, I am back. Adams started strong and then Buff fires back with some dropkicks knocking him to the floor. They go back and forth and Adams works over the neck. They continue to go back and forth. The ref is squashed and Vincent hits his own partner with the chair and Buff has the win but Adams gets his shoulder up and the bell rang…but the match continues. Buff keeps after him but he is knocked to the floor. Vincent is flung into the railing. Adams is arguing with the ref and turns right into the Blockbuster.

**1/2 Another decent brawl.

Match 4: Scott Norton v. Silver King

King gets in very little offense but lasted nearly four minutes.

* Squash.

Match 5: Curt Hennig v. Rey Mysterio

Rey charges but runs right into a forearm. Hennig hammers him and adds some taunts in for fun. Rey is pounded some more but he fires back with some aerial maneuvers and kicks him to the floor. Curt stays out there and glares at the fans. Curt lures him over and bounces his neck off the top rope and then stomps on him. An atomic drop sends Rey flying into the corner and off the rebound he smacks him upside the head. Hennig is owning him. He hammers him on the floor too….


He knocks Rey down and stomps away. Rey scissors him over and works over the knees. He sweeps them out from under him and slide kicks them now. He hooks his legs in the corner and he dropkicks him right in the nuts! He mounts and pounds him ten times and Curt sags down to his posterior. Curt pokes the eye and then does it again for good measure. Curt slowly picks him apart with stomps and kicks. Rey finally slides behind him and then kicks him into the corner and goes for the knee. He leaps but is caught, however he punches away and down goes Curt. He gets up and Rey slides under him and kicks him in the head. He keeps after him and goes up top but is crotched by Bobby and then pulled crotch first into the post and Bobby comes in and they both destroy him.

*** Actually a really good match.

Here comes Konnan and Kidman and out goes Bobby and now Curt gets plastered and Rey dumps over the top rope.

Match 6: Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair

Not the best time to do other things. We are over ten minutes in. A typical Flair match as he has hit all his spots. Benoit has had him in the Figure Four. They have exchanged sleepers and they have chopped the shit out of each other. Flair has been backdropped three times. After the third time he kicks Benoit and goes for the Figure Four but he is rolled up and nearly pinned. They exchange chops and Flair picks him up and drills the knee. Now it is Figure Four time. Benoit is able to turn it over and both get to the ropes. Benoit strikes with an enzuguri but he misses the dropkick and Flair gets two. Now Benoit ties him up and gets two. He is able to bridge up and then backslide Flair for two. Benoit ducks the elbow and clotheslines Flair. He calls for it to be over and sends him down with a short-armed clothesline. The flying headbutt hits. DDP pulls the ref out of the ring and so Benoit stomps on him. Bigelow and DDP enter the ring and Benoit fights them off for a bit but he is stomped on. Flair knocks out the ref and Benoit is killed with a dual Diamond Cutter…a combo move from DDP and Bigelow.

**** Wow, nearly 15 minutes of wrestling. Great match. Benoit still needs that signature win but he is getting more air time.

***1/2 The final two Thunder matches are better than anything on Nitro as of late.

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