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WCW Thunder 6/10/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Savage is in a limo with his ladies. He drives up and sees someone who looks like Nash and leaps out of the vehicle and attacks. It is Brian Adams and Savage warns him to back off when he got angry after getting attacked. He does apologize but adds that he is letting him go.

Buffis with Gene. Talking about running with the ball again. Buff is facing Disco…..Buff is not happy. Everyone knows that Buff deserves a chance. He hopes his comments did not anger Piper and then makes fun of him. Buff beat Disco so he needs to face someone else. Here comes the Cat and he wants the ball and he is the greatest. They jaw back and forth and the challenge is set for later tonight. Cat is going to stomp a hole in his ass.

Match 1: Konnan and Rey Mysterio v. Psychosis and Villano V

Rey gives a random shout out to his record company and to release the hounds. Crowd is baffled.

Decent match. Rey and Konnan win after about seven minutes.


Gene calls out DDP and friends. DDP calls Syracuse a dump! DDP brags about being a former champ. He has not forgotten about Fabio (Nash). He yells that Big Sexy sounds stupid when Gene says it. He will get Nash down the road as he has his hands full with Savage. He turns his attention to Benoit and Saturn. Fans chant that he sucks and he tells them that he never needed them. He challenges them for a tag title match at the PPV.

Savage is still riled up and challenges Adams tonight!

Match 2: Cat v. Buff Bagwell

Disco is at the announce table. Cat is kicking the crap out of him. Cat drops a forearm and Buff tries to make a comeback but he is knocked down. Cat stands on his throat and then kicks him to the floor where Sonny stomps on him. Cat keeps working him over and then has the crowbar but misses. Buff knocks him down and goes for Sonny. DQ. Here comes Scott Norton who beats up the Cat. Disco blindsides Buff.

*1/2 Cat is getting a push again. But Jesus Buff is still weak and he is facing Disco?

Benoit and Saturn are with Gene. Benoit no longer respects Flair and tells him payback is a bitch. Now to DDP and Bigelow and they are calling their own shots. In the ring the Crippler has no politics and he will take their belts and their dignity. Saturn states that he and Benoit do not have to like each other but Benoit is a winner. Saturn tells DDP that he beat him and does not stand a chance at the PPV. Kanyon will face Saturn tonight and Saturn is going to stretch him. Gene brings up Raven and Malenko. Malenko stands at the top of the stage and just stares….where the fuck is Raven?

Savage comes down and the PPV will be like taking candy from a baby. Nash does not want any of this and therefore he should forfeit the title. He has blown his cover; he is the Madness and future champ.

Match 3: Randy Savage v. Brian Adams

Savage likes him being a tune up and he challenges him to take some of the Madness if he can. Adams tells the ladies that after he is done punking Savage he will show them the real Macho Men….Vincent gets to join in.

Adams tosses him around and slams him and then scrapes his boot across the forehead. He gives Savage a backbreaker but Savage counters by clotheslining him to the floor. Madusa kicks Adams into the post and Savage runs out sledges him into the post. Adams’ get run into the side of the ring. Savage breaks the count and heads after him. Adams throat punches him and strikes with a headbutt. Adams has him up in a press slam and dumps him throat first on top of the railing. He heads back into the ring allowing Savage to rest. He gets back up on the apron and bounces Adams throat off the top rope and then puts the boots to him. But Adams grabs him and then gives him a spinning backbreaker. Madusa comes in and kicks him and Brian goes for a gorilla slam but Savage clips the knee. Vincent is on the apron with a chair and the ladies are there and the ref is distracted. He hits the elbow but the ref did not see it and he gets the pin.

**1/2 Fun brawl.

Chaos in the aftermath, the nWo gets blasted with a chair and the ref tries to stop him from using the big elbow but Savage does it anyway and they beat up the ref too.

Match 4: Fit Finlay v. Rick Steiner (c) for WCW TV Title

Rick has the mic and tells Sting to bring it as he and his brother will be on him like a pack of dogs. Yes “Bite Me” was bleeped!

This was about five minutes. It was actually good while it lasted. Could have been longer…..but Rick has to look strong going into the PPV.


Nash is on the phone and he wants the elbow back in play because he does not want Savage to have any excuses. He sounded hungover.

Match 5: Kanyon v. Saturn

Kanyon rambles on the mic.

Saturn chases him around and finally catches up to him with a shot to the face. Saturn runs him into the railing and then chokes him out with a cord. He keeps after him and has him up on the ramp and suplexes him. He runs him facefirst into part of the set up on the stage and Saturn is relentless as he keeps firing of rights. Kanyon fights back, and back in the ring he chokes him out on the ropes. Saturn fights out and drops him with a right hook and then stomps a hole in him. Saturn mounts and pounds him in the corner and Kanyon escapes with a nut shot. Saturn is on the apron and is suplexed back into the ring but both are down. Kanyon rolls over and gets two. Kanyon spikes him and crawls on top getting two. He bodyslams him and slingshot elbows him getting two. He and the ref get in a shoving match! Saturn is whipped and Saturn goes for a sunset flip but he is punched. Both men roll each other up getting two. Kanyon gives him a powerbomb and then extends the leg dropping it down on the midsection. Another two count. Saturn thrust kicks him and both are slowto get up. He finally does so and slams him. He slowly heads up top and hits the Frog Splash! But he cannot make the cover.


Kanyon has him in a rear chinlock. He escapes and DDP runs in and hits the top rope lariat. Here comes Benoit and the fight is on and he is tossed to the floor. The fans litter the ring with trash. After choking him out Saturn sideslams him and DDP stomps on him and taunts him….This is now a tag match! Classic. DDP kicks a hole in him and he runs over and decks Benoit. He comes back to Saturn and turns him inside out with a clothesline! He powerbombs him into some popcorn in the ring and gets two….the titles are on the line! They double suplex Saturn and Kanyon covers him getting two as Saturn barely gets the shoulder up. Saturn T-Bones Kanyon and now he notices Benoit who gets the hot tag and he unloads on both heels. Kanyon eats a release German. Malenko has come down and he is arguing with Arn. Benoit has the Crossface applied but DDP stomps on him only to get clotheslined to the floor and he turns back to Kanyon and slams him! Benoit hits the flying headbutt and gets the win and tag belts!!

**** Jesus what a mess but fuck was it great. They made it look on the fly and Tenay screaming at the top of his lungs made it seem like a world title match. Great match.

**** This is what Nitro needs. They had some great matches and advanced the main event with Savage wrestling. They kept it simple and to the point and it was successful. This is what Nitro needs, badly.

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