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WWF Superstars 11/24/1990

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Indianapolis, IN

1.)Mr. Perfect defeated Reno Riggins
2.)Davey Boy Smith defeated Paul Diamond
3.)Rick Martel defeated Pez Whatley
4.)Dustin Rhodes defeated the Black Demon
5.)Legion of Doom defeated Black Bart & Kent Carlson
6.)Sgt. Slaughter defeated Tito Santana
7.)The Barbarian defeated Jeff Kramer

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Jack Tunney has an announcement. He says that Mr. Fuji breach ethics by having Demolition interfere in the LOD/Orient Express match. Demolition is on probation and says that there are only two members of Demolition instead of three. Tunney also announces that Mr. Fuji will team up with the Orient Express against LOD in a handicap match.

2. Davey Boy Smith shared pre-tape comments saying it’s great to back in the WWF. Smith thanks the fans for the support.

3. Jake Roberts cuts a promo during Rick Martel’s match. Roberts says that Martel sacrificed everyone on his team to avoid Roberts. However, now Martel will meet Roberts one on one in the ring.

4. Ted DiBiase shares some comments during Dustin Rhodes match. DiBiase says he has laid both Dusty and Dustin out in the middle of the ring. DiBiase says everyone has a price for him.

5. Slaughter clubs away on Tito in the opening moments of the match and delivers a back elbow strike in the corner. Slaughter works over Tito with a few blows but Santana fights back with a backdrop and arm drags. Tito works over Slaughter with a few strikes and sends him gut first into the corner for a near fall. Santana avoids a backdrop with a series of right hands. Tito hits a leaping forearm smash but Adnan jabs Santana with the flag from the apron. That doesn’t cause the disqualification. Slaughter hits a back suplex and locks in the Camel Clutch to win the match by submission. (*. Poor Tito Santana. He is just losing left and right nowadays and being used to give Slaughter a credible win.) After the match, Slaughter tosses the referee to the floor and ties Santana up in the ropes. Slaughter tells Tito that he doesn’t belong here. Slaughter drives the flag into Tito’s gut. Jim Duggan comes out with his 2×4 to scare the heels out of the ring. Duggan stomps the Iraqi flag.

Final Thoughts:
An average episode of Superstars this week. There is no surprise that Duggan and Slaughter are going to be feuding now. There aren’t any new feuds being developed as the feuds advanced on the show have been going on for awhile now. Shall be interesting to see how the final month of 1990 goes.

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