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UWF Capital Punishment II 9/21/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

United Wrestling Federation presents Capital Punishment II
From: Richmond, VA

There are two rings set up for the War Games match later on in the night. That’s refreshing to see two rings instead of one. There has been more one ring War Games than two ring ones ever since WCW folded it seems.

Opening Contest: AJ Styles vs. Joey Matthews: Joey decides to stall for a few minutes on the floor when Styles got the fans behind him. Matthews gets into the ring to hit a hip toss and he taunts Styles for being able to do so. Matthews is able to get the better of Styles and continues to taunt AJ instead of following up on the offense. Styles tricks Joey by not going for a test of strength and starts to kick Matthews in the leg. AJ dropkicks Joey over the top of the floor and hits a cross body over the top onto the floor. Styles drops Joey with a kip up hurricanrana! Matthews drops Styles throat first across the top rope for a two count. Matthews continues his offense with a short arm clothesline and a forearm drop for a two count. Matthews hits AJ over the back with a steel chair as the referee was distracted. Styles fights back with a backdrop and heads to the top rope. Joey tries to stop him but Styles punches him away only to be crotched on the top rope anyway. Matthews hits a superplex off the top but only gets a near fall on the cover attempt. Styles tries a series of roll ups but Joey kicks out at two. AJ hits a springboard forearm shot from the apron and goes for a vertical suplex but drops Matthews with a neckbreaker instead for a two count. Joey drops AJ face first onto the canvas for a near fall. Matthews heads to the top rope but AJ cuts him off. AJ slams Joey off the top and slams Matthews into the second ring. AJ misses a springboard attack into the second ring. Matthews superkicks AJ back into the legal ring. Styles hits a jaw breaker and connects with a springboard reverse DDT but Joey pops his shoulder up at two. Joey nails Styles with a forearm but Styles connects with the Pele kick! Matthews avoids the Styles Clash by dumping AJ on the apron. Styles goes for a slingshot sunset flip but Joey sits down and grabs the ropes to pick up the win! (**3/4. A fine opening match that started off rather slowly. It’s a big win for Matthews here as I wasn’t expecting a TNA guy to do the job. AJ goes all of his moves in and played to the crowd well while Matthews did a good job of playing the heel role.)

JBL makes his way down to the ring to address the crowd regarding the War Games match. He rips on ECW because a fan is wearing a ECW shirt. He praises Smackdown because he is on that show. JBL gets heat for asking what Virginia is famous for… like Michael Vick who killed dogs. JBL says he honestly hates all the fans and isn’t trying to get cheap heat. He reminds the fans that they have paid to see him. JBL is the longest reigning Smackdown champion in history. He is also a wrestling God. JBL calls out LAX to chat with him in the ring. JBL talks to them about beating up Kirby Mack so he can’t provide for his family. Homicide says that Mack Brothers deserved what they got. JBL loves their reasoning and recruits them to be part of his team for War Games. They accept the offer. Here comes TJ and Kirby Mack. They are held back by security on the floor. Sgt. Slaughter comes down with the Mack Brothers. Apparently, the security guys decided not to do their jobs twice in the segment. Slaughter has Kirby and TJ on his team, which JBL must have spoiled earlier in the segment. JBL warns Slaughter to not get involved in the match.

Second Contest: David Young & Daffney vs. Jake Manning & Gail Kim: Young and Manning kick off the mixed tag team match. David kicks Manning as they do a test of strength to get the advantage. Jake tries to battle back but Young kicks Jake in the midsection again. Gail Kim punches Young in the stomach by illegally getting involved. Daffney tries to do the same thing but Manning stomps on her hands. Manning dumps some water on Young and after avoiding a clothesline spits water in both Young and Daffney’s faces. Kim and Daffney start to go at it with Kim hitting a few clotheslines. Kim comes off the top with an arm drag. Young pulls Kim down by the hair from the apron to help Daffney. Daffney pulls Kim up while stepping on her hair a few times. Daffney is doing the stomach claw on Kim for a moment. Young tags in and tosses Kim down to the canvas. Kim tries for a few roll ups but Daffney kicks out each time. Kim slams Daffney face first into the canvas and tags in Manning who hammers away on Young. Jake shoulder blocks Young and hits a back suplex for a two count. Kim leaps off the top to hit a hurricanrana on Young but Manning can’t get a three count. Daffney distracts Manning and Young gets the win following a spinebuster. (*1/2. At least it didn’t go on for too long. It’s usually hard for me to get into mixed tag team matches and that happened here. Nothing happened during the match that was all that exciting or entertaining.)

Third Contest: Ruckus vs. Senshi: Ruckus sends Senshi to the floor with a head scissors after a few moments and goes for a dive but Senshi moves and lands on his feet. Ruckus manages to hit a handspring elbow on the floor. Back in the ring, Senshi delivers a few chops but Ruckus stops him with a right hand. Senshi drops Ruckus gut first across the top rope. Senshi goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Senshi hits a nice dropkick and keeps a reverse bear hug on Ruckus. Senshi kicks Ruckus in the midsection and kicks Ruckus over the back. Senshi runs into a big boot in the corner and Ruckus hits a dropkick off the middle rope. Ruckus dropkicks Senshi again and follows up with a hurricane kick! Ruckus blocks a clothesline with a spinning drop sleeper for a near fall. Senshi begins to work over Ruckus with chops but Ruckus hits a twisting neckbreaker for a near fall. Ruckus delivers a double knee in the corner but Senshi comes back with a springboard kick to Ruckus’s face. Senshi gets a two count after driving Ruckus gut first on the mat. Ruckus avoids a kick in the corner and hits Senshi with a flipping kick. Senshi kicks Ruckus into a corner with a running dropkick. Ruckus is out on the mat. Senshi goes to the top and hits the double stomp to win the match. (**1/4. Some decent action throughout the match. Ruckus is sometimes hit or miss, but he seemed to be having a good night here hitting his moves well. A nice finish to the match as Senshi’s double stomp looked rather brutal here.)

Fourth Contest: D’Lo Brown vs. Abyss: Brown looks to be in very good condition at this point of his career. Abyss comes off the ropes with a shoulder block but Brown surprises him with an inside cradle for a near fall. Brown goes for a backslide but Abyss kicks out at two. Abyss misses a splash in the corner and Brown nearly wins with a school boy. Brown dropkicks Abyss a few times and clotheslines the big man over the top to the floor. Abyss drives D’Lo into the ring apron to get control of the match. Abyss sends Brown into the ring post back first. Abyss delivers a few shots to Brown’s lower back. Brown gets trapped in a bear hug for a few moments. Abyss “delivers” a big boot… he missed Brown by a mile. Abyss drives D’Lo down to the canvas with a chokeslam. Brown fights back with a few clotheslines and a heel kick. Brown scoop slams Abyss and drops a leg for a two count. Abyss splashes the referee in the corner on accident and thus can’t count D’Lo’s cover attempt. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam! Abyss wakes the referee up but Brown kicks out. Brown hits the Sky High and goes to the top rope. Brown hits the frog splash but Abyss kicks out at two! Abyss blocks a clothesline and hits a second chokeslam for a near fall. Abyss goes to the floor and gets a steel chair. Abyss hits Brown over the back to cause the disqualification. Abyss also smashes the referee, Brian Hebner, over the head with the chair. Brown is up and hits Abyss with the chair. (**. For the most part, it was a lackluster match. The last three minutes of action or so was entertaining but really everything leading up to that wasn’t all that fun. The finish was lame, too.)

Main Event: War Games
Team JBL (Homicide, Hernandez, CW Anderson, Steve Corino & Elix Skipper)
Team Slaughter (Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, TJ Mack, Kirby Mack, & Dustin Rhodes):

CW Anderson and Dustin Rhodes kick off the War Games match. CW avoids Rhodes in the early moments before getting trapped in a corner and they begin to trade right hands. Rhodes atomic drops CW and punches him several times in the corner. Rhodes drops CW with an elbow strike. CW low blows Rhodes and tries to send him into the cage but that doesn’t work. Rhodes drops CW with a clothesline and tosses CW into the cage face first a few times. CW stops Dustin with a spinebuster! CW drops Rhodes with a left hand. Anderson tosses Dustin face first into the cage. They begin to trade chops until Dustin hits a running bulldog. Rhodes hits a twisting vertical suplex.

The third entrant for the match is Steve Corino. Rhodes sends Corino into Anderson in the corner. Rhodes kicks CW in the groin. Dustin atomic drops Corino to fight both heels. Rhodes misses an elbow smash and is met with a double superkick as a result. Dustin is hit with a double shoulder block as the heels have the advantage.

The fourth entrant is TJ Mack. TJ gets in the match and hammers away on the heels. TJ hits a jaw breaker on CW and a running yakuza kick on Corino. Corino punches TJ off the top rope. TJ comes off the ropes and is met with a double spinebuster. Dustin leaps off the top to clothesline Corino and superkicks CW.

The fifth entrant is Homicide. Homicide wastes no time going after TJ and sends him into the cage several times. Homicide hits a German suplex and bumps into Corino, teasing tension since they have a history. TJ sends Corino head first into the cage. CW clotheslines TJ to keep the upper hand in favor for the hears. Corino catapults TJ into a superkick from CW! Dustin is ramming Corino’s head between the two rings!

The sixth entrant is Rick Steiner. Rick enters and cleans house with a series of right forearms. Rick nails Corino with a clothesline. Rick doesn’t know who is on his team because he just punched TJ Mack. Corino is double teamed briefly by TJ and Dustin in the corner. TJ plants Corino with the Slice Bread!

The seventh entrant is Hernandez. Hernandez and Homicide are working over Rick Steiner in the corner. Dustin rams Corino face first into the top of the cage and kicks Corino off to the canvas. Dustin leaps off the top rope to nail Corino with an elbow smash. Hernandez catches TJ and plants him with a powerbomb.

The eighth entrant is Kirby Mack. Kirby hammers away on Hernandez with right hands and kicks. TJ and Kirby knock Hernandez down with a shoulder block and hit a double dropkick to a kneeling Hernandez. Hernandez tosses TJ across the ring and hits Kirby with a backbreaker.

The ninth entrant is Elix Skipper. Skipper is the final entrant for the heel team. Skipper goes after Rhodes for a moment before hitting a side slam on Kirby. Skipper kicks TJ on the back. Anderson saves Corino from Kirby’s attack in the corner. Hernandez border tosses TJ from one ring into the second ring! Dustin is protecting TJ from any more punishment.

The tenth and final entrant is Scott Steiner. Scott gets in the ring and nails the heels with clotheslines and overhead belly to belly suplexs. Scott tosses Skipper into the cage and the same goes for CW. Homicide feels left out and is sent into the cage as well. Kirby gets out of the border toss attempt by Hernandez. Kirby hits a superplex on Corino off the top rope! Rick plants Homicide with the Death Valley Driver! JBL is getting into the ring and nails Dustin Rhodes with the Clothesline From Hell! Sgt. Slaughter gets into the ring and puts the Cobra Clutch on JBL! Scott Steiner puts the Steiner Recliner on Steve Corino and Corino gives up to give the match to Team Slaughter. (**1/4. There was zero blood and really lacked the emotion that most War Games had attached to it back in the glory days. I thought Hernandez, Kirby and TJ were the best aspects of the match. Hernandez had a few good spots, which TJ and Kirby took. Aside from those moments, this match wasn’t memorable in any sense. I’m sure it was neat to witness the War Games match in person, though.)

Final Thoughts:
The opening bout was the match of the night and everything that followed it was average at best. There was a good mix of old school talent and guys who were having some success in TNA or the indys. The action just didn’t keep me interested or entertained all that much. Thus, I have to give the show a thumbs down.

Thanks for reading.


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