WCW Thunder 8/5/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

They show the aftermath of Nitro. Goldberg and Sting beat up the heels and checked on a downed Hogan.

Match 1: Chris Adams v. Prince Iaukea

About three minutes of back and forth and the fans erupt for Sid who powerbombs Adams and then pins him! Iaukea leaps from the top, is caught and dropped. Sid chokeslams him then folds him up with a powerbomb.

He has the mic and tells the fans that they can chant Goldberg, Hogan, Sting and they will be in the same position as these guys. No one will remember any of them. He will have a lot of victims a night for Goldberg. Sid is the master and will be the millennium man in 2000.

Match 2: Scotty Riggs v. Buff Bagwell

Surprisingly decent so far. The fans are really into it. Buff is placed up top and he shoves Riggs off and hits the Blockbuster.


DDP was on Craig Kilborn. Tenay gushes about the mainstream media loving DDP.

Match 3: Kidman v. Eddie Guerrero

They measure each other. Kidman backdrops him but is sent to the apron. Both end up top, and Kidman leaps on him but is taken down and Eddie drops the elbow on Kidman’s leg. Kidman scissors him over and knocks him to the floor. Kidman slingshots on top of him but is whipped into the railing.


Eddie has Kidman hung over his back. He swings him around and dumps him. Kidman slams him and then bulldogs him. He goes up top but is crotched. Eddie heads up after him and superplexes him off! They are up and Eddie whips him into the ropes and strikes with a spinning backbreaker and gets a near fall. He catches Kidman off another whip, and attempts a powerbomb, but Kidman hangs on and both tumble to the floor. Vampiro comes out and as Eddie gets back in the ring he clotheslines him and then hits his finisher. The ref talks to him after he leaves the ring. Kidman goes up top and instead leaps on Vamp! He rolls him into the ring and unloads on him and the match is tossed. Now Eddie joins in, and Vamp departs. Rey blindsides him and rolls him bck into the ring. Vamp is destroyed and Eddie is up top and Frogsplash!!

***1/2 Way too short. Commercials during the good matches. Fuckers. Now I understand why Eddie lost on Nitro.

Match 4: No Limit Soldiers v. Lenny and Lodi

Crowd is riled for the Soldiers as they dismantle Lenny and Lodi. Those two start rubbing each other in consolation…They lose of course.


Match 5: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Booker T

They square off and Bigelow slams him. They square off again and Booker goes after the arm but is run over after being pushed into the ropes. Bigelow knocks him down again. He runs at Booker a third time but catches a dropkick that knocks him to the floor.


Bigelow has him in a chinlock. Booker fights to his feet. Scissor kick and now a spinebuster! He goes up top and DDP intervenes. He and Bigelow do their combo DC. David Flair is out too. They spraypaint the Triad symbol and Ray runs down. David hits him with his belt but Ray turns and knocks him on his ass. DDP DC’s him. Ray is sprayed with the Triad symbol too.

**1/2 Commercial took away from a potentially good match.

Gene calls out Savage. Savage brags about himself and the fans want George. He talks about Rodman. He goes off on Hogan. On Nitro Savage has a lot to say. Gene begs for more information and Savage asks the fans. He talks about Nash and being the master of mind games. He is back in the presidency race and there is a Miss Madness 2000 contest. The driver of the Hummer will be protecting GG at the PPV and on Monday Savage will be spilling the beans and Rodman is in a lot of trouble.

DDP and Bigelow are in the ring and give a shout out to Kanyon. DDP calls the fans stupid. Benoit runs in and dropkicks him from behind.

Match 6: DDP v. Benoit

Benoit is tearing into him. He clotheslines him to the floor and then slingshots on top of both. DDP is back in the ring and Benoit snap suplexes him. He slides out and slugs it out with Bigelow. DDP flies out and decks him and Benoit eats the railing and now the steps. Back inside the ring he gets a near fall after a powerbomb. Benoit fires back but is picked up by one arm and slammed over. DDP gets two. DDP puts him in an abstretch, using the ropes for leverage. Benoit breaks free and it is rolling German time and he manages to hit all three! David Flair is knocked off the apron. DDP is slammed on top of the title belt. Benoit goes up and leaps all the way across the ring and lands on the belt!

*** Setting up the rubber match for the PPV.

Match 7: Public Enemy v. Goldberg

It is Rocco Rock. PE blew snot on and stomped on a Green Bay jersey. Now the crowd is riled. Goldberg stands on the ropes and gets the crowd even more fired up. He shoves Rocco down and then Rock bounces off of him and is gorilla slammed. Grunge runs in and and is kicked in the jaw and both PE members retreat. Rock gets back into the ring and is getting dismantled. Goldberg slams him and now PE doubleteam him and knock him silly with chair shots. They set up the table in the corner and both are speared into it! Grunge is Jackhammered. Not the legal man but who cares….

**1/2 Fun match.

**** Easily one of the better Thunder’s. They had plenty of solid wrestling. They set up the PPV with Eddie and Vamp or whoever is fighting from those stables. DDP and Benoit. Buff and Goldberg and Savage got some air time too.

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