WCW Thunder 8/12/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Rick Steiner v. Spyder

*1/2 Squash

Match 2: Sid Vicious v. Disorderly Conduct

Sid squashes both.

All recaps of everything from Nitro. Promos and video packages for wrestlers and hype for the PPV. We are an hour in and two squashes.

Match 3: West Texas Rednecks v. Dean Malenko and Shane Douglas

It has been back and forth for about five minutes. Shane gets the hot tag and backdrops Duncum and takes out BW. Shane cracks skulls. Shane beats Duncum before getting swarmed.

**1/2 Decent put over match.

Berlyn promos are back.

More video packages.

Rodman is on the Tonight Show and Savage with GG shows up. Savage threatens Rodman and Leno and tells him to sit his ass down. Rodman is up and kicks over the stool and Savage tackles him over the chairs and police swarm.

Here comes Macho!

Match 4: Evan Karagias v. Macho Man

Savage gruffs and growls. Evan tells Macho that he thinks he should treat Mona better. He assures Macho he is a legend. Savage nods his head and Mona can enter the Madness contest 2000. Evan knows Macho can beat Rodman. Savage gives him props but then kicks him in the gut and runs him into the corner.

I was putting my kids to bed but watched in the distance. Evan actually gave a good accounting of himself. He got in some moves but was ultimately hit with 3 elbows! The ref tried to stop Savage and got beat up too.

*** I liked the entire segment not just the match. Oh and Mona tried to stop him but could not.

* The main event was Nitro’s…..I cannot rank a show any higher that has only short matches.

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