WCW Thunder 8/19/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Silver King v. Psychosis

Tenay admits that Sid’s win streak that he claims is now 61 cannot be confirmed but no one is going to argue with him. I will actually buy that.

King and Psychosis go back and forth. Psychosis misses a kick as King is up top but no the spin kick that knocks him to the floor. Psychosis leaps over the ropes and crashes into him. Back in the ring King tears into him with some slams and a stiff kick to the chest. Psychosis fires back and goes up top. Here comes Sid and Psychosis leaps right into a powerbomb and King is powerbombed!

** Fun match ended prematurely.

Sid asks the crowd for quiet. People have been asking why he has been doing this. He is doing this for Goldberg. Sid rambles about Jordan and the year 2000 and how he is the Millennium Man and he tells the booing crowd that he loves them. He is going to break Goldberg’s streak.

Match 2: Al Greene v. Shane Douglas

About five minutes. Back and forth. Shane wins.


Gene is with Rick Steiner. Saturn and Malenko want a shot at his title. Rick takes what he wants. He will take on all of the Revolution and he will take their heads off.

Match 3: Regal and Taylor and Adams v. Disorderly Conduct and Token Black Dude

It is Bobby Blaze. It has been a long squash….Did this need to go for 10 minutes before Sid and Steiner destroy them? Sid is rambling again. Sid powerbombs Blaze and makes Charles Robinson count. Rick challenges the Revolution again wondering if they want to get their butt kicked. A DO member gets another powerbomb and the ref counts. Rick says the downed men are Hogan, Goldberg and Sting.

Now the Revolution comes out. Shane talks about change again. He tries to get the crowd riled up by having them acknowledge that they are all the real deal. It kind of works. Saturn is accepting Rick’s challenge.

Match 4: Lenny Lane v. Rey Mysterio (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Rey takes the mic and tells them they have another title shot, but he wants a favor, and that is to tell his boyfriend to ride the Hershey Highway back to the Funny Farm. Lodi and Lenny act angry. Lodi is sent to the back.

Rey takes him down. Lenny retreats to the floor and Rey leaps out on top of him. Back in the ring and Rey springs right into a dropkick. Lenny gets two. Rey springs again and is pancaked, and another two count. Now a powerslam and another two count. Fans call Lenny gay and he tries to dispel that by shaking his head. He uses his boot to choke out Rey in the corner. Lenny keeps after him and down goes Rey and Lenny crawls on top getting two. Lenny tosses him to the floor and runs him into the side of the ring. Lenny is twirling his pigtails. He drops the legs and gets and now an inverted atomic drop. Now Lodi comes down and they get tangled. Lodi is dropkicked off the apron by Rey and Lenny bounces off the ropes after missing the dropkick, and Rey Bronco Busts the back of his neck and on the floor Rey leaps off the apron and nails him with a legdrop. Lodi intervenes again and it hurts his partner. Back in the ring, Lane counters with a faceplant and he gets two. Now Rey rolls him up for two and Rey is shoved into Lodi and he is rolled up and pinned.

**1/2 Not bad, not sure why Lenny Lane is a champ. Rey must be in the doghouse wiith getting powerbombed on Nitro.

Match 5: nWo v. Harlem Heat (c) for WCW Tag Titles

Booker and Norton start off. Booker drops him with a kick to the skull. Norton comes back with a scoop slam and now Booker returns the favor twice and here comes Stevie Ray who clotheslines Norton and then slams Horace. Norton rakes the eyes…..


Booker knees Horace in the chest and it is axe kick time. Norton nails Booker and Ray is not happy. Horace stomps on Booker and beats on him for a bit. Norton is tagged in and he continues the punishment. Here comes Horace. After a couple of minutes Booker finally retaliates and takes down both heels. Ray gets the hot tag and unloads on both. Now Norton and Booker are on the floor. Horace sideslams Ray and nails him with a splash. Ref was distracted…..Norton is taken care of and HH take care of business and get the win.

**1/2 Okay.

Here comes Jimmy Hart and the First Family. Jimmy Hart claims they are the future and then they are the present….okay. Flynn does not need the fans. Morrus giggles. He wants to face Heat. Barbarian will eat their lunch. Knobs, fuck, well he makes no damn sense. Knobs wants the Revolution and lays a challenge for next week. Now they will be the tag champs too.

Match 6: Saturn v. Rick Steiner (c) for WCW TV Title

Rick mocks the Revolution and it will be a massacre. Saturn does not want any of him. They lock up and Rick pushes him into the ropes and works him over. A clotheslines drops him and Rick barks in his face before choking him out. Saturn is up and ducks a blow; he springs off the ropes into a crossbody and a lariat sends Rick to the floor where he paces in order to shake off the cobwebs. He gets back in and is thrust into the corner but avoids the charge. Rick places Saturn over his shoulder and runs him upside down to the opposite corner. Rick hammers him in the corner and stands on his face and throat. Saturn is dumped to the floor with Steiner in pursuit. Saturn eats the railing and is whipped into the steps.


Saturn blocks going headfirst into the buckle and does it to Steiner. He tries to slam him but is DDT’d. Rick is slow to cover and he only gets two. Now Rick slows it down by pulling back on his arms. Saturn fights to feet and strikes with a swinging neckbreaker. Rick reverses the whip but Saturn ducks the lariat and thrust kicks him in the head and gets two after a belly to belly suplex. Saturn mounts and pounds him in the corner and slams him. Sid is coming down as Saturn goes up top. Saturn is shoved off and into a belly to belly suplex. The ref tosses it out. Benoit comes down and the heels flee. Benoit has the mic and says something, now they turn up the volume. He is challenging them next week on Thunder and they will experience what the Revolution is all about.

*** This was solid.

Sid rambles. Rick accepts their challenge and they try to get in the ring but are knocked of the apron. Benoit yells Revolution again. Sid states they will be two more for the record and the ref will count twice. He calls out Goldberg again.

*** The repeated sayings of Revolution is getting old. But it is nice to see Thunder is starting to have its own angles and challenges. Nothing great but it was decent and they expanded and started some angles and that made it worth it.

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