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WCW Thunder 8/26/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Head to head with SmackDown now and that is perhaps why they set up some storylines last week. Sometimes Thunder is pretty damn good and sometimes just retread of Nitro and filled with garbage. Hopefully this forces them to step up their game.

Match 1: Public Enemy v. Sid Vicious

Sid demolishes them.

* Why do that to poor Public Enemy.

Match 2: West Texas Rednecks v. Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr. and Eddie Guerrero

Rey and Kendall start off. Rey takes him down and works him over. Rey mounts and pounds him in the corner. Kidman comes in and he and BW go at it. Kidman is knocked to the floor and sells the knee. Kidman is worked over for a bit but uses the ropes to faceplant BW. They are going back and forth. The fight spills to the floor and Eddie is there and he is planted. Inside the ring Eddie is tossed around and nearly pinned. Eddie escapes and walks the ropes scissoring BW over! The match breaks down and all six are in the ring. Eddie gets a near fall but the fight continues on the floor. Rey Frankensteins Duncum and gets the win!

*** Fast paced match.

They are assaulted after the match and HH run down and clear out the heels.

Gene calls out Sid and Rick Steiner. Sid is 74-0 but he is not keeping count. They discuss their match with Benoit and Saturn later. Sid politely asks the crowd for quiet. He makes fun of the Revolution and will not allow one to get started and then shushes the crowd. Rick is going to cripple Benoit and take Saturn somewhere he has never been. Now he brags about all the opponents they have taken out and after tonight the Revolutino will be no more. Fans chant Goldberg and Rick says he is dead and they finished him off.

Here comes the Cat with a cowboy hat. He is the new sheriff in town: Big, bad and black! He takes off the hat and stomps on it and that is what he thinks of the Rednecks in Texas. Sonny calms him down. Sonny says he has Prince here and starts singing Purple Rain! Cat giggles and here comes Prince….Iaukea.

Match 3: Cat v. Prince Iaukea

Cat yells that this is not the Prince he wants. They start brawling and Cat is knocked to the floor and retreats. He is nearing his time limit and dives back into the ring but slides short and is hammered. But he is up and Iaukea runs right into a boot to the skull. He is choked out and kicked in the chest. Iaukea strikes back with some punches, a dropkick and fall away slam. Iaukea covers him but Sonny puts his leg on the rope and that angers Prince who is distracted and finished with a kick to the back of the head with the loaded slipper.

** Not bad….I swear this was longer than 3:00. Maybe not….actually.

Match 4: Harlem Heat v. First Family

This one starts right after the break. Booker is taking it to Knobs. Ray continues that but Knobs mounts a comeback and tags in Morrus who hammers him. But he runs into a boot and then Ray boots him in the head. He bodyslams him and gets two. Flynn lends a hand and Ray is doubleteamed. Okay, the last two minutes have all been First Family. Ray is getting annihilated. Knobs and Morrus stomp a hole in him and whip him into the corner but Morrus misses the charge and Ray take both down. Booker gets the hot tag and tees off on the FF. Knobs eats a kick to the skull and Morrus is Harlem Kicked too. Axe kick! He goes for the pin but Knobs makes the save. All are in and Flynn tries to intervene and nails his own man. Morrus is finished by the missile kick.

**1/2 Not too bad.

They keep showing Coach Buzz Stern. He is training students….I have not mentioned him the last two weeks. Not sure what his purpose is.

Match 5: Disorderly Conduct v. Dean Malenko and Shane Douglas

This is about three minutes and dominated by the Revolution.


DDP comes down and he calls Texas a dump! Gene is thinking of moving here! The fans will never forget DDP. DDP wants Sting, Goldberg and Hogan. Sting is toast and on Monday DDP is going to kick Goldberg’s teeth down his throat. Everyone knows that DDP owns Hogan and he will soon go from the two time to the three time champ.

Match 6: DDP v. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo! Where has he been. DDP calls Chavo’s mom fat: Free Willy joke. Chavo returns the favor with a mom joke of his own. DDP attacks. DDP wails on him and after a spinning slams knocks him to the floor and over the rail into the crowd. He goes after him and just tosses him back over.


DDP slams him and drops the elbow getting two. DDP keeps pulling him up at the count of two as he dismantles him. DDP is toying with him still and is rolled up and nearly pinned and it happens again. DDP takes off his head with a lariat. DC and match.

** Chavo deserves better. But DDP is getting a nice push as a dick heel.

Match 7: Sid Vicious and Rick Steiner v. Chris Benoit and Saturn

Sid is on the apron and Benoit pounds him over and over and goes for a suplex but Rick clobbers him. Sid goes to work but Benoit slides beneath and applies the Crossface. Here comes Rick to make the save. Now he is in and puts Benoit in a clutch. He breaks the hold, pulls him up but the whip is reversed. Benoit leaps right into a suplex and Steiner gets two. Benoit fights back and is doubleteamed in the corner. Saturn is in and works the arm. Here comes Benoit and he kicks Steiner and goes after the arm. Steiner is up and Sid wallops Benoit and here he comes. A vicious right drops Benoit and Rick stretches his face….


Benoit is down and Steiner is twisting and turning the ankle. Benoit is up and drops Sid, rolling him over and getting two. Sid comes back with a clubbing blow and puts him in a clutch. Sid goes to leap on his back but misses. Steiner gets the tag and Benoit hammers him in the corner but he is taken down and the ankle is wrenched. Rick nonchalantly dumps him to the floor and gets in the face of Saturn. Sid goes and dumps him facefirst onto the steel railing. Back in the ring Sid has him in a reverse chinlock bending back on the head. Benoit struggles to his feet, blocks a shot and slams Sid and heads up top and misses the flying headbutt. Both are down. Sid after one bodyslam? Okay. Both get the tag and all four are in the ring. Saturn is pounding on Sid but Rick makes the save. Saturn is powerbombed but Rick is in the Crossface but he hits the ref…..Here comes Charles Robinson and he counts the pinfall for Sid despite not being the legal man! Benoit is pissed and is powerbombed and the rest of the Revolution chase them out.

**1/2 Not bad. Angle advancement.

*** Not a bad Thunder. All wrestling and who can really complain about that. Sid is quite amusing when he asks for quiet. Nice to see the Revolution get a lot of air time too.

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