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WCW Thunder 9/2/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

A lot of recapping. The Hogan issue.

DDP comes down and does his thing. He says he is going to take out Goldberg at the PPV. He is going to kick is teeth in. Al Greene will be Goldberg tonight and calls him down.

Match 1: DDP v. Al Greene

DDP assures Al that he is better looking than Goldberg but his mother is not. He jokes about Al’s momma being fat and turns around. Al clobbers him!

It does not last. DDP takes him down and stomps a hole in him. He beats him for the next minute and it is over.

** Squash. I like DDP so it gets an extra half star.

DDP demands the DC be replayed and warns Goldberg that will happen to him.

Match 2: Dave Taylor  v. Shane Douglas
This was a squash! Taylor is spiked by Douglas and pinned.


Adams runs in with the flag and wallops Shane. First Family runs down and so does the rest of the Revolution and the faces stand tall.

Shane does his thing on the mic and gets some solid crowd support.

Match 3: Kaz Hayashi v. El Dandy

Kaz makes pretty short work of Dandy in a back and forth four or five minute match.


Sid comes in and Kaz charges and bounces right off of him. Chokeslam. Sid looms over Dandy and it is powerbomb time. Sid has the mic and talks about Goldberg and it is ready for him to die. Sid rambles for quite some time and mentions that Benoit will pay the price for getting in his way etc.

Match 4: Lenny Lane (c) v. Kidman for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They go back and forth for the first minute. Kidman takes command and works him over, he tosses him to the floor and when Lenny snuggles Lodi, Kidman leaps into both. He rolls him back into the ring and gets two after a guillotine legdrop. Lodi grabs his leg and when he turns he is clotheslined to the floor. Lodi hucks him into the railing and softens him up for Lenny. Kidman is rolled back into the ring. Two count. Okay, Lenny keeps after him for the next minute and gets two after a powerbomb. A big legdrop and he slowly makes the cover only getting two. Kidman counters by bouncing him off his head and then slams him and gets two after a Tornado DDT. Lodi intervenes and down goes Kidman. He is nearly pinned; Lenny goes for a powerbomb but gets faceplanted, Kidman drapes his arm over him and gets two. Kidman goes up top and is crotched by Lodi. Match is tossed out. Here comes Rey who cleans house.

*** Good stuff. Man Kidman is awesome.

Here comes the Revolution. Benoit is struggling on the mic about Sid and how he is the biggest he has ever faced. Sid will have to do more than just powerbomb him, as Benoit is a lot tougher and Sid will find out at the PPV. Saturn has the mic. He just says out with Evolution and in with Revolution.

More Coach Buzz Stern nonsense.

Match 5: Disorderly Conduct v. Harlem Heat

Heat make short work of DO.


Rednecks assault them after the match. They get dismantled, the Rednecks do.

Match 6: Scotty Riggs v. Prince Iaukea

Another short match. About three or four minutes of back and forth. Riggs wins.


Promo for the Cat and Cat Bo! Funny fucking shit. The participants are just twitching through moves!

Match 7: Cat v. Goldberg

He calls out Hogan! Sonny reminds him he is facing Goldberg. Cat responds he has already beaten that chump and will do so again and then he wants Hogan!

Cat greets him with a standing sidekick but he is wiped out with a spear and then a Jackhammer. Over.

* Um, I know they want to keep Goldberg hot but why not a few minute match, give the Cat some offense.

Match 8: Sid Vicious v. Saturn

Sid shoves him into the corner but misses a wild blow and is knocked to the floor. He leaps back up onto the apron but is hammered. Sid rakes the eyes. Now he works Saturn over in the corner. Saturn gets loose and kicks him to the floor. He slingshots into a crossbody block but is caught and dumped throat first onto the railing. Back in the ring Sid stomps on him but runs into a boot after the whip, and Saturn springs up to the top and strikes with a missile kick. Saturn kicks him again and stupidly attempts a sunset flip and he is goozled and chokeslammed. Saturn is choked out on the ropes and then Sid pulls back on his neck and clubs the chest. Sid unleashes a few stomps. He puts him in a clutch. Saturn fires back and unwisely leaps into him and is caught and powerslammed. Sid gets two and again he misses in the corner. Saturn gives him an inverted atomic drop and drops him with a crossbody. He mounts and pounds him in the corner. Rick Steiner comes in and blindsides him and now Sid has him prepped for the powerbomb. Malenko blasts Rick and Saturn kicks Sid to the floor! Now the rest of the Revolution comes down…..

*** I liked this. Sure I am rating it higher than it deserves but Saturn looked strong.

*** Another decent Thunder. They have to get better because of SmackDown. Nice to see some angle advancement. The wrestling is still not all that great but it was enjoyable.

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