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WCW Thunder 9/9/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

To show everyone what a fucking nerd I am! The day the Sega Dreamcast was released! Loved that system!

This is really Bischoff’s last show but Thunder ran itself I am sure, and I figure more people read my Nitro posts so I was being a bit narcissistic.

Match 1: Barbarian v. Buff Bagwell

Buff prances about and works over Barbarian for a bit. Now Barbarian does the same for a minute or two. Here comes Buff and after a swinging neckbreaker he gets two. Blockbuster and match.

** Not a bad start.

History of Lex and Sting together.

Match 2: Van Hammer v. Blitzkrieg

Blitz is getting pummeled but finally gets some offense in. They spill to the floor and both are down. Back in the ring Blitz springs right into a slam. It is over.

*1/2 Blitz deserves to beat this ass clown.

Match 3: Revolution v. Regal and Adams and Taylor

Back and forth, crowd hot for Revolution and the get the win via Crossface.


Match 4: Lenny Lane (c) v. Kaz Hayashi

Sorry, multi-tasking. It is Lodi who is fighting. Lane got dropkicked to the floor at the beginning. Both have been going at it, with Lodi spiking him and getting two. Kaz gets up from a chinlock and when Lodi hugs Lenny he is dropkicked, rolled up and nearly pinned. Now a brainbuster and another two count. Kaz gets the win.

**1/2 Not bad.

Match 4: Byrd and Bobby Blaze v. Sid Vicious

Sid squashes and pins both.


Sid soaks in the boos for an hour and asks for quiet! He rambles about being the MM, and there will only be the creator and you will only know him as Sid!

The Revolution comes out. Malenko has the mic and he has the TV belt. When the fuck did he win this? I am so confused. I thought Saturn was facing Steiner at the PPV. Benoit does not have his US belt. I guess Dean won on Saturday or they just never gave it back when they took it perhaps….Malenko is challenging him to a match tonight. No Sid interference. Shane has the mic and they have an addiction to gold. They are taking WCW by storm and he tries to get the fans to chant Revolution and it works better than usual.

Match 5: Barry Windham v. Booker T

Booker smashes him and then mounts and pounds him in the corner. BW tries to fight back but cannot and so retreats to the floor. BW gets back in and unloads on Booker. He DDT’s him. Booker is tossed to the floor where the Rednecks beat on him. Booker is rolled back in and BW misses an elbow drop and then runs right into the Sidekick. Booker goes up for the missile kick and the Rednecks intervene and lay waste. DQ.

**1/2 Not bad.

Where was Stevie Ray. He was there at the beginning.

Match 6: Rick Steiner v. Dean Malenko for WCW TV Title

I guess Rick is still the champ….

Malenko slides into the ring and gets his ass handed to him. A belly to belly and….


Sid is down. Rick is still manhandling him and another belly to belly. Dean rolls him up but is shoved into Sid who goozles and chokeslams Malenko. Here comes the rest of the Revolution. Slowly, and piece meal and they all get destroyed.

*1/2 Angle Advancement.

Match 7: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Goldberg

Bigelow refuses to get in the ring and makes the ref check Goldberg for illegal objects. Bigelow blindsides him and then bodyslams him. He misses the falling headbutt and is scooped up and slammed. Bigelow wisely retreats to the floor again. He finally gets back into the ring. He gets back in and Bigelow leaps at him and is caught and slammed. He is put in a cross armbreaker, and they exchange blows. Ref is down and Goldberg spears and then unloads on Bigelow with fists to the head. Bigelow counters and lays into him for a minute but he is taken down and hammered. DDP blindsides him but he is run out of the ring. Jackhammer on Bigelow and DDP stops that with a chair shot and the fans are bitter.

** Not bad. Angle Advancement.

*** Not a bad go home show. They had some wrestling and keep working the angle advancement, and it makes the PPV that much better or the build at least and now it just needs to be a good PPV.

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