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WCW Thunder 9/23/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Lodi v. Kidman

Lodi gets knocked around. He is tossed to the floor and hugs Lenny, so Kidman leaps on top of both. Back in the ring Kidman continues to control the match but he is doubleteamed. He is slammed and nearly pinned. Kidman reverses a whip into the corner and clotheslings him in the back of the head. But Lodi comes right back and yanks him down getting a two count. They continue to go back and forth and Kidman turns a powerbomb into a facebuster. He goes for the Press but has to kick off Lenny and he is grabbed and tossed by Lodi and nearly pinned. Eddie heads down to equalize Lenny. Kidman spikes Lodi but he gets his shoulder up. Chavo yells at Eddie and Kidman takes out Lenny and pins Lodi.

*** Solid.

Harlem Heat are shown walking and talking in the back. After they separate, the room where Stevie Ray went, Sid and Rick come out with the latter carrying a ball bat.

Booker comes out and he is unhappy about what happened to Stevie. Basically he challenges Sid.

Match 2: Mona v. Brandi Alexander

Brandi uses the ropes to win.


Match 3: Saturn v. Chavo

They tussle back and forth with Saturn getting the upperhand. Chavo retreats to the floor. Back in the ring Saturn takes him down and stomps on the back. Saturn runs him into the corner and then superplexes him in from the apron getting two. Chavo has gotten in a little offense. Saturn blasts Chavo and then sits him up top. Eddie runs down and accidentally hits Chavo. Saturn takes out Eddie but he comes back and dropkicks him in the back into Chavo who lands on him and gets the win.

**1/2 A bit of cluster, such as how the ref did not see Saturn suddenly fly into Chavo and not see Eddie.

Here comes Sid. He yells etc. Talks about Booker and then goes off on Goldberg.

Match 4: Prince Iaukea v. Van Hammer

Prince dropkicks him to the floor right before the bell. Hammer makes his way into the ring and is rolled up and nearly pinned. Van Hammer goes off for a couple of minutes. But Iaukea slams him and gets two. That is it as Prince is driven down into the canvas. He finishes him off.


Hammer has the mic and rambles. He is challenging the winner of the Sid/Booker match.

Rick comes out and mocks Booker T.

Match 5: Rick Steiner v. Eddie Guerrero

Rick gives him a suplex and then stomps a hole in him. He takes him down again and chokes him out against the ropes. Now Eddie makes a comeback and slams Rick. He goes up but Sid wallops him and it is a DQ. Kidman tries to help but he is annihilated.

** Not too bad.

Match 6: Evan Karagias v. Lenny Lane (c) for WCW Cruiserweight Title

Lenny starts strong for the first minute. Match is not long as I would have liked, and Lodi lurked a lot. Lenny wins.


Match 7: Booker T. v. Sid Vicious (c) for WCW US Title

Nick Patrick tells Charles Robinson to beat it. Booker attacks. He runs Sid pillar to post. Sid comes back and knocks him to the floor. Rick nails him and now Sid rips into him. Back in the ring, Sid misses the boot but Booker does not miss the sidekick. He follows up with the axe kick and goes up top and hits the missilekick and Nick Patrick is pulled to the floor. Charles in the ring and helps out Rick and Sid and it is chokeslam city. Powerbomb and over.

**1/2 They made Booker look strong. Kind of.

Sid is going off on the mic about Goldberg.

*** Decent. Some solid matches and angles advancement. SD is better though.

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