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WCW Thunder 9/30/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Match 1: Psychosis and Juve and La Parka v. Silver King and Villanos

The first three minutes or so they have been flying around and Villano spikes Psychosis and gets two. Juve flies in with a guillotine legdrop but he is doubleteamed, only for La Parka to missile kick the Villanos. Juve flies over the top rope and is caught by the Villanos, but Parka flies into all three. Psychosis is demolishing King, he front slams him and then goes up top but is crotched. Parka suicide dives onto the floor. Juve hits the Driver on a Villano and Psychosis finishes him with the guillotine legdrop.

*** Fast paced start.

Match 2: Adrian Byrd v. Norman Smiley

Norman owns him the first minute or two and it is Wiggle time! Pretty damn boring back and forth. Norman wins.


Gene is with Mona and she has been on a tear. Mona talks about how great the competition has been in WCW. Gene reminds us of Brandi cheating, and Mona will give 100 percent. Brandi blindsides her and drills her with high heels.

Match 3: Mona v. Brandi Alexander

The match starts now and Brandi tears into her, and Mona tries to fight back but every time gets knocked back down. Mona finally gets a backslide and gets two. But Brandi pokes her in the eye and hammers her. Brandi gets another near fall after a bridged suplex. Mona finally fights back seven minutes in and chops her and then gets two after a sideslam. Brandi takes her up but Mona counters with a Frankensteiner and wins.

**1/2 Pretty good.

Match 4: Dean Roll v. Some Guy I Forgot

Thank God. Scott Norton comes out and destroys them. A man has to do what you gotta do. He is not starting at the bottom and going straight to the top, and he tells Goldberg that he is next.


Gene calls out Goldberg. He responds to Norton’s challenge by first praising him and his work. Tonight he is granting his wish, and he will put him on the list of people he has demolished. He tells Sid that the clock is ticking and he does not have much time left. He wants Sid to watch closely to what he does to Norton because that is what is going to happen to him.

Match 5: Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobs v. Steven Regal and Dave Taylor

Back and forth. Fit Finlay is still alive, but is escorted out after trying to blast Knobs with a chair. Regal and Taylor have controlled the last few minutes. Regal is walloping Knobs in the back over and over. Knobs clotheslines Regal and Dave leaps in from the top rope, and is able to cut Knobs off. Morrus finally finishes Taylor off with No Laughing Matter.


Gene calls out the Revolution. Saturn is pissed that Douglas interfered as they were going to win based on athletic ability, and if he cannot follow that code of ethics then he is out. Shane apologizes and then talks about a Revolution and how no one can stop it. They raise hands and are together again.

Coach Buzz Stern comes out with some flabby looking dude.

Match 6: Luther v. Bobby Eaton

Holy shit this is terrible. Buzz is trying to give Luther some advice as he is out of gas. Eaton defeats him. Buzz runs in and assaults Eaton.


Match 7: Brad Armstrong v. Horace

They go at it for a minute or two. BA works the arm but is clotheslined and tossed to the floor. BA is whipped into the railing and then rolled back into the ring. Horace slams him and drops the elbow getting two. But BA fights back and gets the win.


Match 8: West Texas Rednecks v. Kidman and Rey Mysterio

Kendall runs over Rey and then strikes with a big boot and slam. But he misses in the corner and is mounted and pounded. Rey is picked up and given an inverted atomic drop. Vincent, who is now Curly Bill is in and he dominates for a moment but Rey fends him off and tags in Kidman who is promptly pounded. Kendall is back in and he runs Kidman into the corner. Kidman is knocked to the floor and hammered by Curt and Vincent. They roll him back in and Kendall chops away. Here comes Vincent. Kidman escapes after a minute and tags in Rey who goes off. Now Kidman runs in and lends a hand and Vincent gets Bronco Busted. Rey is launched into Kendall, but Vincent nails Kidman and goes up top, only to be crotched and it is Frankenstein time and match.

** Okay.

Match 9: Scott Norton v. Goldberg

They punch each other. Goldberg rocks Norton and one right sends him over the top rope. Goldberg heads right after him and continues to punish him. Norton fires back and they get back in the ring and Norton keeps Goldberg reeling with clubbing blows. Goldberg is sent into the corner and sandwiched. He chops him numerous times and softens him up further with some forearms. Goldberg ducks off the whip but they both go airborne and collide and both go down. They are up and Goldberg dodges a blow and spears Norton and gets him up for the Jackhammer, and it is over.

** Not bad, could have been a bit longer.

** Disappointing Thunder. Not much done. It had a different start time due to the Braves game…..maybe because it was not going head to head that it slacked off. Opening match was the best.

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