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WCW Nitro 10/25/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

The PPV had its moments, not many but intriguing enough to make me want to know what happens next. I do feel that Sting and Bret lost far too quickly but it is what it is. Sid’s fight had some dramatic effect but I still wish it had been more of a brawl. The matches were fairly short and while there was not too much interference, they could have been better and the backstage stuff left off. Still, the young guys took center stage and it is about time. Last week was the perfect blend of wrestling, promos and vignettes. It is Russo so I predict the wrestling will decline. Once again Nitro stayed above a 3 the entire time for a 3.5 total. RAW went up .1 to a 5.55.

Sting, sans makeup, is pitching a fit tossing shit around looking for JJ Dillon.

After the intro Sting comes out. He has heard talk in the back that he does not like and wants to talk to JJ Dillon. He wanted a fight last night and then demands JJ get out here or he will look for him. Here comes Dillon. He tried to bail WCW out of a lousy situation because he was supposed to fight Hogan. He wanted a fight, and got it but never said anything about the title and wants it back right now. JJ agrees that it was not a sanctioned match and therefore Goldberg is not the champ. Fans boo. But neither is Sting the champ and a 32 man tournament will start and Sting will be a participant. JJ informs him that he is just the messenger and Sting tells him to send them a message and beats his ass. He gives him a Stinger Splash and applies the Deathlock. Here comes Goldberg and the fight is on! Officials charge down and pull them apart.

Hall and Nash arrive with a cooler. Nash is told he is intercepted and told he is wrestling tonight. Nash complains he is retired and does not have his gear or any underwear. Hall says they have something that rhymes with gear and shakes the cooler!

Tenay is with Smiley and talks about his Hardcore match. Norman struggles with words but was amused with the tools used. He is facing Bigelow first and will prove that he is a technical wrestler and tougher than a two dollar steak.

Match 1: Bam Bam Bigelow v. Norman Smiley

Norman is not happy that Bigelow has wheeled down a cart filled with weapons. Bigelow has the mic and tells Norman that seeing as he is such a technical wrestler then he will have no problem with a Hardcore match.

Bigelow lays waste to him and puts can over his head but runs into it and collapses. Norman falls on him and it is Wiggle time. Bigelow is out…..It is over.

* Jesus. Angle advancement.

Tenay calls what the Powers that Be are doing is a ratings a ploy, in making them wrestle, Nash that is. Nash squeals and holds a can in his fist and declares that he is retired. Hall says that they cannot say anything until the top of the hour and mentions that a few times. He then says Mike Graham is not his boss and Nash disagrees and threatens to kick Hall in the shins and Hall counters that he will pinch him really hard.

Recap of Filthy Animals and their issues with Flair….Here they come. Kidman has a handheld camera. He had one at the PPV too. Eddie has the mic and no matter how often they are booked against each other WCW will never break this family up. They came, saw and kicked Flair’s ass. Kidman shows them a tape of them hauling Flair’s carcass into the middle of nowhere! They leave him for dead! He did not go gracefully so they did it for him. H. Heat are next. Kidman almost says that they are going to kick their ass and then Rey nearly curses after telling him that he cannot say that. Konnan yells into the mic and here comes the Revolution in the form of Saturn and Malenko and the fight is on….Well the FA get pasted. Torrie is backing up the aisle and Shane Douglas is right there and Asya grabs Torrie and carries her off!

Curt Hennig is with Tenay and feels like he is being phased out and does not appreciate and will not go quietly.

Nash is laid out on a couch. He is acting drunk and Hall pours him coffee and Nash calls it a buzzkill and Hall responds that is the point and tells him to get ready for tonight. Nash asks if it is a 3 or 7 second delay. Hall calls it the Big Poppa Pump rule and a seven second delay. Nash responds that they better get ready then wonders who he is working with tonight.

Match 2: Curt Hennig v. Lash Leroux

Curt is destroying him. Oh, I missed it, Curt is fighting for his career. He is out if he loses. Disco comes to the announce table. Curt takes Lash to the floor and bashes his head into the announce table and stomps a hole in him. Back in the ring Hennig chokes him out and then works him over in the corner. Lash fights back and hoists him up and goes for his finisher so Hennig kicks the ref and then goes for a chair…DQ. He knocks out Lash with it and tears into him with it and then Disco too who checks on Lash for some reason.

* Nice way to bury the Cruiserweights and didn’t Hennig technically lose….I guess he has to be pinned.

A gimpy Bret Hart has arrived.

Gene is with the Nitro Girls. There are eight finalists and the winner will be declared in two weeks. The two tonight are not Stacy so fuck them. Here comes Jarrett! He tells them to back up or else and that includes Kimberly too. He tells her to get the hell out of here. This tournament for the title is all a big plan and work. Everyone is looking at the next champ. He is the Chosen One and there is nothing anyone can do about it and that includes Buff. He is not happy with Lex either and he did not hit Liz.

Match 3: Saturn v. Eddie Guerrero

Saturn tells the FA to hit the bricks and to say goodbye to Torrie. Eddie clips him from behind and tears into him.

I forgot to write that they locked her up somewhere.

Eddie keeps after him and charges right into a hotshot and is draped across the ropes. Saturn is working him over and the ring is still smoking from pyro. Saturn ties him and tosses him over his head with a release suplex. They head to the floor and Saturn crashes to the floor and is whipped into the railing. But Eddie is dumped throat first onto it. David runs down and belts Eddie with a crowbar and rolls him back into the ring where Saturn applies the Rings and gets the win. He flees through the crowd as the Animals charge down.

** Not bad. Noticing a lot of interference.

Nash and Hall are talking about the top of the hour again. Nash threatens to shut the show down and will even strip naked. If there is no show there is no match.

Revolution are in a supply room with a sad looking Torrie. Eddie locks them in and Benoit comes over and has Malenko isolated and beats his ass….It was Benoit who locked them in. I am struggling. Sorry. Benoit is taunting them. He hits Dean with a chair. Douglas keeps telling Benoit that he is going to pay as Malenko is down and out.

Here comes the Outsiders! Hall states that the new guys cannot have a wrestling show without the Outsiders. They like parties and Nash will not miss one in his home town. Nash has a message for all the big shot at TNT. Nash gets the crowd riled and then declares that no one tells them what to do. They have been making their own rules from the beginning. Goldberg interrupts them and does not like being jumped from behind and tells them that they are both next. Nash and Hall pretend to be scared.

Here comes Macho and Gorgeous George! Too bad this is the second to last time we will see him. Damn. It has been awhile but the Macho Man are back. To all the Russo and all the vultures in the back Macho will not hang himself in front of everyone. He then states he is well hung. You cannot kill the Madness or punk him out like they did Hogan and Flair. He is no punk bitch. The Red and Yellow is played out as is Space Mountain but not Savage. He has too much money to be punked out. He has won world titles and he says tonight is the time the Macho Man passes the torch to the next superstar who will go on to be better than he was. He will bring ratings and now Savage and George are officially leaving the building.

FA are searching for the Revolution and Torrie are and they have left the storage area.

Madusa is readying for her match as she is in the Tournament.

Malenko is not happy and wants Benoit and Saturn nor Douglas can calm him down as they say it is not the time.

Match 4: Madusa v. Meng

Meng makes fairly short work of her but she got in some offense.


Evan comes in and helps Madusa up and out of the ring. Malenko comes storming down the aisle as the other two leave….

He has a mic and is calling out Benoit. He wants a Last Man Standing Match.

Hall and Nash are not afraid of Goldberg or so they say…..

Hennig is not happy with his situation and is telling some guy in the back, it is Brad Armstrong and they are talking about personalities and how they are told to get one. Curt is about to break.

Bret is getting his ankle checked out and told he should not wrestle.

Match 5: Rick Steiner v. Lex Luger

They go at it and JJ heads down and goes to the announce table and he wants a public apology from Lex. Rick is hammering Lex and gets two near falls. Schiavone is not buying JJ’s story. He tries to apologize to Liz and she is down. Lex grabs him and JJ swings the guitar and shatters it over the head of Steiner and JJ takes off. Steiner staggers after him and Rick is counted out.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

For some reason Liz is pissed that he dropped her for two seconds.

Konnan interrupts Tenay and he is no mood to talk about nothing else due to Torrie but it is all cheddar when it comes to Kidman and he facing off tonight. Kidman warns the Revolution.

Buff has arrived and claims he has it all figured out and cackles.

Match 6: Kidman v. Konnan

Konnan runs him down and spikes him. They go at it. Here comes Harlem Heat and they dismantle Konnan and Kidman. Kidman takes advantage and gets the win. Konnan is pissed and Eddie is calming them down and states they are family and the fight is out there. Konnan immediately agrees and does not care about titles as Torrie is gone but then bitches that HH took their belts and challenges them tonight.

* Wrestling please….

Buff is walking.

Hall and Nash are still wondering who they are fighting tonight. Nash complains about his knee and Hall claims his feelings are hurt then whines that they are prostituting them for ratings.

Buff comes out and refuses to J.O.B. to anybody and will not lay down for anyone ever again. They will get the Stuff and here comes the Harris Twins and Buff calls them the Thompson Twins and does not like bein interrupted. They circle him and they represent the two idiots in the back who write this crap and Buff starts to say something and is clocked and then beaten.

They show Malenko and Benoit walking in the back.

Match 7: Chris Benoit v. Dean Malenko

Last Man Standing: Both are wearing jeans and beating the hell out of each other with kicks and chops. Dean blocks one and tackles him to the floor. They brawl on the floor and back into the ring with Malenko getting the better of Benoit and pulling him into the post. He whips him into the corner but runs into a boot and is nailed with an inverted atomic drop. Benoit stomps away. They are both up top and Benoit back suplexes him off and both are down. They are up at the count of nine and Benoit connects with a couple of rolling German’s but Dean blocks the last and back kicks him in the nuts. Malenko knocks him to the floor and stomps away. Benoit is whipped into the steps and then Malenko low dropkicks the steps into the back of Benoit. Malenko spits on him. He rolls him back into the ring Malenko goes for a snap suplex but Benoit counters with a back suplex. They exchange blows and then clothesline each other and both are down. The fans count along and Benoit gets up first….It is over.

**1/2 Normally both could go much longer. Too sudden of an ending. They needed about five more minutes.

The Animals come down and stomp the shit out of Malenko as Benoit retreats. Shane comes out and has Torrie with him and the rest of the Revolution. Shane is taunting the FA and warn them that if they touch Dean again Asya will take out Torrie. FA squeal that they need to do something and then finally give chase…..

Torrie is forced into a car and it drives off. FA are beside themselves and two go after Torrie and the other two will face Harlem Heat.

Match 8: Brian Knobs v. Sting

I guess this is no DQ. Sting lays waste with the bat and gets the win….

Seriously? I guess it makes Sting a bad ass and not putting up with any shit…..

Outsiders are talking in the back about who starts and Hall will.

Tenay asks Bret about the ankle. Bret whines about his luck but he has waited so long for a title shot and even though he has a thin ray of hope he is going to give his best and give Goldberg a fight.

Match 8: Harlem Heat (c) v. Konnan and Kidman for WCW Tag Titles

Ray and then Booker tear into Konnan. Booker holds him up for a while and sideslams him and Kidman makes the save. Ray is back in and he strikes with a high knee and works over the arm. Booker is in and misses the Sidekick and now Kidman gets the hot tag and bulldogs Booker and mounts and pounds Ray but he is picked up and held by Ray and Booker Harlem kicks him. Ray back suplexes Kidman but he bridges up on the pin attempt and Ray had his shoulders down. New champs.

*1/2 Jesus, how often are the tag titles going to change hands?

Goldberg has respect for Bret and his injury makes him a bit more dangerous. He assures Tenay that the Outsiders are next.

DDP is walking with Kimberly.

Match 9: DDP v. David Flair

Kimberly, looking hot, introduces DDP and he tells David to get his rat bastard self out here so he can beat him like he did his father. David looking crazy comes out. DDP thinks he looks cute and kisses him. David has the crowbar and lays waste to DDP and Kimberly covers him up in order to protect him.


David leaves and here comes the gurney.

After the break DDP is placed in the ambulance and carted away.

Here comes the Outsiders. The Harris Brothers are at the top of the ramp and stare down and now a bunch of ladies follow and head down to the ring. One has ginormous breasts. I mean far too large to the point where it is disgusting. I guess this is a match….The bell has rung and a blonde and Hall will start. She pushes Scott and he nearly grabs her breasts and backs off on his push attempt and confers with Nash. She grabs his head and rubs it in her chest and Hall loves it. She wiggles her ass at him and they lock up and she mounts him in the corner and pounds the top of her crotch is in his face. He collapses. Jesus Christ, this is still going on. Another lady comes in. Nash is banging the top buckle begging for the hot tag and he gets it. He goes over to the girl with the giant breasts and Nash wants her to lift her shirt and she declines. Nash lays down and Hall does right beside him and the girls pin them. Those can’t be real but she is dancing or trying to in front of Hall and Nash. Here comes Goldberg! Hall turns around and is speared! Nash has no idea. Nash turns and is speared too!

NR How to rate that. I mean it was funny but way too long. Also, all the talk about ratings gets fucking old.

Match 11: Bret Hart v. Goldberg

Bret gimps down to the ring. They lock up and Goldberg pushes him into the corner and then picks him up and spikes him. He pulls up Bret who tries to fight back but is taken down and put in a leg breaker. Bret is at the ropes and then falls to the floor. They lock up again and Bret pushes him into the corner and gut punches him but one shot from Goldberg drops him and Bret is up and only to be dropped again. Goldberg works him in the corner and grabs the ankle and yanks him down by it. Bret is up and he limps around the ring, and Goldberg slowly stalks him and then grabs the leg again and takes him down and has the ankle and leg tied up. Goldberg let go but Bret refuses to quit. Goldberg tosses him around the ring and charges Bret in the corner but runs into a boot and Bret hammers him. Bret jumps on his back applying a sleeper and finally Goldberg snaps him over and on top of the ref who is dead. Bret is tossed to the floor and here comes the Outsiders and Nash is kicked in the head and Hall is down but Sid boots Goldberg in the head and Hall chokeslams him. Now Goldberg is dismantled. Sid powerbombs him. Goldberg is laid out and the heels leave. Bret is still wallowing on the floor. Bret Hart gets back in the ring and pins Goldberg who gets his shoulder up right at three….Forgot, Bret is US champ now too.

** Not a bad match. Goldberg usually takes more punishment. Now having Goldberg pinned….not so sure about that, perhaps a countout. But then again it was to Bret Hart and not some jabroni. It worked as a whole as it continues his feud with the Outsiders and Sid.

*** I will probably go into deeper detail later but while the show was well paced, the young guys got most of the time it still had its issues. The Russo tendency to have no wrestling reared its ugly head. A couple of matches in a three hour show does not bode well for the future. One issue I have is the insider crap, as most of the public does not get it or care to. Look they make it sound fake by talking about jobbing and refusing to do so and then the next segment is a kidnapping one. It is too jarring and does not make sense. I do not mind blurring reality with fiction but to wink that it is all fake and work takes me out of the situation. I know it is fake but I do not need to be told that. Some insider stuff is fine but it is a bit much, or at least make it more subtle. It is a shame that there will be one more brief segment with Macho, too bad as he was the best. I do think that the older guys getting punked is good stuff and with Hogan and Flair and then DDP gone that would have left Savage….Oh well. I actually like the direction and overall the show was above average, just too much going on and not enough wrestling but this Powers That Be has potential.

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