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WCW Thunder 10/14/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Nash is at the announce table for the final Thunder before the Russo era. I think the shows have been on Wednesdays due to preemption (the last two weeks) but not sure. Not that it really matters. Ratings were a 1.82 and have averaged since August a 2.4 and 1.80.

Match 1: Buddy Lee Parker v. Jim Duggan

About five minutes and Buddy got some offense in but is finished off.


Match 2: Al Greene v. Lash Leroux

Short, and Lash wins.


Luger comes down with Liz. Luger talks about being in the business a long time and he is pissed that he and Liz have to come to a town like Baton Rouge. Towns like this do not get beautiful women like Liz. He is irate about being buried and blames the fans. He has the greatest physique in the world today. The fans chant something to him and he continues that he has been at the top since day one and keeps going. Here comes Buff. Luger screams at the fans and finally realizes Buff has come down and calls him a big deal in a mocking voice. Buff assures Lex that he tried to contact him and Lex thnks he is being called a liar. Buff tries to tell him that he is not lying and then challenges him next week on Thunder. Lex wants him to get on his knees and say please for allowing him to get in the ring with Lex. Rick Steiner comes out and they beat up Buff and of all people La Parka makes the save!

David is busy bugging Torrie and finally Curt and Curly Bill kicks his ass!

Match 3: Brad and Scott Armstrong v. Hugh Morrus and Brian Knobs

FF make fairly short work as Brad was doubleteamed and Scott finished off.


Knobs screams at Scott and calls them Harlem Heat and will have them at Havoc. HH run down and clear them out. Ray calls them fruit booties and challenges them right now.

Sid comes out and Nash is doing a voiceover acting like it is a Kung Fu movie! It was all recap. Classic.

Match 4: Horace v. Brian Adams

Not a very long match. Adams wins.


Gene does say it is Thursday but the show is on TNT. He calls out Lash Leroux. He is facing Disco for the title at the PPV. He rambles about nonsense but gets a decent reception.

Wall blasts BA from behind as he arrived at the arena.

Match 5: Prince Iaukea v. Berlyn

Nash is shooting about how this match was booked at the last minute because half the wrestlers did not show up! Classic. Match has been back and forth. Wall helps out and Berlyn wins.

** Not bad.

Match 6: Luther Biggs v. Meng

One minute and done!

* Squash.

Buzz Stern eats the Deathgrip too.

Match 7: Saturn v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

They go back and forth until Rey tosses him and it is Rough Rider time and he gets two after a split-legged moonsault. Rey somersaults on top of him after Saturn falls to the floor. Saturn retakes command and works the arm. He leaps on it and continues to wrench it around. Rey escapes and dropkicks him in the gut and hammers away. But Saturn grabs him and tosses him over with an over the head belly to belly. Rey gets his boot up after the whip but is caught and tossed in a dragon suplex. He picks him up again but Rey rolls through and gets two. Rey goes up and Saturn goes up after him and throws him off. Saturn gets two but again he ties him up with headscissors takedown and gets the win!

*** Great back and forth match.

Saturn decks him and uses the little chain to lay him out and the ref gets tossed too. He puts him in the Rings….

Match 8: Lex Luger and Rick Steiner v. La Parka and Buff Bagwell

Sorry, watching but doing other things. They have been going at it for at least three minutes and now Luger has Parka isolated and suplexes him and then whips him into the corner but misses and is rolled up and nearly pinned. Parka is able to get the hot tag and Buff unloads on the heels. He goes up for the Blockbuster but Parka just stands there brandishing the chair and so Buff nails him and leaves!

** Not a bad brawl….

** not much happening, but then again that was to be expected as the changes for better or worse are right around the corner.

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