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WCW Thunder 10/28/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Ratings shot up to a 2.32.

Match 1: Juventud Guerrera v. Evan Karagias

Been back and forth the first two minutes.Juve takes him down and stomps on him. Sid comes down. He stands here undefeated! He offers an open challenge to anyone in the back. He will cripple someone. Here comes Benoit! He accepts the challenge and Sid is going to break him. Juve and Evan get powerbombed.


Maestro is with Gene and will perform a symphony or some shit.

Match 2: Maestro v. Prince Iaukea

Maestro makes fairly short work of Prince and beats him with the STF.


Revolution come down and Malenko will get revenge on Nitro.

Match 3: Malenko and Saturn v. Silver King and El Dandy

The Lucha’s run down and get wasted but once the match start they take command. Match is about six minutes long. King and Dandy get in some offfense but are defeated with some help from Shane’s chain.


Chavo is looking Goldberg and yelling for him.

Heat want their title’s back. They yell about that and then get baffled when they hear Chavo calling out Goldberg!

Revolution are in the parking lot getting into a car….Awesome!

Match 4: Stevie Ray v. Curly Bill

Ray is mauling him. Booker is at the announce table. Curly Bill uses his boot and so Booker takes him out Stevie wins.


Filthy Animals have arrived.

Match 5: Filthy Animals (c) v. Steven Regal and Dave Taylor

Konnan has the mic and is not happy with the Revolution and thinks they are loco for messing with them. Now Eddie has the mic and he agrees. Rey tells him to watch his language and hypes up the FA. Kidman stumbles over words but warns the Revolution about Torrie.

Match is back and forth and Eddie gets the win with a Frog Splash.


Chavo still looking.

Berlyn is speaking English now and goes off about WCW and America.

Lash is in the ring and claims he is a great wrestler and babbles about the title tournament and will face the Cat. He is struggling.

Match 6: Lash Leroux v. Chavo Guerrero

Again Chavo asks where Goldberg is and then gets beat in barely four minutes!


Match 7: Jerry Flynn v. Berlyn

Back and forth. Jimmy Hart gets involved but so does the Wall. Berlyn wins.

** Okay.

Cat is now a ladies man as he brings a trio inot the ring with him. One of them was the sassy one who fought Hall on Nitro. I like sassy. Cat talks about how he blew his knee out but he is back already and then yells at the crowd to shut up and calls a woman a fat ass! He will compete on Nitro.

Buff exits the locker room! Awesome! I love watching them exit their locker room and walk in the back!

Match 8: Scotty Riggs v. Buff Bagwell

Another short match, well a couple of minutes but not much there. Buff rolls him up and Tenay claims that Buff is not laying down for the Powers! Um, he fought Riggs.


Match 9: Chris Benoit v. Sid Vicious

Yes, they showed both in the back….Sid starts strong but Benoit mounts a comeback. The fight heads to the floor and Benoit is flung into the steps. Back in the ring Sid gets two and he has Benoit in a cobra clutch and slams him getting another two count. Benoit tries to fend him off but gets pummeled. He is knocked around, choked out and then nearly pinned after a backbreaker. Now Sid front slams him and gets another two count. Benoit comes back and strikes with a release German but misses the diving headbutt. But he applies the Crossface! Revolution run down and put an end to that and then Sid lays waste and powerbombs everyone! Now the Filthy Animals run down and assault the Revolution.

**1/2 Not a bad match. Good finisher for the show.

** Not much here. Kind of disappointing overall. The wrestling was not very good….Chavo looking for Goldberg was baffling but maybe next Thunder! Oh joy!

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