WCW Thunder 10/21/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Ratings rose to a 1.92. Let’s see what happens tonight.

Match 1: Maestro v. Norman Smiley

Not a bad opener. They go back and forth. And in about six minutes Norman gets the win with the Conquest.


Match 2: Horace v. MVP

Not much going on here. Horace has controlled the first three minutes. Horace wins.

** Okay.

Match 3: Lash Leroux v. Curly Bill

Bill starts strong but it does not last and Lash rolls him up for two and then tears into Bill. He dropkicks him and then runs him into the corner and picks him up over his shoulders. Bill escapes and faceplants Lash. He wraps up the arm and twists it but Lash grabs the rope. Lash wins….


Match 4: Dave Taylor and Steven Regal v Harlem Heat

Heat have controlled most of the match. Booker is hammering Regal. Ray is in now. Booker is now in and after about a minute or two Regal is still getting pounded. Regal fires back but Ray gets the tag and tears into both Brits. Booker heads up top and here comes the First Family and they get knocked to the floor.

** Angle advancement.

Match 5: Kendall Windham v. Brad Armstrong

I thought the crowd noise was piped in but the crowd was hot for BA. Despite Curly Bill’s efforts he gets the win.


Match 6: Juve and Silver King v. Blitz and Kaz

Sorry, I have been watching. We are entering minute ten and it has been all over the place. Not too much of a spotfest and overall pretty solid. Juve springs into Blitz and the latter kicks out. Kaz hooks Juve and reverses him out to the floor. Kaz flips backwards on top of Juve. Fucking awesome. King hits a moonsault on Blitz but Kaz saves the day. Kaz missile kicks both King and Blitz sending them to the floor but Juve flies into him and finishes him off with the Driver!

***1/2 Great match.

Match 7: Rick Steiner v. La Parka

Parka gave him a brief challenge. Not much though.


Match 8: Lex Luger v. Buff Bagwell

Lex has been a reluctant fighter but finally gets into the groove and hammers him out on the floor. Back in the ring Lex kicks him in the ribgs and then uses the ropes to choke him out. Buff fights back and runs his head into the top buckle numerous times. Luger goes low and gets two. He keeps him grounded with a rear chinlock. Bagwell ducks a clothesline after getting up and strikes with a crossbody getting two. Lex hops up and nails him with a forearm shiver and hammers him in the corner. Buff gets his foot up off the charge and fires away. He goes up top but Liz shoves him and Lex does the rest and Racks him!

**1/2 Not a bad brawl.

I honestly expected more….But it is in the early stages and they did have some decent wrestling. Also, it set up the PPV and recapped a lot of Nitro.


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