WCW Worldwide 3/5/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Marcus Watson
2.)Meng defeated Leroy Howard
3.)Sting defeated Sledgehammer McGill
4.)Jim Duggan defeated Tom Burton
5.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Stars & Stripes to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene conducted an interview with WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson. He will be wrestling Johnny B. Badd in a wrestler vs boxer match at Uncensored in two weeks. Col. Robert Parker is confident that Arn will beat Badd at the pay per view. Anderson talks about Badd having boxing gloves on his hands meaning that Badd won’t be able to grab him. Arn is going to beat “the little man” at Uncensored.

2. This is in the in-ring debut in WCW for Meng. His finishing move is a standing side kick.

3. Mean Gene conducted a live interview with Col. Robert Parker and Meng. Meng will be wrestling Jim Duggan at Uncensored in a mixed martial arts match. Parker is really struggling with the promo not making sense at all. He gets on track and says that Meng is gaining respect at the wrestlers in the backstage area are shaking in their boots. Meng actually speaks, but not anything in English.

4. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Big Bubba Rogers. Bubba will be wrestling Sting at Uncensored. Bubba tells Gene is that he isn’t a disappointment. Bubba was rewarded by WCW by having his handcuffs and badge taken away from him. Rogers stopped trying and began living for himself when a second referee made a decision for him at the January Clash of the Champions. Bubba isn’t playing any silly games with Sting at Uncensored.

5 .Ray and the Patriot kick off the title match with Ray hammering away on the masked wrestler in a corner. Ray big boots Patriot but Patriot quickly comes back with a scoop slam and dropkicks Booker out of the ring. Bagwell comes off the top rope to strike Ray. The challengers are making quick tags to control Ray. The challengers are focusing their attack on Stevie’s arm, but Booker is legally tagged in to work over Patriot. Patriot catches Booker and hits an atomic drop and a running clothesline. Bagwell tags in to hip toss Booker and follows up with a big splash for a two count. The announcers are talking about Hogan/Vader strap match the entire match is seems like. Marcus comes off the ropes with a cross body on Booker. Bagwell hits a fisherman suplex on Booker for a two count. Patriot scoop slams Ray. Sherri Martel sprays something in Patriot’s eyes as he was standing on the top rope and he crashes to the canvas. Patriot is pinned. (**. A basic tag match with a finish to apparently protect Stars and Stripes. Honestly, there isn’t any reason for Harlem Heat not to win this match cleanly. Heel champions need to be able to win some matches clean.)

6. Tony Schiavone interviews Jim Duggan in the arena. Duggan will be wrestling Arn Anderson next week for the WCW Television Championship. Duggan credits Anderson for being a great wrestler but he can’t fight at all. Duggan is going to beat Anderson up and win the title. Jim warns Col. Robert Parker and Meng to not get involved in the title match.

Final Thoughts:
Not much taking place here. A lot of hype for Uncensored and a underwhelming feature match. That doesn’t make for an exciting show.

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