WCW Worldwide 3/12/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Big Bubba Rogers defeated Leroy Howard
2.)Jim Duggan defeated WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. This isn’t a full show, but thankfully it features the feature match.

2. A video promoting Lord Steven Regal looking for a tag team partner and Bobby Eaton came over saying he would be Regal’s partner on Saturday Night.

3. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Randy Savage regarding his match with Avalanche at Uncensored next week. Savage says you have to read between the lines and says that at Uncensored Avalanche is going to fall all the way down with the big elbow. Randy doesn’t care how much weight his opponent adds heading into the pay per view.

4. Arn tries for a shoulder block in the opening moments of the match but Duggan doesn’t budge and Anderson crashes to the canvas. Duggan runs over Anderson with another shoulder block. Duggan atomic drops Arn to the floor and Duggan goes to the floor to nail the champion with a clothesline! Back in the ring, Duggan gets a two count after a hip toss. Duggan hits a vertical suplex but Arn kicks out at two. Anderson drops Duggan throat first across the top rope to gain the advantage. Duggan battles back with a backdrop and clotheslines the champ. Duggan scoop slams Arn and goes for the three point stance clothesline and hits it! Duggan goes for the cover but Col. Robert Parker puts Arn’s foot on the bottom rope to save the championship! Duggan goes after Parker in the ring and locks in the sleeper hold on Anderson. Meng runs down and Duggan hits Meng over the head with the 2×4, causing the board to break and Meng no sells it! That’s the end of the match. (*1/4. Not a overly good match between these two guys. Duggan is limited in the ring and this was done to more or less continue the feud between Duggan and Meng. The 2×4 shot was rather surprising. WCW didn’t really do stuff like that at the time, I feel like.)

5. Tony Schiavone interviews Parker, Meng and Anderson to close the show. Parker says that Meng is ready for Jim Duggan next week at Uncensored. Parker says Meng is the greatest star of them all. Anderson talks about Johnny B. Badd having the best left hand meaning nothing. Any wrestler can beat any boxer any day of the week.

Final Thoughts:
Another uninteresting edition of Worldwide. It wasn’t a full show as I only had a half hour of the program, which means I just missed a couple of squash matches and a promo about Uncensored that I’ve probably seen four times already. Hopefully we get back to quality wrestling on Worldwide soon.

Thanks for reading.

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