WCW Worldwide 3/19/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.)Randy Savage defeated Frank Lancaster
2.)Lord Steven Regal defeated Joey Maggs
3.)WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Ayala Brothers
4.)Blacktop Bully defeated Barry Hardy
5.)Steve Austin defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Avalanche, who wrestles Randy Savage at Uncensored 1995. He says that Savage has gotten himself in a whole lot of trouble and Savage shouldn’t be in this match alone. Avalanche says that time is running out for Savage. He is confident that savage is going to the hospital.

2. The Steiner Brothers will be returning to WCW soon, and thus they get a video package. This is odd because it would take nearly a year before the Steiner’s actually returned to action for the company. It’s a great video highlighting their top moves and has me wanting to actually watch old school Steiner stuff.

3. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes will be wrestling Blacktop Bully at Uncensored inside the back of a truck. Dustin says the back of a eighteen wheeler is right up his alley. Rhodes says a lot of people have tried to take him out but they have failed every time. Rhodes would hate for Blacktop to have a flat tire. Dustin is going to take it to Bully at Uncensored.

4. Austin is really lost in the shuffle at this point in time doing nothing of note since the fall of ’94. Apparently, Austin is just returning from injury. Austin slaps Bagwell in the corner but runs away from Marcus. Austin mounts Bagwell and gets a few right hands in but Bagwell nearly rolls Austin up for a near win. Austin uses a handful of tights to nearly pin Bagwell as well. Bagwell fights back with a series of arm drags and a backdrop. Austin avoids a dropkick and tosses Marcus to the floor. Bagwell blocks a ring post shot and returns to the ring. Bagwell mounts Austin with a series of right hands but that doesn’t last long. Bagwell stops Austin on the top rope and hits a superplex! Bagwell begins to hammer away on Austin and drops Austin. Austin is able to pin Bagwell with a sunset flip and holds the ropes for leverage. (*1/2. Well, a decent win for Austin coming back from injury. The match isn’t good as it was rather basic. I wish WCW used Austin better while they had him. Oh well.)

5. To the close the show, Tony Schiavone calls out Randy Savage to conduct an interview regarding his match at Uncensored with Avalanche. Savage says there is going to be natural disaster, but it will not be an earthquake or avalanche. He just referenced to Avalanche’s previous gimmick in the WWF. Savage tells us that he will prove to everyone that he will take Avalanche out!

Final Thoughts:
Not much happening this week. A lot of hype for Uncensored, which took place later on in the day. The feature match was lackluster and the interviews were just the same old stuff.

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