Would You Go To This Show? Volume Eight

On May 28th World Wrestling Entertainment held a show in Yakima, WA for the RAW brand. How about we take a look at the show and judge if we’d attend, shall we?

Opening Contest: WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito
A strong match to start the show with three of the better talents on the brand. It’s always a good idea to kick off a show with some star power to get the juices flowing. Easily a match I’d be interesting to attending to see at a live event.

Second Contest: The Highlanders vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
I don’t remember much of the Highlanders, but from what I do remember about them, they weren’t overly entertaining nor good in the ring. I did enjoy the team of Cade and Murdoch, but this match doesn’t interest me as I feel like Cade and Murdoch wouldn’t be able to carry the Highlanders to a good match.

Third Contest: Rob Conway vs. Harry Smith
Oddly enough, but I’ve actually always enjoyed both men. They are grossly underrated in my opinion. Even with that fact, a match between these two on a house show wouldn’t entice me to spend money for a live event. If a match were promoted between these two, I’d think it would be a good match, but I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with I need to see this live. I’d settle for a showdown on HEAT or something else.

Fourth Contest: WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James & Victoria vs. Beth Phoenix & Torrie Wilson
I’ve never been interested in Diva matches. Sure, they are good to look at, but I’d never pay to see them in the ring. That sounds horrible of me to say.

Fifth Contest: Umaga vs. Eugene
I’d imagine this would be just a squash match for Umaga to build him up. Another match I’d pass on.

Sixth Contest: WWE Tag Team Champions Mikey & Nicky vs. Goldust & Gene Snitsky
If this is the best the tag team division had to offer in ’06, then what a sad time for the division. Obviously, Goldust has been on a career resurrection in’13 – ’14 and it’s been fun to watch. However, in ’06 he was just there and in this oddball pairing with Snitsky, who hadn’t been relevant in a year. I’ve always disliked the Spirit Squad, and at the time neither wrestler (Ziggler & Mondo) were anything in the ring, really. I’m actually annoyed with this match just thinking about it.

Main Event: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Edge inside a steel cage – Ricky Steamboat is special referee
Without a doubt, this is the best match on the card and considering these two had a heated feud for most of ’06, this would a fantastic live event match. Realistically, this would probably be the only match promoted on TV or in the newspaper, and that would be the smartest thing they could do.

Final Thoughts:
If the show was simply promoted based on the main event, I’d be suckered in to watch a show that basically features uninteresting matches featuring lower tier talent, for the most part. The main event and opener are the best matches and ones I’d like to see, but when you consider the whole show, there is no way I’d spend $20 on a ticket. I’d rather pass on it and hope to see Cena/Edge on RAW or something.

Now that I’ve shared my opinion, share yours below! Would you go to this show?

Thanks for reading.

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