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Rebooking The WWF: Week 38, 1993

Chief Jay Strongbow is a guest on Kings Court, which doesn’t end up going too well on RAW. Also on RAW, Doink the Clown meets Bret Hart in the main event. On Superstars, WWF World Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers square off against the Quebecers in a non-title match. Lastly, on Wrestling Challenge, Ted DiBiase competes in singles action against Owen Hart.

WWF RAW 9/20/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Yokozuna/Ludvig Borga defeated Chris Kanyon/Mark Starr in 2:27 when Borga pinned Starr following a shoulder breaker.
2. Kings Court w/Chief Jay Strongbow: Lawler opens the segment insulting the fans and the “loser” Tatanka until he introduces the man that put Tatanka under his wing, Chief Jay Strongbow. Strongbow heads down to the ring while Lawler insults Strongbow’s age. Lawler talks about how Tatanka has been losing more matches than Barry Horowitz as of late! Lawler thinks that Strongbow should be embarrassed by Tatanka. Lawler asks why would anyone want someone like Tatanka to be their protégé. Strongbow tells Lawler that he is proud of Tatanka, a former WWF Intercontinental Champion, and asks Lawler what has he done in the WWF? Strongbow tells Lawler that he is a self proclaimed king and is really a nobody here. However, Tatanka is a champion and is going through the aches and pains of wrestling. Lawler tries to defend himself by saying that if he were champion, he would have held it longer than two months, and tells Strongbow that if he had fought Tatanka while he was undefeated, he would have ended his undefeated streak much earlier than it had ended! Strongbow wants Lawler to back up his talk and Lawler says he will. So, Lawler ends up striking Strongbow with a right jab and tries to pile drive Strongbow but Tatanka runs down and scares Lawler out of the ring! Tatanka checks on Strongbow while he is clearly fuming over Lawler hitting his mentor!
3. The Undertaker defeated LA Gore in 2:06 following a tombstone pile driver. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Earthquake were aired and he said that he is a natural disaster that the Undertaker wouldn’t be able to survive. Quake wants to be on top and he is going to get there, starting with the Undertaker!
4. Jack Tunney Interview: Vince McMahon introduces WWF President Jack Tunney who will reveal the number one contender to the WWF World Champion, Lex Luger. Tunney tells McMahon that he and other officials considered everything when determining a challenger for Luger and believe that they have found the perfect challenger. After a brief amount of teasing, Tunney says that the next time Luger defends the championship in the near future he will be doing so… against Mr. Perfect!
5. Rick Martel defeated Mark Thomas in 3:42 with the Boston Crab.
6. The Canadian Crippler Hype Video: A video promoting the debut of the Canadian Crippler is aired. During the video, the Crippler, Chris Benoit, mentions that he was trained by the Hart Family but says that he ended up training to be better than Bret and Owen Hart. Benoit believes that he will be the greatest wrestler to compete in the WWF and we will all witness that sooner rather than later!
7. Bret Hart defeated Doink the Clown in 8:29 with the Sharpshooter.

WWF Superstars 9/25/1993
1. The Smoking Gunns defeated Vito Lograsso/Barry Hardy in 2:55 when Billy pinned Lograsso.
2. Rick Martel Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Rick Martel regarding his match with Razor Ramon on RAW next week. Martel tells Ramon that he made a big mistake by embracing the fans and turning on Martel at SummerSlam. Martel says that he is going to beat the machismo out of Ramon and make it clear that he should be the man to wrestle Shawn Michaels for the WWF Intercontinental Championship!
3. Jeff Jarrett defeated Rex King in 3:04 following a jumping DDT. During the bout, Jim Neidhart shared some pre-tape comments saying that he is going to cut off Jarrett “pretty goldy locks.”
4. Mr. Perfect Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the number one contender for the WWF World Championship, Mr. Perfect. McMahon praises Perfect for always battling and never giving up such as beating his hated rival, Ric Flair at SummerSlam inside a steel cage. Perfect tells McMahon that he is on the path of redemption and having beaten Flair, he is looking to beat the man who he lost to at WrestleMania. Perfect knows that Luger has been dominate but unlike Bret Hart, he has wrestled Luger before and knows what to expect. Perfect says he is going to have the happy year end moment when he lives the dream of being the WWF World Champion!
5. Razor Ramon defeated Tony Webb in 2:54 following the Razors Edge.
6. Tatanka Interview: Jim Ross interviews Tatanka who is livid about Jerry Lawler attacking his mentor this past week on RAW. Tatanka tells us that Jerry Lawler is going to regret putting his hands on someone so important to him. Tatanka keeps it short saying that he is going to stop his “big match losing streak” but knocking the King of his throne!
7. The Quebecers defeated WWF World Tag Team Champions the Steiner Brothers in 10:36 when Pierre pinned Scott after a hockey stick shot. The hockey stick shot came from the Quebecers new manager, Johnny Polo, who made his debut prior to the match. Polo celebrated with the Quebecers as they are now in line to get a WWF World Tag Team Championship match.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 9/26/1993
1. Diesel defeated Chris Duffy in 2:09 following a power bomb. During the bout, pre-tape comments from Diesel were aired where he said he is on a path of destruction and no one better get in his way!
2. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow. Ross mentions Bigelow losing the war with the Undertaker, which Bigelow doesn’t think is the case. Bigelow mentions that he beat Taker at WrestleMania and thinks that makes them even at 1-1. However, for whatever reason WWF officials don’t think it is safe for the company for them to compete against each other again. This pisses off Bigelow, who says he doesn’t want the last thing fans to remember is the better wrestler of the two losing. Bigelow is going to make sure he changes the officials minds “one way or another.”
3. Ron Simmons/Crush defeated Scott Richardson/Dave Wright in 2:07 when Simmons pinned Wright following a spine buster.
4. Jim Neidhart defeated Glenn Ruth in 2:48 following a running power slam.
5. Shawn Michaels Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. Michaels focus is on his new challenger, Razor Ramon. Michaels doesn’t know what got into Ramon to become “one of the good guys” but if he needs to knock some sense into him with his boot, he will do just that. Michaels proclaims himself the greatest WWF Intercontinental Champion and from what he has seen, Ramon isn’t anywhere near qualified to hold his championship. Michaels finishes off the segment telling McMahon that Ramon is going to be laid out on the mat and pinned 1-2-3.
6. Ted DiBiase defeated Owen Hart in 6:13 with the Million Dollar Dram.


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