ECW Hardcore TV 1/15/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Mikey Whipwreck defeated CW Anderson
2.) New Jack defeated Vic Grimes
3.) Raven defeated Simon Diamond

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Lou E. Dangerously kicked off the show cutting a promo with CW Anderson and Billy Wiles by his side. He simply introduces both men to the crowd and they get some decent heat.

2. By the way, the show is taking place at the venue that WCW use to hold their Saturday Night TV show tapings, Center Stage.

3. CW attacks Whipwreck from behind while Whipwreck was distracted by Billy Wiles. Mikey is able to recover quickly and dropkick Anderson to the floor. Mikey sends CW back first into the guard railing and hits a side Russian leg sweep into the guard railing! Billy clubs Whipwreck from behind to help out CW. Anderson hits a swinging single arm DDT in the ring to get control of Mikey. CW connects with a hammerlock slam but Mikey kicks out at two on the cover attempt. CW knocks Whipwreck silly with a left hand. Anderson stops Whipwreck with a super kick but can’t get a three count. Mikey big boots CW and goes for a tornado DDT but Anderson blocks. Mikey nearly wins with a side Russian leg sweep. Mikey hits a swinging neck breaker for another two count. Dangerously trips Whipwreck from the floor. Billy with a knee to Whipwreck’s back and CW nearly wins with a spine buster. Mikey hits a double Whippersnapper and pins Anderson. (**. A decent match that saw CW Anderson look good when he had control. I really felt like a CW victory would have been the better option here as long term CW has a lot to offer in comparison to Whipwreck. Obviously later on in the year Whipwreck would find a way to freshen himself up quite a bit.)

4. Judge Jeff Jones lets us know that ECW World Champion Mike Awesome is issuing an open challenge. Awesome reminds us of all the guys he has beaten. He will not back down from any man.

5. Da Baldies work over New Jack, who is supposed to be wrestling Grimes of the group. Grimes has a pizza cutter and slices Jack with it. Jack whacks Grimes over the back with a crutch. The pizza cutter comes back into play with Grimes using it on Jack some more. Grimes splashes Jack in the corner, but Jack hits Grimes in the forehead with a fork. Jack uses a staple gun and cooking sheet on Grimes. Angel and DeVito attack Jack on the floor, but that doesn’t last long at all. Back in the ring, Jack avoids a somersault dive off the top and Grimes crashes onto a chair. Jack puts a metal object between Grimes legs and uses a crutch to break it. Jack is put on a table but moves out of the way. Grimes misses a somersault dive and crashes through the table on the floor. Jack jumps off the middle rope and smashes a guitar over Grimes head to win the match. (*. That went on for a little too long. Grimes took a few good bumps, but this was just your typical New Jack segment. They are clearly promoting towards a Jack/Angel match.)

6. ECW World Tag Team Champions the Impact Players cut a promo. Justin Credible says not everything ends with a happy ending. Sometimes your heroes let you down. Their chapter is the bad guys taking over. Lance Storm tells us to wait and see the impact they make now that they are champions.

7. Backstage, Steve Corino talks about a tag match with Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Dreamer taking place in Florida. Corino’s partner will be Rhino, who is standing in front of him. Corino knows that Dreamer and Rhodes are happy about the thought of blood and dropping elbows on Corino, but that will not be happening because he has Rhino by his side. Rhino warns Dreamer that he isn’t going to get close to Corino. Rhino says that Dusty Rhodes and Tommy Dreamer will be bleeding in Florida.

8. Diamond gets the upper hand after his manager, Big Dick, tripped Raven from the floor. Simon takes Raven down with a series of snap suplexs and a sit out slam for a near fall. Diamond punches Raven in the corner but stops once the fans boo him. Raven turns the tables into his favor with a series of strikes and a running knee lift. Raven gets the snot rag and blows his nose before rubbing it in Diamond’s face. Big Dick slides in with a chair and Raven drop toe holds him face first into the chair. Simon tries for a couple of pin attempts but Raven gets out of them until Simon hits a DDT for another two count. Raven plants Diamond with the Evenflow DDT and wins the match. (*. As if there was any kind of question as to who was going to win this one. A predictable main event to end the show this week. The fans do really like Raven, though.)

9. Mike Awesome attacks Spike Dudley in the ring before the end of the show. Awesome powerbombs Spike over the top through a table on the floor.

Final Thoughts:
Action wise the show was really sub-par. However, the feuds that are going on at the moment are rather interesting. Dusty Rhodes coming into ECW to feud with Corino and Rhino should be fun.

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