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harlem heat

Is Harlem Heat one of the most overrated tag teams ever?

Some readers may be surprised by that statement, but I think there is some debate regarding the team. From 1994 to 1999, Stevie Ray and Booker T were a focal point for the tag team division in World Championship Wrestling and competed against many high profile tag teams. However, were they an elite team? I’m not so sure.

Their run as a top tag team started in late 1994 when they won the WCW World Tag Team Championships from Marcus Bagwell and the Patriot, though it wasn’t aired until January 1995. When you look back at their reign, they mostly had a feud with the Nasty Boys that went on for far too long and uninspiring matches with the team of Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater.

They failed to have classic matches with the Steiner Brothers, Legion of Doom or Sting & Lex Luger, which may not be their fault completely, but still.

Sure, they held the championships ten times, but quite often their reign would last for a few weeks before regaining the straps. So, the number is highly inflated in that regard.

When you look back at their 1995-1997 run they never had a memorable match. I mean honestly, can you think of a match for the team that you could watch over and over again? Teams like the Hart Foundation, Rockers, Demolition and Steiner Brothers (to name a few) have several matches you can watch multiple times.

I understand that tag teams during the era were not a high quality, or at least any high quality teams that stuck around. They tried their best with a team like Public Enemy or a team involving Marcus Bagwell the best they could.

When they reformed in 1999 they had a few matches with Bam-Bam Bigelow and Kanyon and with the West Texas Rednecks.

Recently, I’ve noticed some posts about Harlem Heat being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Probably because of the 10 title reigns that never exactly amounted to anything of significance. Booker T had a strong enough singles run to get in the HOF in that capacity, but leave the team Harlem Heat out of it.

Do you agree or disagree with my opinion on Harlem Heat? Let me know below!

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2 thoughts on “Bob’s Opinion On: Harlem Heat

  1. I agree, even though I was a big Harlem Heat fan, they didn’t have many matches I can even remember. Certainly not a Hall of Fame tag team although WWE doesn’t have high standards.

  2. I probably remember the feuds more than I remember specific matches. I always enjoyed them but you are probably correct in saying they are a bit overrated. I would probably put the blame for that on the shoulders of Stevie Ray, who never really became much of a wrestler, while Booker T became a very entertaining performer.

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