ECW on SCI-FI 8/15/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Washington, DC

Backstage, Paul Heyman and ECW World Champion Big Show have an announcement. Heyman says that Kurt Angle suffered a severe groin tear two nights ago and thus Angle has been medically suspended and pulled from the main event tonight.

Mick Foley comes down to the ring, which he promised to do on RAW. Foley has a microphone and reminds us of his invitation to join him in ECW. Apparently, Flair has declined the offer. Foley is hyping up his I Quit match with Flair at SummerSlam. Foley recalls his memorable falls against Undertaker in Hell in a Cell. He got up because he would have thought less of himself. Foley brings out Kelly Kelly and Melina. Foley wants to have a three way dance with Kelly and Melina. They proceed to dance with Foley. Yeah, so, what did this have to do with anything going on ECW? The answer is nothing. A waste of ten minutes of TV. Wait a second, here comes Ric Flair. Flair rolls into the ring and attacks Foley. Flair low blows Mick and they go to the floor. Foley is sent into the ring steps knee first. Flair chokes Foley with his belt! Foley is bleeding from the mouth. Referees come down to break them up. Flair gets a microphone and tells Foley that he is going to quit. Flair leaves while Melina checks on Foley.

A vignette promoting the debut of Shannon Moore who says “question authority.”

Opening Contest: Justin Credible vs. CM Punk: Credible slaps Punk and is met with a few kicks. Punk delivers a running forearm shot in the corner and boot scrapes for a near fall. Punk attempts a springboard but Credible gets his knee out to deliver a gut buster. Credible has an abdominal stretch on Punk and continues to work on the rib area. Credible hits a jumping DDT but can’t get a three count on the cover. Punk delivers a running knee and a kick and soon locks in the Anaconda Vice for the win. (*. A simple win to showcase Punk again. Credible got a little more offense in than their first time, if I remember correctly. You’d never think that Credible had been a champion six years ago for ECW considering the booking of his character as of late.)

Backstage, Rob Van Dam is sitting on top of a ladder. RVD talks about the dangers of the ladder match he took place in at Mania and when he became champion. Nothing will stop him no matter how suicidal or genocidal. Van Dam says he is going to beat Sabu tonight and become the ECW World Champion once again.

Backstage, Rene Dupree is modeling for some pictures. Dupree is going to prove that he is the most hardcore wrestler to ever step foot in an ECW ring.

Second Contest: Test & Mike Knox vs. Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke: As you might expect, Knox and Test have a rather easy time taking on former ECW World Tag Team Champions. Test sends Tony flying and big boots Guido. Test finishes Mamaluke off with a TKO for the convincing win. After the match, Dreamer and Sandman rundown to chase Test and Knox from the ring.

Backstage, Sabu says he needs to be ECW World Champion more than anything.

Backstage, Kurt Angle attacks Heyman’s security and goes after Big Show until several security guys come to break up the fight. Show demands to press charges for Angle head butting his chest.

Main Event: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu in a number one contenders ladder match: RVD avoids a chair shot early on from the wild Sabu. They both go for springboard heel kicks out of the corner, which looked weird. Sabu botches a double springboard, and RVD tries to jump off the top rope to get the contract but isn’t even close. Sabu knocks RVD to the floor with a springboard clothesline. Sabu manages to plant RVD with a springboard tornado DDT. RVD baseball slides a ladder into Sabu and hits a slingshot cross body on the floor as we go to commercial.

RVD drops Sabu across the guard railing and leaps off the apron to hit a twisting leg drop. Sabu leg drops a chair over RVD’s back causing him to hit the ladder face first. Sabu sets up the ladder and begins to climb towards the contract. RVD tips over the ladder to prevent Sabu from reaching the contract. Oh boy, Sabu botches a springboard off the ladder and RVD hits a leg drop to cover that up quickly. RVD monkey flips the ladder onto Sabu! Sabu avoids a rolling thunder and RVD lands directly on the ladder!

Sabu hits a triple jump moonsault! Sabu has a chair and misses a middle rope Arabian face buster and hits the ladder instead of RVD! RVD is pulled off the ladder and driven head first onto the canvas. RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash and Sabu rolls to the floor. RVD sets the ladder up and is close to the contract but here comes Big Show. RVD leaps off and is caught by Show who slams RVD over the top through a table on the floor!

Show wants the contract to be lowered. Sabu gets on the top rope and leaps off but is caught. Sabu manages to get the contract but is slammed down with a powerbomb, but he gets a match at SummerSlam! After the match, Show choke slams Sabu onto the contract. Show choke slams RVD as well. (**1/4. There were a few spots that were neat, but Sabu had a few botches and the finish just felt really flat. Sabu is not coming across as a serious threat whatsoever. They really should have played up Show’s fear of Sabu and his extreme ways a little better.)

Final Thoughts:
Again, not a great show considering it was the last one before we head into SummerSlam for the brand. The build for Sabu is really lackluster and honestly an uninteresting match with Show. Anyway, it’s still fun to see some younger guys get a look in the company on the third brand and get some TV time.

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