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ECW on SCI-FI 8/8/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Nashville, TN

Opening Contest: Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox: Dreamer is clearly still hurting from the match last week on the program and Knox wasted no time going to work on him. Dreamer hit a swinging neck breaker and clotheslines himself and Knox over the top to the floor. Knox is sent shoulder first into the ring steps, as well. Dreamer lays Knox across the middle rope to deliver a middle rope elbow drop! Paul Heyman comes down with his security guys to distract the referee. Tommy plants Knox with a DDT, but the security guys pull Dreamer out and attack on the floor. Knox gets the pin following a modified Flatliner. (1/2*. A quick match, but the fans are really behind Dreamer. Makes me wonder why he wasn’t given more of a role on the program at the time.) After the match, Dreamer is cornered by the four men, but Sandman’s music hits. Sandman is in the ring, managing to scare four men. Heyman is upset about Dreamer just as Sandman is. Heyman says he loved Dreamer like he was his son. Paul proceeds to make a handicap match right now.

Second Contest: The Sandman vs. Mike Knox & Test: The kendo stick is not allowed since it’s not an extreme rules match. Test comes out and gives Dreamer a big boot on the floor because he is a real jerk. Test misses a top rope elbow drop, which got really good elevation. Sandman uses the kendo stick and that’s a DQ. No rating, this was really nothing.

We get Sabu talking again. Sabu says that Show has been avoiding him. When he beats Angle, he will get what he wants. You know what I wanted? Sabu to never talk.

Balls Mahoney vignette where he talks about loving ECW.

Third Contest: Kevin Thorn vs. Al Snow: Another ECW legend getting sent to be a jobber for a former OVW standout. Thorn hits a gut buster and a quick spear. Thorn hits an elevated stunner with Snow’s feet across the top rope. Thorn drives Snow down with the Razors Edge and picks up the decisive win.

Backstage, Rene Dupree cuts a promo saying he is about to be the most extreme athlete in ECW history.

ECW World Champion Big Show comes down to ringside to watch the main event. Show knows that everyone is thinking he looks good, better than ever before. Show is here to bring class to ECW instead of the blood and guts. Show will crush Angle’s spine like he crushes crackers for his soup. He is confident that no one can beat him.

Backstage, CM Punk hypes up his second match in ECW next week saying he is going to take advantage of his opportunity next week because it’s his nature.

Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. Sabu in a number one contenders match: Angle gets the first real advantage with an uppercut but misses a spear and hits the ring post hard shoulder first. Sabu backdrops Angle over the top to the floor as we go to commercial.

Angle has gotten control with a rear chin lock, but Sabu stats to work his way out of that. Sabu plants Angle with a springboard tornado DDT for a two count. Angle battles back with an overhead belly to belly suplex. On the floor, Angle slams Sabu on the floor with a fireman carry. Angle locks in a choke in the middle of the ring. Sabu tries to elbow his way out but can’t break the hold. Sabu nails Angle with a spring board heel kick and a slingshot somersault leg drop from the apron for a two count. Angle runs into a spin kick and both men are down. Sabu goes for the cover but Angle pops up at two. Sabu misses a clothesline and Kurt proceeds to hit a series of German suplexs but Sabu reaches the ropes on the pin attempt.

Sabu counters the Angle Slam with an arm drag. Sabu hits another springboard kick to a seated Angle for a two count. Sabu goes for the camel clutch, but Angle counters with the ankle lock! Sabu rolls through and sends Angle to the floor. Sabu takes Kurt out with a somersault dive to the floor. Sabu hits a twisting body splash from the top but Angle again kicks out!

Angle gets the ankle lock after countering an arm bar. RVD comes down and kicks a chair into Angle’s face and leg drops the chair on Kurt! RVD decides to dropkick the chair into Sabu’s face too! RVD plays to the crowd after leaving both men down. (**1/2. A decent match going on here, but the non-finish was not liked by the fans. I suppose it would have been weird to see Sabu beat Angle clean or anything, but he needs to seen as a credible challenger to Big Show since he is clearly being set up for a PPV match with the champ.)

Final Thoughts:
Not a great show this week. It’s an average edition at best but they continue to advance their feuds. Test/Knox just seem to be getting too much of an advantage causing Dreamer and Sandman to look really weak in this feud. Dupree could be a great addition to the roster if pushed correctly. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading.

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