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SMW TV 4/4/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Knoxville, TN

1.) Dixie Dynamite defeated Barry Horowitz
2.) Tim Horner defeated TJ Travis
3.) Killer Kyle defeated Keith Hart
4.) Dirty White Boy defeated Paul Miller
5.) Brian Lee defeated Dutch Mantel in a Wild Card Tournament match

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Bob Caudle and Dutch Mantel hype up the show, which will see Dutch compete in singles action against Brian Lee.

2. This is the debut of Dixie Dynamite, who is a masked wrestler. I never realized that Horowitz was essentially a jobber for most American promotions in the 1990s, aside from ECW it would appear. Horowitz gives Dynamite a competitive match, but after nearly seven minutes of action, Dynamite is able to pick up the victory in his debut match following the Confederate Kick.

3. Bob Armstrong issues a message about kids saying no to using drugs.

4. Jim Cornette is at a hotel with Caudle to debut his tag team, again. He doesn’t want this to be ruined again. Cornette opens the door but it’s a woman who throws stuff at Cornette. We go back to the arena and Cornette assures Caudle that he has a tag team. Jim assures Caudle that the team will be on the show next week as their qualifying match is scheduled to take place.

5. Bob Caudle tried to interview Killer Kyle earlier in the day and asked about the violin case, but Kyle remained silent the entire time.

6. Paul Orndorff is interviewed by Caudle. Orndorff is mad that he can’t use the piledriver while seeing other wrestlers using moves that could break necks. He wants to know why he can’t use his piledriver while other moves can be used. Orndorff is out here to win matches. He has a lot of other moves to beat wrestlers with.

7. Ron Wright and DWB are interviewed after his squash match. Wright is mad that fans haven’t sent him money for hip surgery. Wright is mad at the hillbillies. DWB says on May 15th he will win the SMW Heavyweight Championship to pay for the surgery. Brian Lee comes out and confronts SWB. Lee knows that a man can beat him, but it’s not DWB. Lee leaves to end the segment.

8. DWB attacks Lee with a chair as Lee made his way to the ring for the main event! Dutch attacks Lee on the floor to get the advantage. In the ring, Dutch hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Dutch works over Lee on the floor again for a brief moment. Mantel continues to go for several pins but Lee continues to kick out before three. Back to the floor, Lee sends Dutch shoulder first into the ring post. Dutch tries to get something out of his tights and gets rolled up by Lee, who gets the three count. (*. A boring basic match. That’s it.)

Final Thoughts:
The last three episodes or so have felt like the same exact show with the same segments taking place. I’m hoping once they get championship holders the show will be a lot more diverse and interesting.

Thanks for reading.

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