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SMW TV 3/28/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

Smokey Mountain Wrestling TV
From: Knoxville, TN

Opening Contest: Dirty White Boy vs. Joey Maggs: Maggs got the jobber introduction. Maggs was known for working WCW as a jobber, as well. DWB’s manager Ron Wright is in a wheelchair because he needs operations so he has DWB. Maggs struggles to get anything going as DWB controlled a good portion of the bout. DWB missed a splash after hitting a neck breaker, and Maggs begins to make a babyface comeback. Maggs loses to DWB following a back suplex into a chokeslam. (DUD. Uninspiring babyface comeback by Maggs hurt the match from being anything other than a squash.)

Bob Armstrong talks about the SMW Heavyweight Championship tournament. It will take place on May 15th at a show called the Volunteer Slam. It will be held in Knoxville, TN. Armstrong lists twelve guys in the tournament thus far. They are the Dirty White Boy, Brian Lee, Tim Horner, Robert Gibson, and Jimmy Golden. Of the following six men, three will be entered in the tournament as they will compete in televised singles matches. Those three men are the following, Dixie Dynomite, Dutch Mantell, Scott Anthony, Hector Guerrero, Buddy Landell and Paul Orndorff! There will be an eight man tournament to crown the champion on May 15th.

A video putting over Tim Horner and giving insight into his life. Apparently, Horner is a successful singer. We get a sample and it’s just assuming to watch a wrestler sing. He sings a complete song, which takes up several minutes.

Hollywood Bob Holly didn’t enter the SMW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Holly lets us know why because he was with Julia Roberts. Holly says he can beat anyone at any time and isn’t going waste his time beating three guys. So, he is just going to wait around for his shot and win it then.

Second Contest: Tommy Angel vs. Jimmy Golden: Golden is better known as Bunkhouse Buck in WCW from 1994 to early 1996. Golden struggled early on not being able to get consistent offense against Angel and being sent to the floor a few times. Interestingly, Angel controlled most of the match but lost after a dropkick. After the match, Golden attacks Angel. Robert Gibson runs down but Golden leaves and heads to the back. (DUD. That was weird how the match ended after a simple dropkick, but it was a different era, I suppose. Golden seemed to be playing a babyface when he came out, but that changed to a heel persona rather quickly.)

Robert Gibson chats with Bob Caudle about Jimmy Golden. He says that Golden can run but can’t hide. He hopes to meet Golden on May 15th.

Jim Cornette is out to reveal his tag team, which he failed to do last week. We see video where Cornette is telling the reporter to be quiet to not ruin this reveal. A limo pulls up with the tag team in there. However, a bunch of women come running over and chase the limo off. So, the reveal is ruined again. Cornette assures us that next week the reveal will go according to plan.

Dutch Mantell says he has never lied in his life and is angry that he is not a seed in the SMW Heavyweight Championship tournament. He is angry that Brian Lee is guaranteed a spot in the tournament and he is going to sue the company.

Third Contest: Brian Lee vs. Joe Cazana: Lee won the squash with the Cancellation.

Brian Lee heads over to the broadcast table to confront Mantell. Lee issues a challenge to Mantell to wrestle him in a singles match with Lee’s spot in the tournament on the line. Dutch agrees to the match.

Main Event: Bobby & Jackie Fulton vs. Billy Jack & Joel Deaton in the SMW Tag Team Championship Quarter-Finals: Jack and Bobby kick off the match with some decent mat wrestling. Bobby gets double teamed with a drop toe hold and a leg drop combo. Deaton is flipped out of the corner and met with a double dropkick. Black entered as well but was sent to the floor quickly. Deaton clotheslined Jackie from behind to allow the heels to get the advantage. Jack hit a top rope forearm shot on Bobby and delivered a standing somersault leg drop for a near fall. Bobby continues to be worked over by the heels while Jackie is left on the apron. Black tries to get a tap out on Bobby with a Boston Crab but Bobby gets out of it. Jackie nearly pins Deaton with a German suplex but Jack broke up the pin attempt. Deaton hits a nice top rope moonsault on Jackie after a DDT for a near fall. Jackie pins Deaton with a roll up after kicking out of a DDT. (**. The best match on the show, but it was really average at best. The Fulton brothers are good workers and the team of Jack and Deaton are not a bad heel team by any means. Deaton impresses me with his moonsault.)

Rip Morgan and Jack Victory cut a promo on the Fantastics. They will wrestle in two weeks. Victory is going to cut a promo but is cut off by Caudle who says they got to go.

Final Thoughts:
In-ring wise the show was lacking a great deal as the matches didn’t deliver much entertainment, but we are still quite early in the company’s existence. There are some interesting names in the company and I’m interested to see how their careers developed over time.

Thanks for reading.

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