WCW Saturday Night 3/14/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Atlanta, GA

1.) Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes defeated Diamond Dallas Page & Cactus Jack
2.) Larry Zbyszko defeated Joey Maggs
3.) WCW United States Tag Team Champion Greg Valentine defeated Marcus Alexander Bagwell
4.) Ron Simmons & Junkyard Dog defeated George South & Mike Thor
5.) WCW Lightweight Champion Brian Pillman defeated Ricky Morton in a non-title match
6.) WCW World Champion Sting defeated Mark Cantabury
7.) WCW United States Champion Rick Rude defeated Greg Casey
8.) Scott Steiner defeated WCW Television Champion Steve Austin by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Paul E. Dangerously comes out and denies being the ninja from Superbrawl II. Dangerously threatens K. Allen Frye that he would be out of a job if a decision were to be reversed.

2. DDP and Dustin kick off the tag match with DDP backing Rhodes into a corner and delivering a right hand only for Rhodes to come back with a series of strikes. Rhodes gets a near fall after a clothesline. Rhodes hits a cross body on Page for a two count. Windham enters and drops down across DDP’s arm from the top. Page hits a side Russian leg sweep on Windham and follows up with a leg drop for a near fall. Windham is double teamed as Jack enters now. Rhodes gets a few shots in on Cactus. Dustin hits a leaping clothesline and an inside cradle on Jack for a near fall. Dustin clotheslines Jack over the top to the floor. Jack sends Dustin into the guard railing and tags Page back in. Page drops Rhodes throat first across the top rope. Jack nearly gets a win with a clothesline on Dustin. Jack delivers a dropkick on Rhodes but misses a clothesline. Windham gets tagged in and cleans house. Windham hits DDP with a lariat for the win while Rhodes and Jack brawled on the floor. (*. Nothing special of a match. The team of Windham and Rhodes is an entertaining duo and work very well with each other.)

3. Eric Bischoff is with Windham and Rhodes after their win. They will meet Austin and Zbyszko in a bunkhouse match or a bull rope match soon. Dustin says the Dangerous Alliance will get a butt kicking when the time comes. Windham has a score to settle against Zbyszko and the Dangerous Alliance in general. They will feel what he felt due to them when he had his arm broken.

4. WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff is up next. Bischoff says his sources would not confirm that Terry Gordy and Steve Williams had signed with the company. We are told that DDP has been prohibited from talking about anything relating to WCW.

5. Bagwell shoves Valentine down to the canvas and delivers an atomic drop. Bagwell dropkicks Valentine to the floor where he stalls for a little while. Greg stops Bagwell with a clothesline but Bagwell hits an odd looking cross body for a near fall. Valentine gains the upper hand with an eye rake. Valentine focuses his offense on Bagwell’s left knee to get ready for the figure four. Marcus kicks Valentine away to avoid the figure four but his leg is bothering him. Valentine returns focus on the knee of Bagwell and drops an elbow for a near fall. Bagwell gets knocked down after a few jabs and an overhand strike. Valentine leaps off the middle rope but misses an elbow drop. Bagwell backdrops Valentine as we see Terrance Taylor and Tom Zenk on the floor confronting each other. Bagwell knocks Taylor off the apron and Zenk starts to brawl with him. Taylor trips Bagwell from the floor and Valentine delivers an elbow drop for the win. (*1/2. I mean, these types of finishes worked in 92, but seeing it in 2014 just comes across really weak and bad. Bagwell showed he was incredibly green in this match as well.) After the match, Taylor and Valentine attacked Bagwell and Zenk.

6. Ricky Steamboat shared some comments regarding Superbrawl II. Steamboat thought he had covered his back for the match and had Paul E. Dangerously barred from ringside, but he ended up losing. Dragon can’t wait to get his hands on Dangerously.

7. Pillman arm drags Morton to kick off the contest and slaps Richard to the floor. Pillman keeps a mat wrestling control of Morton for a few moments. Pillman hits a head scissors from out of the corner and sends Morton into the guard railing. Back in the ring, Pillman focuses his attack on Morton’s left arm. Richard pokes Pillman in the eye and punches Brian to the apron where Pillman gets a near fall with a cross body back into the ring. Pillman wraps Morton’s arm around the ring post. Pillman hits his knee on the top turnbuckle when Morton avoided him. Morton wraps Brian’s leg around the ring post. Morton has a figure four locked in right in the middle of the ring. Pillman reverses the move but Richard gets to the ropes quickly. Pillman nails Morton with a kick to the side of his head. Richard manages to get control again by working over Brian’s injured leg. Pillman head scissors Morton and is no selling the injured knee angle. Pillman drives Moron face first into the canvas. Pillman nearly wins with a scoop power slam. A very slow roll up sees Pillman get the win. (*1/2. A mostly slow match and the finish just came across horribly. Morton doesn’t interest me in a singles role at all.)

8. Scott backs Austin into a corner and they have a stare down. Steiner has a half Boston Crab on Austin for a short period of time. Austin bails to the floor to stall for a few moments. Steiner atomic drops Austin and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex. Austin again rolls to the floor where Madusa checks on her man. Steiner stops Austin with a clothesline as he came off the ropes. Steiner gets shoulder blocked by Austin while he was on the apron and the champ gets control until Scott delivers a forearm shot and a double under hook suplex. Steiner hits a tilt a whirl slam and sends Austin to the floor. On the floor, Steiner delivers a back breaker before rolling back into the ring. Austin ducks under a clothesline and Steiner crashes over the top to the floor. Austin sends Steiner into the guard railing back first and delivers a double axe handle from the apron. Steiner fights back and rolls Austin into the ring but his advantage doesn’t last long. Austin gets a near fall after a vertical suplex. Steiner comes off the ropes but is cut off with a clothesline from Austin. Steiner counters a backdrop attempt and hits a double under hook sit down power bomb! Scott continues his offense with a belly to belly suplex and hits a hurricanrana! Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson enter to attack Scott and cause the DQ. After the match, Rick Steiner comes out and hits a top rope bulldog on Anderson to close the show. (**. Steiner is a great talent at this point and Austin is obviously a rising star. The match seemed to be held back from being anything truly great. A decent main event but if they had plenty of time on PPV these two would likely tear the house down.)

Final Thoughts:
The show is really struggling to find traction and anything of overly entertaining value. Hopefully as the year goes on the show gets better as their bigger events were usually quite entertaining. The TV side of it has been lacking and thus this one gets a thumbs down from me.

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