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WWF House Show 6/13/1992

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
From: Oakland, CA

Opening Contest: Kerry Von Erich vs. Kato: Von Erich backs Kato into the ropes and breaks away clean but Kato complains about pulling the mask. A slow start for these two with Kato stalling for the most part. Von Erich is worked over in the corner but Kato misses a shoulder attack allowing Von Erich to work over Kato. Kato works over Von Erich’s arm, but that doesn’t last long and Von Erich leg drops Kato’s arm to gain the advantage. Kato gets out of a hammerlock and sends Von Erich to the floor. Von Erich gets on the apron but is punched to the floor by Kato. Von Erich counters being sent into the corner and works over Kato with strikes. Von Erich misses a spear and hits the ring post shoulder first. Kato keeps control with basic offense on Von Erich, until he runs into a sleeper hold. Kato breaks the hold with a jaw breaker. Von Erich gets up and hits a discus punch for the win. (*. A really basic match with there not being any real impactful moves whatsoever. Kind of surprised that Von Erich was still quite over with the fans, too.)

Second Contest: Skinner vs. Crush: Early on, Crush is using his strength to control Skinner by just tossing Skinner around the ring. Crush counters a suplex with a couple of back breakers and that causes Skinner to bail to the floor. The referee backs Crush out of the corner and Skinner has some kind of chain wrapped around his fist and he hits Crush with it before sending him to the floor. On the floor, Skinner rams Crush face first into the ring steps. Skinner keeps control with a sleeper hold and uses his foot on the ropes to gain an illegal advantage. Crush breaks the hold and hits a top rope axe handle. Crush continues with a tilt a whirl back breaker and locks in the Kona Vice to win the match. (*. Another really basic match and a boring one at that. Crush is not a bad talent, and given the right opponent could put together an enjoyable match. Skinner is not the opponent to allow that to happen.)

Third Contest: Legion of Doom vs. The Beverly Brothers: Animal and Blake start off the match with Animal tossing him around causing Blake to bail to the outside. Blake pokes Animal in the eyes and manages to hit a power slam. Animal comes back seconds later with a power slam and head butts Blake to the floor. Beau tags in as does Hawk. Hawk scares Beau to the outside as the heels start to stall a little bit. Beau gets the advantage with a few throat thrusts but Hawk drives him down to the mat face first. Hawk gorilla press slams Beau who is now begging off in the corner. Hawk chops both Beverly Brothers and Beau bails to the floor again. Blake comes back into the match and drops Haw throat first across the top but Hawk no sells it. Hawk pummels Blake and Blake goes to the apron only to be dragged back into the ring. Hawk has Blake over the top rope and drops him face first before delivering a big boot. Blake avoids a spear in the corner and, as expected, Hawk hits the ring post shoulder first. On the floor, Beau gets a few cheap shots in on Hawk. The Beverly Brothers are working over Hawk as the referee is distracted by Animal. Hawk comes out of the corner to hit a clothesline. Blake drives Hawk down with a back breaker and taunts the fans causing him to miss a middle rope head butt. Animal gets the hot tag and backdrops Blake. Animal hits a leaping shoulder block on Blake and plants both men with a DDT for a near fall. Hawk big boots Beau to the floor while Blake works over Animal. Hawk comes off the top with Animal holding Blake to win the match after a cheap Doomsday Device. (**1/2. This is exactly what it needed to be. With how the Beverly Brothers had promoted the feud on TV, the fans wanted and got them getting their asses kicked. A job well done.)

Fourth Contest: Papa Shango vs. the Ultimate Warrior: Warrior wastes no time in sending Shango over the top to the floor with a clothesline before the bell sounds. Warrior goes to the floor and delivers a second one, and a third one. Warrior goes to the top and drops Shango with a double axe handle. Warrior heads to the top again and hits a second one before playing to the crowd. Shango avoids a splash in the corner and hits a leaping clothesline followed by a scoop slam. Shango side slams Warrior and locks in a nerve hold. Shango stops Warrior from hulking up by delivering a series of strikes. Warrior side steps a charging Shango and sends him to the floor. Shango acts like he has a spell on Warrior and its working as Warrior rolls around on the floor holding his midsection. Of course, the acting is ridiculous. Warrior fights back by ramming Shango head first into the top turnbuckle but Shango cuts him off with a clothesline. Warrior scoop slams Shango but Shango gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Shango lifts Warrior up and hits a shoulder breaker! Shango doesn’t go for a cover and instead goes to his smoking skull before covering and Warrior kicks out. Warrior gets a second wind and runs over Shango with clotheslines. Shango has his smoking skull and whacks Warrior with it multiple times to cause a disqualification. (*1/2. Shango had plenty of offense throughout in this one as he even hit his finishing move on Warrior. The finish means these two will wrestle again when the WWF returns to the area. Hopefully the next time the match will be around five minutes in length instead of double of that or so.)

Fifth Contest: High Energy vs. The Nasty Boys: Knobs and Koko kick off the match with Knobs getting control with strikes in the corner. Ware hip tosses and dropkicks Knobs to the floor and knocks Sags off the apron. Owen comes off the top to axe handle Sags but his offense doesn’t last long. Sags drops Owen with a short arm clothesline. Owen hip tosses Sags and leg drops Sags a couple of times. Sags rams Owen head first into the top turnbuckle. Knobs pulls down the top rope to cause Owen to fly over the top to the floor. Knobs rams Owen back first into the apron and Sags sends Owen back first into the ring post with the referee distracted. Hart has a pin on Knobs but the referee is distracted and the Nasty Boys keep control of the match. Koko gets the hot tag and cleans house on the heels with the fans behind him. Koko hits a cross body coming off the ropes and all four men are brawling. Koko hits a missile dropkick but the referee doesn’t see the pin attempt and Sags leg drops Koko to get the win. (**. Some decent action throughout here but it was a quick match for the most part and there isn’t a reason to get invested between the two teams. Koko was good with his hot tag and Owen played the babyface in peril well, too.) After the match, High Energy dropkick the Nasty Boys to the floor.

Sixth Contest: Sgt. Slaughter vs. The Mountie:
Slaughter kicks away on Mountie and uses a whip but isn’t disqualified. Slaughter begins to choke Mountie with the whip but Mountie bails to the floor after being sent into the ropes. Slaughter rolls him back in and rams Mountie head first into the corner ten times. Slaughter sends Mountie over the top to the floor and grabs a chair. Slaughter whacks Mountie over the back and is still not disqualified. Mountie sends Slaughter into the ring post and rolls in to win the match by count-out. (*. A very quick match with Slaughter showing some serious aggression, which was nice to see. The finish protects Mountie and keeps heat on the feud.) After the match, Slaughter chases Mountie to the back with his shock stick.

Main Event: WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels: Shawn attacks Hart before the bell with a few stomps. They go to the floor where Michaels sends Hart into the guard railing. Michaels drops Hart with a punch and returns to the ring to allow Sherri Martel to get a cheap shot in on Bret. Sherri chokes Hitman with her panty hose while the referee is distracted by Shawn in the ring. Michaels connects with a high knee lift in the ring but can’t get a three count. Hart goes for a quick backslide for a near fall. Bret runs over Michaels with a clothesline but misses an elbow drop. Shawn sends Hart to the floor and Sherri punches Hart in the throat. Michaels sends Hart shoulder first into the ring post. Bret goes for a sunset flip from the apron and nearly wins after the referee kicks Michaels hands off the ropes. Shawn runs into a big boot in the corner and Hitman begins to hammer away on him. Hart kicks Michaels in the corner and he gets crotched on the top rope briefly. Bret delivers a back breaker and gets a two count. Hart quickly follows up with an atomic drop and a middle rope forearm shot for a near fall. Michaels accidentally knocks Sherri off the apron and Hart rolls Michaels up from behind for the win. After the match, Michaels returns to the ring and attacks Hitman. Michaels hits Hart with the championship a couple of times. Shawn leaves Hart laying in the ring and heads to the backstage area. (**. Nothing spectacular between these two this time around. A disappointing match between these two as the interest is there with their promos on television. A full effort didn’t appear to be given, but then again Michaels hasn’t been in a singles role for six months. Maybe it was a little early for HBK to given a push like this. Not a bad or great match, just completely forgettable.)

Final Thoughts:
The person recording the show said “This is probably the worst live event show I’ve ever been to.” Obviously, I don’t know what he is comparing this show to, but it’s not a horrid show. Hart/Michaels, Slaughter/Mountie and the LOD/Beverly matches had some entertainment value and crowd heat as they were the only matches that were being promoted on television. Warrior/Shango was another promoted match, but that just went on for far too long. I can’t give the show a thumbs up, but it doesn’t get a massive thumbs down.

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