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WCW Saturday Night 1/23/1999

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Gainesville, GA

1.) Kaz Hayashi defeated Lash LeRoux
2.) Jerry Flynn defeated Prince Iaukea
3.) Van Hammer defeated Johnny Swinger
4.) Kenny Kaos defeated Bull Pain
5.) Scott Norton defeated El Dandy
6.) Juventud Guerrera, La Parka & Silver King defeated Hector Garza, Super Calo & Lizmark Jr.
7.) Vincent defeated Damien
8.) Booker T defeated Bobby Duncum Jr.
9.) Konnan defeated Disco Inferno

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Konnan makes his way down to the ring after the first couple of matches to cut a promo. He thanks everyone who has been supporting him and is out here to make a challenge to all the strawberries in the New World Order. He wants Kevin Nash or Lex Luger. Of course, neither one of them come out and we get Disco Inferno instead. Disco says that those guys wouldn’t waste time with Konnan. Inferno says that Konnan dresses like he got his clothes out of a trash can at Salvation Army. Konnan says he put a lot of work to make the Black and Red what it was. Inferno doesn’t have a problem carrying bags and washing cars. Disco tells Konnan to watch his mouth and challenge has been issued. Inferno says their match has to be the main event since he is a main event wrestler nowadays. That’s are main event.

2. Mean Gene is with “young man” Vincent. He then says that Vincent is a senior member of the New World Order. He says that the NWO has to be represented in the tag team tournament which will consist of Horace and Brian Adams. Nobody is going to make them look foolish like the Horsemen tried. What the hell was the point of that?

3. Mean Gene interviewed Chavo Guerrero Jr. Chavo apologizes to Billy Kidman for letting him down in the tag team title tournament. He is confident that they will prevail the next time out and won’t lose a second time in the double elimination tournament.

4. You know you’ve got to be the lowest guy on the card when you lose to Vincent of all people. I mean, when was the last time Vincent won a match? Sorry, Damien.

5. Mean Gene interviews Perry Saturn who has a red dress with him. Saturn says he has been getting cat calls and cards from the guys in the back. Saturn is mad that red isn’t even his color! Saturn threatens to strangle Gene with his dress before walking off.

6. Konnan opens up the main event with strikes and arm drags to control Inferno in the early portion of the match. Konnan backdrops Disco and delivers a seated dropkick before following up with stomps in the corner. Inferno clotheslines Konnan from behind to get the advantage. Inferno comes off the middle rope to hit a forearm drop for a near fall. Disco sends Konnan to the floor through the middle rope and goes out to follow but is sent into the ring post face first! Disco regains momentum with stomps in the corner and keeps his offense on the mat. Inferno drops Konnan with a back elbow and taunts the fans with his hip movements. Inferno misses a middle rope forearm drop and Konnan hits a rolling clothesline. Konnan drops Disco with a float over bulldog for a near fall. Inferno comes off the ropes with a swinging neck breaker but can’t get a three on the cover attempt. Konnan plants Inferno with a DDT, but again only gets a two count on the cover. Konnan counters the Chartbuster and hits a face buster and locks in the Tequila Sunrise for the submission win. (**. It is refreshing to have an interesting feature match on the show. It was some decent action by these two and I can’t complain with what they offered us here.)

Final Thoughts:
A better program than what Saturday Night was offering the first two weeks of the new year. Damien losing to Vincent means there is actually someone lower than Vincent on the card. I didn’t think that was possible. A fine episode with some bigger names being showcased. I enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading.

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