WCW Thunder 11/11/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Thunder fell from a 2.4 to a 2.1.

Match 1: Lash Leroux v. Evan Karagias

Disco is at the announce table and Madusa has come out. They are going back and forth inside the ring and Lash swipes him down with authority and gets two. Entering minute five, trying to stop my one year old from destroying the kittens, so distracted. But it is a decent match. On the floor Evan stomps a hole in Disco but gets back into the ring and is kicked and then finished by Lash.

**1/2 Not bad.

Disco is not happy and bets Evan 25 grand that he can beat Evan at the PPV. Evan is for it if the belt is on the line and then leaves. Lash comes in from behind and spikes Disco with his finisher called the Whiplash.

Berlyn calls Gene scum and threatens him with a wheelchair. Curly Bill is going to get it tonight.

Sid has arrived. Terry Taylor is back in WCW. Jesus, that guy is all over the place! Sid is looking for Rick Steiner.

Match 2: Berlyn v. Curly Bill

Larry yells that it is Alex Wright and everyone knows it. Bill is dropped and stomped. A Misfit comes out and screeches and wants to meet the Wall in the back for beating up Vampiro and he leaves. Vamp blindsides a bitter Berlyn and leaves him lying. Bill tries to cover him but the match has been tossed and the Wall tosses him to the floor.


Gene is with Silver King and La Parka. He claims that PTB is making them the butt of jokes. La Parka is talking with a voice over. Jesus.

Chavo is talking to Villano and trying to sell him some Amway.

Rick is not happy with Sid and tells Gene that. Sid finds him and the fight is on!

Match 3: La Parka and Silver King v. Villano and Lizmark

La Parka is bitter as he learned English but is still stuck in the same matches despite cutting a promo. He is attacked and the match is on. They have been tearing into each other. Flying around the ring and Lizmark misses and Parka finishes him off and then whacks him with a chair after the match and then does it to Parka.

**1/2 Not bad. Not very long but action packed.

Berlyn beats up Bill in the bathroom.

If Curt is pinned he is out. Curt states the obvious that he is Curt Hennig and his fire cannot be put out by anybody. It is now called the Curt Hennig experience….jesus, this makes no sense but he is the greatest according to himself.

Now Chavo is trying to sell Kaz something.

Recap from Nitro. Nearly four minutes.

Booker is asked about Midnight. Booker says they go way back. Oh, Gene is conducting the interview. Booker is pissed and JJ.

Sid keeps whispering why about Rick.

Disco is asking for a favor. Something about using the PTB….

Match 4: Booker T. v. Rick Steiner (c) for WCW TV Champ

Rick takes it to him but Booker sidekicks him in the head and gets two. But he leaps right into a belly to belly. Rick rubs his face into the canvas and after slamming him gets two. Now he knocks Booker to the floor and runs him into the railing. He rolls him back in an dapplies a reverse chinlock. Booker is up and elbows free. He knees him and boots Rick to the ground and now a sidekick. Axe kick and now he goes up and the ref is missile kicked because Rick shoved the ref in front. Rick DDT’s Booker and heads up top but Sid shoves him off and powerbombs Rick and then places Booker on top.  He rolls Booker on top and he gets the win and is the TV champ.

**1/2 Not bad back and forth.

Nope, another ref comes out and reverses the decision and so Sid powerbombs both refs. Rick is awake and clips Sid and the brawl is on and officials scramble to try and break it up.

They show the Revolution walking and then Curt. Curt is battling Dean next.

They briefly show Disco lurking in the back.

Match 5: Curt Hennig v. Dean Malenko

They exchange some holds and Curt knocks him to the floor. Dean gets back in and his kick is caught. Dean punches away but his eye is raked and he is kicked back to the floor. Dean is back in and he gets in some offense and gets one after a back suplex. Dean works him over in the corner. He snaps him over and keeps him grounded with a chinlock. Hennig is up and now he takes down Dean and snaps the neck over. Dean counters and throws some punches and drops him with a rolling kick. Dean gets two after a cradle. Curt blocks the suplex and Dean goes behind on Curt’s attempt. Curt though shoves him into the corner and chops away. Dean reverses the whip but he runs right into the post.Shane leaves the announce table as Asya is on the apron. Curt is walloped by Shane and Disco tries to get involved. Why is Asya still arguing with the ref when her man is trying to get the win. Disco wanted the pin and he is taken out. Dean suplexes Curt and has the win but Benoit stops that and Curt gets the win.

**1/2 Clusterfuck at the end but a decent match.

Rick and Sid are trying to get at each other in the back.

Maestro is ready for his Hardcore match tonight.

Knobs is the Hardcore King and at Mayhem he will win the Hardcore title. Hart talks about Norman some more.

Match 6: Maestro v. Brian Knobs

Norman is at the announce table. Knobs has been destroying the Maestro who has had little offense. Maestro is getting blasted by various devices. Norman gets involved and the Maestro gets the win.

*1/2 Nothing exciting. Angle advancement for the PPV Hardcore match.

Filthy Animals have arrived.

They are in the ring and Eddie talks about family. Kidman claims they will keep everyone up all night and they do not give a….Eddie stops him and talks about a potty mouth. Torrie is filming. Konnan wants to speak on this.

Match 7: Kidman and Konnan (c) v. Barbarian and Jerry Flynn for WCW Tag Titles

Kidman is getting mauled by each of the FF. Now a backdrop into a powerbomb. Barbarian tosses him from the top rope and Konnan makes the save. Flynn kicks the shit out of Kidman but misses in the corner and launches himself over the top and onto the floor. Barbarian superplexes Barbarian but Kidman hits the big splash and the FA win.

*1/2 Jesus, the tag champs looked weak.

Lex is appalled that Gene is accusing Lex of shenanigans. Lex wanted to mace Golderg and he has never faked an injury. He will make things right with Sting.

The Nitro Girls are bickering about each other. Honestly, who gives a shit. I guess Spice and Jazz are fighting on Nitro. “Great!”

Dean is not happy with Benoit and it has just begun. Shane waxes philosophical. Saturn makes no sense and talks about the Beatles and the Revolution. Dean is baffled and wants to know who writes that and Saturn claims he does. Nice way to take us out of it…..

Match 8: Lex Luger v. Kaz Hayashi

Lex cannot compete tonight and talks about his injury. He is bandaged and has to get ready for Sting on Nitro. Kaz calls him chickenshit! Luger blindsides him and he has recovered! He stomps him and then gives a half-hearted limp and beats on him some more. Luger is using the rope to choke him out. He Racks him and it is over.

*1/2 Squash.

Now he limps!

Sid is walking in the back.

Saturn is talking to his homies.

Match 9: Sid v. Saturn

Sid shoves him down with ease. Saturn leaps at him and is caught and given a backbreaker. Dean is on the apron and jumps down. Sid ducks and Saturn goes airborne and flies over the top rope. Sid unloads on Saturn out on the floor. Saturn is tossed over the railing and then back into the ring. Saturn greets an incoming Sid with some punches and T-Bones him! Now a springboard legdrop and he gets two. Saturn springs into his knees but off the whip gets caught with a big boot. Sid goes for a chokeslam but Saturn escapes but he does not escape the powerbomb. Asya pulls the ref to the floor and the match is tossed. Dean is powerbombed and the crowd is supporting Sid! Asya wants a piece of Sid and shoves him. She kicks him and that is the last straw and it is powerbomb time but he takes an hour and Steiner gets in the ring and the fight is on.

**1/2 Not bad.

*** I enjoyed Thunder. They actually had some angle advancement and even had some wrestling. Easily the best Thunder in a month or more.

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