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WCW Worldwide 5/14/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Brian Pillman defeated Jim Rogers
2.) Alex Wright defeated Rip Sawyer
3.) Nasty Boys defeated Mike Parker & Buddy Vale
4.) Bunkhouse Buck defeated Tim Horner
5.) Man With No Name defeated Kevin Sullivan by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene conducted an interview with Sting in the arena. Sting will be wrestling Big Bubba at Slamboree. Gene mentions Fall Brawl last September. Sting had some vibes from Big Bubba back then and had a feeling about an attitude change. Sting notes that a lot of people have turned on him because he gets close to championships in WCW. He might bite Bubba’s fingers off. There was zero crowd reaction, so I’d assume the interview was done after the taping for some reason.

2. We get a DDP segment where he is using his money to buy an expensive car.

3. Mean Gene also interviewed Big Bubba, with the crowd no longer in attendance. Bubba says that everyone thought Sting was invincible. He has the ability to beat Sting up in the ring. He has been getting letters saying he was lucky to defeat Sting at UnCensored. Bubba is going to force Sting out of WCW. Gene reminds us that the match is a lights out match.

4. Man With No Name is really the Butcher, so he’ll be given that name in this match. Sullivan attacks Butcher before the bell, but Butcher sends Sullivan into the ring post on the floor. Back in the ring, Butcher hammers away on Sullivan as the fans cheer Butcher. Sullivan gains control by sending Butcher into the ring post shoulder first. Butcher rams Sullivan into the top turnbuckle and makes his comeback with a series of strikes. Butcher has the sleeper hold on Sullivan! Avalanche comes into the ring and attacks Butcher. Avalanche puts Butcher in the tree of woe. Sullivan delivers a running knee lift in the corner. Butcher is met with a double stomp by Sullivan and Avalanche hits the sit down splash. (*. Yeah, it could have been a lot worse. They kept a fine pace, but it’s hard to really know if Butcher is over as a face considering the fans will do whatever the producers tell them to do. A clean finish being saved for their pay per view match in seven days explains the DQ finish.)

5. Mean Gene interviews Kevin Sullivan and Avalanche. Sullivan doesn’t believe that Butcher will arrive to Slamboree. Sullivan puts over Avalanche as the most dangerous man in wrestling. Sullivan will be prepared for Slamboree. That’s it.

Final Thoughts:
Well, an uninteresting episode this week as I really don’t care about the Sullivan/Butcher issue. The show also mainly promoted the Bubba/Sting feud, which was a little excessive. The Sting promo was fine enough. We didn’t need a Bubba minutes later. A thumbs down for this episode.

Thanks for reading.

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