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WCW Worldwide 5/7/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Nasty Boys defeated Romeo Valentino & Dino Casanova
2.) Sgt. Craig Pittman defeated Bill Payne
3.) WCW World Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Barry Houston & John Crystal
4.) Brian Pillman defeated Buddy Vale
5.) Blue Bloods defeated Stars & Stripes

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Mean Gene chats with WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson and Col. Robert Parker, which is seemingly a weekly thing. Gene notes that Alex Wright has done really well in past outings against Anderson. Parker isn’t worried and instead says that Wright will be paying his dues in front of the legends. Arn admits he took Wright lightly at first. Arn is going to shake the hands of the legends and Wright will show Anderson the proper respect as well. Arn hopes that Wright does one of those leaps and lands at his feet because he is going to knock his head off!

2. A video highlighting Diamond Dallas Page at an art gallery are shown. DDP has the money to spend and well, he is going to spend it. Diamond Doll has a wedding dress on and DDP tells her to take that dress off!

3. Mean Gene met up with Alex Wright to talk about Slamboree against Arn Anderson. Wright is prepared for his breakout moment. He recalls stepping into the ring with Arn in the past. Someone always had to save Anderson from the pin. Wright is going to show that he is the real WCW Television Champion. Alex is ready to brawl with Arn to win the title. His English is still rough and is nervous on promos.

4. Regal and Bagwell kick off the main event. Bagwell has the early advantage yanking Regal down by the arm and hitting a dropkick. Patriot hits a top rope shoulder block to send the Blue Bloods to the floor. Eaton enters the match as the legal man and Patriot tags in as well, but Eaton gets the cheap advantage with an eye rake. Patriot sends Eaton to the floor and works over Regal briefly. Eaton cheap shots Patriot from the apron to allow the heels to control Patriot. Bagwell is distracting the referee, which allows the Blue Bloods to work over Patriot. Bagwell does get the hot tag and cleans house with several strikes. All four men are brawling in the ring. Regal and Eaton collide in the ring. Bagwell hits a top rope cross body on Regal, but the referee is distracted. Eaton hits the Tower of London and Regal pins Bagwell. (*1/2. I feel like I’ve seen that finish about hundred times lately in WCW. They must love that finish, or something. A decent match, nothing special. Bloods are being groomed for a tag title shot, thus they need to win against lower babyface tag teams.)

5. Mean Gene conducts an interview with Sting to close the show. Sting will be wrestling Big Bubba in a lights out match at Slamboree. Sting goes over all the names that Bubba has had recently in WCW. Sting says he is the boss in WCW and Bubba will get direction courtesy of the Stinger!

Final Thoughts:
Nothing really notable here this week. The main event was alright and they promoted the Wright/Arn match for the pay per view. Aside from that, it’s not anything worthwhile.

Thanks for reading.

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