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WCW Nitro 11/22/1999

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

The PPV was not great but it did the job. It was a bit overbooked….But this is Vince Russo. Best ratings in a while with a 3.4, the start was only a 3.7 but it only dipped to a 3.2 and rose back up to a 3.4. RAW received a 5.5 across the board. I am keen to check out Hart’s final title run. Now to say that the WCW meant nothing at this point is fucking crap. It hardly changed hands in 1999 and will not do so often until April 00. In fact the belt switched hands less than the WWF’s did during 99. So it changed hands twice in April on one night. Who cares. People jump on a bandwagon for no reason and history has been skewed. Bret won the title and it still meant something. They made it a big deal. Hopefully some realize that WCW was not done at this point and still could have been turned around as seen by the ratings. I will say that Auburn Hills has maybe 5000 there. Not good.

Bret states that it has been a long two years and he thought about never coming back. He will be the best WCW champ. He is thanking all the fans who supported him. He dedicates the title win to his dad. He believes that Goldberg, who got screwed in the first round. He offers him a title shot at Starrcade. Here comes the Outsiders. Hall does not care that he stands for dignity and demands Bret look at him and calls him a punk. If you want to get to the top around here, take a look at the guys who took this place from the outhouse to the penthouse. They do whatever they want, whenever they want to whomever they want. Nash mocks Bret for having an iron that calls himself the best. Nash repeats doing whatever they want. Because they are in Detroit Bret can get Goldberg and take on the Outsiders tonight. Bret agrees. His music hits and JJ breaks the guitar over his head and calls him Slap Nuts and claims he is the chosen one and demands his music hit.

Tenay is talking to Curt who is a man of his word and he will never wrestle in WCW again. He has something he needs to do. Maestro is playing the piano.

Konnan is telling Kidman to relax.

OK and Dr. Death.

Tony Marinara is with the Mamalukes and they keep talking about smooshing Disco. The bald one forgets who they are getting and he gets smacked.

Lex is with Russo and the latter is wary of Luger who wants to book a match with her and Meng. Russo is for it as he knows about Liz’s finances and then Sting has a bat up his ass. Liz was watching and is worried.

Match 1: Creative Control v. Kidman and Konnan (c) for WCW Tag Titles

CC is working over Kidman. He gets thrust front first into the corner and collapses in a heap. A tag is made and Kidman is decleated with a forearm shiver. Now he is hammered in the corner. Kidman reverses a whip and drives him down with a Tornado DDT. Konnan gets the hot tag. He goes off but Eddie is with Torrie on the Tron and Konnan is dropped and then left alone as Kidman runs off. Konnan is destroyed and pinned.

* CC are the tag champs? Why have the Filthy Animals period……

Kidman is running in the back and finds Eddie and the fight is on.

Hart and Goldberg are with Tenay. Bret knows he has a bullseye on his back. They will take care of the Outsiders. He then will take out JJ in a title match. Goldberg tells Bret to take care of JJ and Goldberg will handle the Outsiders.

Stacy Kiebler! The new Nitro Girl. She is begging AC about something. Who cares.

Maestro’s piano is in the background as Curt congratulates Buff and calls him the future.

Norman comes out with the Hardcore belt and proposes an open challenge. He reiterates it. Fit Finlay charges down….

Match 2: Norman Smiley v. Fit Finlay

Not sure if this an actual match. Fit is fucking murdering poor Norman. I mean absolutely killing him. Norman is down and Fit tosses the belt and then just leaves! Nope, he heads back to Norman but they pan to Tenay and Bobby instead.

NR….Just an ass kicking.

Lex does not tolerate accidents and Liz needs to learn a lesson.

Tenay is with Nash and Hall. Hall is not worried about Goldberg and all he thinks about is the jackhammer. Hall talks about the riot squad but that turned did not work so they will handle Bill.

Chavo is selling the Mamalukes jewelry. Maestro is playing….JJ talks about his title shot. He was handpicked and sooner or later he will be the champ.

Match 3: Evan Karagias v. Saturn

Saturn hits on Madusa and is rolled up and nearly pinned. Brad Armstrong is dressed as a hippy and heads to the announce table and his new moniker is Buzzkill. Meanwhile Saturn destroys the Cruiserweight champ. It is over. Madusa and Asya go at it.

* Too much happening.

Kidman is fired up….

Vampiro is readying himself.

OK and Death….

Eddie is not proud of what he did but will show Kidman what is up inside the ring.

Match 4: Vampiro v. the Wall

Wall is manhandling him. OK is at the announce table. Misfits assault him and the Wall fends them off and shoves them all down. Back in the ring Wall is places Vamp up top but he is kicked back twice and now Vamp just gets down and kicks at the knees. He is still kicking him and finally one to the chest drops him. Berlyn comes in with a chair and belts him but the Wall was up and had Vamp goozled. Wall is not happy. He takes the chair and slams it down.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Wall is slapped and Berlyn is now worried as Wall is pissed. Berlyn flees and Wall stalks him.

Here comes Dr. Death and he takes out the Misfits. He runs one into the corner upside down and is powerslammed. Vamp though spinkicks him to the floor and OK holds back Dr. Death!

JJ has the belt still and he is flanked by CC.

They show Hart walking.

A limo has arrived.

Match 5: Jeff Jarrett v. Bret Hart (c) for WCW Title

They start brawling right off the bat. Bret gets the upperhand and hammers him in the corner. JJ sags to the mat and Bret uses his boot to choke him out. He tosses JJ to the floor. He goes after him and posts him. JJ fires back and Hart is reeling but JJ is whipped into the railing. Bret rolls him back into the ring and drills him with an elbow. Bret drops him and headbutts the gut. He works him over but JJ counters and out goes Bret spilling to the floor. JJ stomps away. He drops Bret throat first on top of the safety rail. Now he eats the steps and the announce table. Bret is placed on top of it and JJ drives his fist into him over and over. Fans get behind Bret as JJ pounds away. Back in the ring he continues to punish him but Bret reverses a whip but misses the charge and is rolled up and nearly pinned. Now JJ cradles him and gets two. Bret is sent for the ride and it is sleeper time. Bret gets out and both are down. Bret is up and fires off a few rounds and goes to the middle rope and gets two after the elbow drop and now a backbreaker for another near fall. They are exchanging holds and roll ups. Bret gets a near fall. Bret hits a crossbody but JJ rolls on top and nearly gets it. He missesĀ a dropkick as Bret hooks the ropes and he goes for the Sharpshooter but he is shoved off. CC comes down. Dustin runs in and knocks out JJ with the belt and runs off and CC gives chase. Bret gets back into the ring. Bret just pins him and it is over.

*** Why end it like that? Bret keeps getting help. Sure CC surrounded him but they did not touch him….Hmmmm. Still a great match. I am digging JJ.

Mamalukes want Maestro to play NY-NY. They sing. Marinara interrupts and does not like it.

Did I say Liz went into a cage earlier. She locked herself in. Luger claims that he has rethought his position and she gives him the keys. Too bad she is wrestling and she has no choice.

Limo is still outside.

Liz begs Sting for help. Sting refuses to help.

Match 5: Kidman v. Eddie Guerrero

Kidman leaps over the top rope and crashes into Eddie and hammers him. He brings him into the ring and slaps him around.

AA was Fed Exed a pink slip….

Okay….Kidman has been getting the worst of it the last few minutes. Eddie is stomping away and Kidman is down and hurt. Eddie will not stop. Revolution come down and take out Konnan. Kidman makes a comeback and spikes Eddie. He goes up top and Torrie is trying to tell Kidman what happened and the delay allows Eddie to chuck him across the ring. Eddie goes up top and hits the Frog Splash and it is over.

** Not bad. Nice to see Eddie win.

Russo is pissed and wants to know who is in the limo and is sending CC out. JJ runs in and yells at them for not being there.

Meng is walking.

A forklift heads to Liz’s cage.

CC tells Duggan that Russo wants to see him. He is doing garbage.

Tenay is Spice. Tigress is going to face off against her. WHO FUCKING CARES! Stacy is begging….Sky that is and does not want them to fight.

Match 6: Meng v. Liz

The cage is lowered into the ring and Meng is attacking it! Luger gives him the keys but the Deathgrip drops him. Meng is bending the bars and Sting runs down with the bat and takes out Meng.


Sting releases her.

Goldberg is talking to someone.

Limo still there.

Nash and Hall are chilling in the back.

Duggan sits at the piano and tells the Maestro to beat it. He plays Chopsticks.

Match 7: Lash Leroux v. Disco Inferno

Mamalukes have come out but Disco is wrestling. Disco gets in some offense but Lash finishes him off.


Mamalukes get in the ring. They attack Lash and toss him over the top rope and the ref is tossed out too. Lash is up and uses the chair o the Mamalukes and Marinara is put in a sleeper. Disco and Lash are putting him in the bodybag!

CC is checking out the limo. Police stop them as the alarm went off.

Russo is not happy about Duggan taking a shit in his commode. Duggan was sick…etc. He wants Duggan to clean his toilet with a toothbrush and reminds Duggan that he will never beat him.

Match 8: Spice v. Tigress

This is really bad. Tigress is acting like Catwoman. Sky comes out to try and stop the fight as Spice is dropped. Sky helps Tigress and they draw on her with make up.

Meng challenges Sting in a no DQ match and Tenay runs….

Curt is about to say something in the ring and then just leaves.

Limo door opens.

Duggan uses Russo’s toothbrush to clean the toilet.

Here comes Piper! Piper is talking about how the new writers have to write about T and A and sex because they never get any. He goes off and his mic is out. He gets another one and that one is out. He grabs the headset and that is killed. Piper is pissed and shoves a producer as he heads to the back. Piper will hire him if they fire him. He is begging Piper and then shows him and runs. Piper kicks open the door and backs off CC. Piper made this sport and calls Russo a nobody and a figment of his own imagination. He is not scared of him like others are. Piper has money and is a legend and will take Russo down. He does not like Russo making people squirm. Russo’s turn, and he makes fun of Piper being broken down and old. He is done and he needs to join Flair and Hogan and get the hell out of his face! Piper has a two year contract and Piper gets paid and he can appear. He will sue Russo. Russo tries to calm him down. He makes Piper a ref and he mucks it up he will sue his old ass! Piper just leaves a tad cowed.

He is looking at the shirt and nods his head and starts thinking….saying yes sir over and over.

He is saying it all the way to the limo.

Goldberg is readying himself.

Match 9: Buff Bagwell v. Booker T

They lock up and Booker goes down and Buff flexes. Buff takes him down again and hammers him. Booker comes back and drops him with a Harlem kick as CC looks on. He suplexes him and gets two. Booker chops him in the corner but runs into a boot and is decleated with a forearm. Booker is kicked to the floor and Buff goes after him and eats the railing. Back in the ring and Booker kicks him in the skull. Here comes CC and they stomp on Buff. Curt comes out and stops them and then he takes out Bagwell and he plexes him and CC counts the three….

** Angle advancement.

Booker tries to fight CC but is stomped. Midnight time.

Outsiders again.

Hennig is with Russo and the altter promises to make him the main man. CC has to get Juve and Hennig stays behind.

Tenay talks to Sting about Meng. Sting is ready and willing. Liz offers to be his manager but he is not buying it.

Match 9: Madusa v. Asya

Asya wins with relative ease.


Dean is facing Benoit in a Flag Match and he is going to burn the Canadian flag as he is sick of the country.

Goldberg is working out.

Match 10: Dean Malenko v. Chris Benoit

Benoit is choking him out with a shirt and he grabs a gas can….They have to burn the flag? Burning the US flag in America…That will go down well! It has been on for three minutes and Dean got in a brief flurry. Benoit low dropkicks him twice but he is taken out. Dean grabs the flag and wins it….So you do not have to burn it? Schiavone claimed that you did and not just grab it. But the bell rang and the announcers go along. Benoit is beaten with the flag and they douse the flag and prepare to burn it. Saturn dumps that one into the barrel.

* The match was okay. The stipulation was fucking stupid. Poor Schiavone. For once I feel for him. What clusterfuck. Jesus.

Bret comes out and clears out the Revolution. He gives Benoit the Canadian flag and then holds up the US flag!

Sting is walking in the back.

Juve’s work Visa has expired. He brought some Tequila for Russo and gives a shot. Russo spits it back in his face and tells him to beat it. Russo wants his toothbrush. Hennig thought the booze looked funny!

Match 10 or 11: Meng v. Sting

Sting is getting mauled. Sting fights back. Liz wants to mace Meng but Sting will have none of it. He hits some Stinger Splashes. Luger comes down and Sting attacks him but he is shoved right into the Deathgrip….

** At least push the guy. Angle advancement.

They show Goldberg and Outsiders.

David Flair destroys the piano with the crowbar.

Match 12: Outsiders v. Goldberg

Here comes Goldberg and out comes Sid right behind. They are teaming up! Hall and Nash are tad worrried and clear out the ring!

Outsiders do some Rochambeau. Hall and Goldberg start off. Hall lures Sid in and so Goldberg tags him in and the lock up. Hall is tossed across the ring with ease! Sid works him over and goes for a chokeslam but Nash rakes the eyes. Nash is in and gets in some offense but eats a big boot. Here comes Goldberg and he tosses Nash and then boots him in the head and gets two. Goldberg hammers him and gets two more. Nash escapes and tags in Hall and Hall is clobbered. Hall whips Goldberg into a clubbing blow from Nash. He finally gets Goldberg down and gets two. Nash is in and does his offense in the corner with elbows and knees. Hall is in and he tries to keep Goldberg grounded but he powers up and pushes his way to Sid but Hall is fighting him and he gets there but the ref did not see it and he is shoved back by the ref. Outsiders try to doubleteam but are run down by a flying Goldberg. Goldberg though is knocked to the floor. Sid comes in anyway and takes out both. He hammers both and chokeslams Hall. He pulls Nash up to the apron and pounds him. Goldberg is back up and he spears Hall! Sid points to the sky and it is powerbomb time. Who is legal. Ref is pushing Goldberg to the corner. Nash decked Sid and Hall wins. Goldberg charges in and attacks Nash and here comes security.

** Nothing bad here. It did the job and advanced angles.

***1/2 Probably a bit overrated but the show went by fast. Not enough wrestling but enough to warrant an extra half star. I like Bret as champ. Sid was over and always is for some reason and had to turn face. They still have the Outsiders and JJ as strong heels. Sting seems to be floating around and the Cruiserweight Division is a mess. So are the Animals and the Revolution did little and in fact got involved in a cluster fuck of a match. So in reality there are still a lot of issues that need to be hammered out. But for some reason it is a train wreck and not really in a bad way. Hard to explain…

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