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WCW Saturday Night 3/6/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

World Championship Wrestling presents Saturday Night
From: Macon, GA

1.)Too Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell defeated Buddy Lee Parker & Bob Cook
2.)British Bulldog defeated Masked Wrecker
3.)NWA World Tag Team Champions Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas defeated Vinnie Vegas & Big Sky by disqualification
4.)Maxx Payne defeated Rick Hardrock
5.)Johnny B. Badd defeated Danny Deitz
6.)Wrecking Crew defeated Dave Hart & Mick Keeber
7.)Cole Brothers defeated Wrecking Crew
8.)WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes defeated Rip Rogers
9.)Paul Orndorff defeated Larry Santo
10.)Sting defeated Bruiser Mastino

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Missy Hyatt says she needs to talk to Flair about something. She refuses to talk to Schiavone about it and leaves to talk to Flair backstage about something.

2. Vegas and Douglas start off the apparent featured match this week with Douglas using his speed to avoid Vegas early on. Steamboat comes off the top rope to hit Vegas with an overhand strike and the champs double team Vegas with quick tags. They work over Vinnie’s left arm. Steamboat and Douglas are now working over Sky. Douglas is caught on a cross body attempt and slammed by Sky. After a break, Douglas has been worked over by the big tag team. Sky delivers a clothesline to maintain control of the contest. Douglas is picked up by both men and slammed down to the canvas. Douglas makes a comeback by driving Vegas face first into the mat. Vegas drops Douglas throat first across the top rope. Sky works over Douglas while the referee is distracted by Steamboat. Steamboat manages to enter the ring and dropkicks Sky with Douglas. Vegas is met with a double hip toss. Steamboat heads to the top rope but Austin and Pillman run down and attack Steamboat to cause the disqualification! Douglas enters to help his partner but he is beaten down as well. Steamboat grabs a chair to scare off Pillman and Austin! Steamboat chases them to the backstage area with the chair. (*1/4. Nothing great here. A basic match that took up roughly thirteen minutes of the show. The involvement of Austin and Pillman was the best part of the segment.)

3. After their win, the Wrecking Crew grab a microphone. They issue a threat to the Cole Brothers. They are pissed about the brothers beating one of them. A member of WCW management comes out. The Cole Brothers run out and they have a match with the Wrecking Crew. The Brothers win the match with a roll up in a quick match.

4. We hear some comments from Rick Rude. Rude says he was on top of the world as the WCW United States Champion. After a few short months he was down at the bottom and tortured by WCW management. Rude says that Dustin Rhodes may have beaten everyone in the tournament but he has become a marked man. Rude tells Dustin he is going to have a Rude Awakening.

5. Tony Schiavone interviewed WCW United States Champion Dustin Rhodes. Rhodes wants Rude to sign on the dotted line. The same goes for Paul Orndorff. Here comes Orndorff to confront Rhodes on the podium. Orndorff calls Rhodes a coward and reminds the champ who he is. Orndorff tells Dustin the championship will soon be his. Rhodes says that Paul’s real name is Paula. Orndorff flips out at the disrespect.

6. Tony Schiavone introduces Ric Flair, who has just recently returned to WCW. Missy Hyatt is running towards the podium but security prevents her from getting to Flair. Flair suggests he slept with Hyatt and she wants more of him. Flair talks about all the men who have the championships in WCW. Flair notes that Barry Windham is wearing a championship that he never lost. Flair talks about Vader as well, and says he doesn’t have the gold. Arn Anderson makes his way out to the podium. Anderson embraces Flair and is happy for Flair to back in the company. Anderson talks about Erik Watts saying that now that his father has left, Erik is vulnerable. Arn has a cramp in his hand and it’s four fingers! It could be a reunion of the Four Horsemen, folks!

7. Bruiser Mastino is actually better known as Kane. He is just a jobber here though and loses to Sting in under three minutes. Schiavone interviews Sting in the ring after his match. Actually, all he asks is if the fans are feeling good. I really don’t know the point of that.

Final Thoughts:
Nothing all that special or good happened this week on Saturday Night. I suppose the interview with Flair and Anderson should be seen as memorable but really it didn’t seem all that important. Talking about Erik Watts isn’t going to win me over, I guess. A mild thumbs down for this show.

Thanks for reading.

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