WCW Thunder 12/13/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Holy shit, this has to be better than Nitro.

Sanders is talking about how his word is gold. Sarge will get his match against Luger. Chavo will face the Perfect Event and he better find a partner. Flair is watching from another room. He thinks the show sounds spectacular but he has some additions. He is for Sid and Steiner having at it. He is fed up with keeping them apart. Sanders needs to wrestle tonight and some guy named DDP is looking for a tough guy to wrestle! Wooo!

Match 1: Noble and Karagias v. Three Count v. Jung Dragons

Count takes it to Karagias. Dragons come out later. Leia Meow is looking stacked! Karagias and Yang are going at it. Konnan is at the announce table giving us background of a lot of the participants. The match is back and forth. A ladder is being brought out as Helms spikes Kaz and then he flips out on top of Yang. Moore has the ladder and he drives it into Kaz and then spinkicks him. Moore Rocker Drops Karagias and then positions the ladder on top of the corner….Laying it across the turnbuckles. Moore and Noble are up top and Karagiaias is on the ladder. They superplex Moore off! Evan makes sure he gets the pin and he and Noble argue after the fact.

**1/2 Nice preview for Starrcade.

Kwee-Wee is talking about pink with his Four Wheeler. Midajah comes in and mocks him. She and Paisley shove each other. Kwee-Wee screams about getting angry and then gets his ass kicked by Steiner. Steiner lifts the 4-wheeler and drops it on him! Security swarms.

The 4-wheeler was part of a contest.

Storm has to do the National Anthem and he does not want to disrespect it as he does not know the words. Flair will come up with a solution.

Match 2: Chavo (c) v. Perfect Event (c)

Konnan is at the announce table all night! I really dig him, he does a great job. Chavo is game but he is getting hammered. However, he comes back each time it seems he is done for. Fans are behind him too. MIA is watching from the back and Cajun wants to help. Stasiak whips Chavo into the corner, but runs into a boot. Chavo hits a crossbody and gets a near fall. Palumbo tries to make the save but hits his own man. He is rolled up and nearly pinned. They double-team him. Some nice moves too. A pancake and they keep pulling him up but finish him off. Cajun is upset but is yelled at by Rection that Chavo needs to be taughta lesson.

** Actually not all that bad.

Sid is on the phone and he is almost there. He does not want Steiner to leave.

Wee is still under the vehicle! Meng is worried.

Bigelow is spitting game at Vito and Reno’s sister/lover and she throws water at him and they come in and beat him up.

Gene is with Sarge. Sarge is going to get Luger.

Duggan is trying to teach Storm the Anthem.

Luger is chilling and reading WCW magazine.

Meng tells Flair that he wants Steiner. Meng is warned that he is out of control but Meng does not care.

Here comes Team Canada. He states that Americans have no class and the Cat would not have followed through. Here comes Cat and Jones and they have chairs and are readying for a picnic! He is trying to sing it. Classic. It is horrible and he is muffing it. Cat stops him and threatens him. He tries again and is again stopped. Cat wants Duggan to do it and he will gladly do it. Jesus it is awful. Cat stops him and Storm makes a match between Duggan and the Cat.

Match 3: Jim Duggan v. Cat

Duggan does not want to fight the Cat and he and Storm start yelling at each other. Cat attacks. Duggan is hammered but mounts a comeback. He hesitates from using the board. He then accidentally hits Storm. Back in the ring he refuses to cover the Cat and starts to take off the Canada shirt to the cheers of the crowd. Cat kicks and pins him anyway! Storm comes in and kicks Cat’s head off and then leaves. Cat helps Duggan up and he gives the crowd the thumbs up and they pan to the commercial as he starts to chant USA.

*1/2 They will probably have Duggan screw Storm at the PPV.

Match 4: Sarge v. Lex Luger

Sid is on the phone again. He is lost!

Sarge is hammering him but that ends with a ball bat to the head. Rack and match but he will not relent.

* Angle advancement.

He finally drops him. Luger taunts Goldberg for not being there etc.

Luger leaves in a hurry.

DDP is stretching and talking about how old he is compared to Sanders, but he still going to kick his ass from one of the building to another.

Vito is telling Bigelow that bad things will happen when you mess with the family. Reno wants to roll dice and shit.

Sarge is getting checked out.

Daffney is trying to get the old Crowbar back.

Match 5: Kronik v. Vito and Reno

Reno and Adams go back and forth for a bit. But Reno is mauled and and Clark continues that and makes Reno tag in Vito. Vito goes off and he and Reno work over Clark. But Clark comes back, slams him and gets two. Vito is knocked to the floor and then nailed with a Russian sweep into the barrier. They fight back into the ring with Kronik having the upperhand. JJ comes out of the crowd, hits Konnan with the guitar and the Harris Boys are there too. Back the ring and Adams is hammering Vito and spins him around, slamming him down and he gets two. Vito and Reno come back and get in about a minute of offense. Reno was going for the Roll bu the save is made. High Time and match!

**1/2 Nice, long brawl, nearly ten minutes.

Vito uses the Kendo stick but gets it taken from him and he is pummeled with it.

Sanders is bitter about having DDP. He is telling the Thrillers about it and they are plotting.

Tenay is with Douglas for one of those played out “shoot” interviews. He talks about Torrie and breaking in the business. Beating Rection and winning a title.

DDP is getting water. Thrillers are watching from a distance. They enter his dressing room and lay out Nash.

Match 6: Mike Sanders v. DDP

Sanders goes to slap him but he gets it instead. DDP chops him up. He works him over and knocks him into the corner. Out to the floor DDP hammers him some more but Sanders nuts him and they battle back into the ring. DDP is beat for a minute and then comes back and finishes him with a Diamond Cutter. But before he can make the cover the Thrillers come down. One is Cutted but he is kicked in the face. He though takes it to O’Haire and clotheslines him. But Palumbo enters the fray. He and his friends beat the Hades out of DDP.

Match 7: Meng v. Scott Steiner (c) for WCW Title

Sid is lost still.

Steiner is going to kick Sid’s ass and take him straight to hell. Meng attacks. Meng takes it to him for a minute with punches and chops. He gets two after a backbreaker. Steiner heads to the floor and jaws with some fans. He gets back in and they lock up. Meng floats over off the slam attempt and he clobbers Steiner and now slugs away. Steiner mounts a comeback and he pounds Meng. He puts him up, goes for a belly to belly but is knocked off. Meng hits a top rope lariat and then a middle rope splash. Two count. Steiner counters with a jawbreaker but runs into a big boot and Meng stays on the attack. The fight spills to the floor. Steiner is thrust into the railing. Midajah jumps on his on his back and is shrugged off. Meng is clotheslined and Paisley runs down and beats up Midajah and all Steiner does is tell her to beat it! Back in the ring they are still battling: Tongan Deathgrip! But Steiner breaks it and applies the Recliner as Sid comes out and Meng taps.

*** I really enjoyed this. Great six minute match. Two big men brawling. I am a sucker for that.

Sid and Steiner tear into each other. In the ring Sid chokeslams him and stands supreme!

*** Once again Thunder is FAR superior to Nitro. Not good. Well, it is in the sense that WCW is not a total wash, but Jesus. The PPV again looks like a mish-mash, but it has to be better than last month’s. Don’t have too many matches, nix the vignettes and let them fucking wrestle without any shenanigans. We need a good Starrcade as it has been far too long as they have pretty shitty the last couple of years.

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