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WCW Nitro 12/11/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

The go home show. Hopefully it is good because the ratings weren’t as it got an all time low of a 1.5 start but eked up to a 1.9 for a 1.7 while RAW got its best rating yet on TNN with a big 5.8. Thunder was decent at least.

JJ breaks a guitar over the head of a New Orleans chef calling him a Bayou Slap Ass.

Sanders is conferring with Luger.

Flair comes out and talks about Sid and Steiner. Steiner still needs to watch himself. After all Sting or Booker T may be here tonight looking for revenge. He should not turn his back on Arn either. Sanders comes out and he is not happy with Flair for making the title match on Thunder, therefore he will make a match. Fans chant asshole and Flair asks if he hears it and to listen to it. Not a bad sized crowd. Sanders stumbles over his words and calls the fans cheese whiz suckers. The match is the Insiders versus some other people. I missed it. Flair is fine with that but Sanders has to face Sid! If he loses then he is out as Commissioner and the Thrillers cannot interfere. Flair smells something and that is the mess in his underwear!

Earlier today, Steiner attacks and beats up Cajun. Wall makes the save and security swarms.

Sid cackles about how he is the original madman etc.

Jindraka and O’Haire leave Goldberg’s dressing room with a monitor.

Sarge arrives and he is looking for Sanders. Disco comes up, cracks a joke and gets shoved against a door and screamed at. Sarge wonders if he thinks it is funny and wants him to laugh. Disco looks scared shitless!

Here comes Lance Storm and he is going to be serious for a minute. He has mixed tag match with he and Gunns v. Cat and Jones. He mocks them and demands everyone stand for the Anthem. Cat comes out about thirty seconds in.

Match 1: Lance Storm and Gunns v. Cat and Ms. Jones

Cat calls him a Power Ranger and he is going to show everyone who is the greatest and this is the greatest match in the world. The losing team must sing the national anthem of the ther nation on Thunder. Lance agrees.

Gunns dropkicks the shit out of Jones! Cat comes in and so does Storm and they go at it. Feliner. But Gunns puts the foot on the ropes. Skipper comes out and is ousted. Duggan accidentally hits Storm and he is finished.

*1/2 Angle advancement. Heel does need a win though.

Hart and his stupid challenge again.

Cajun understands what he did. He is on the phone with Chavo. Rection is not happy. Wall has Steiner and Cajun has Douglas and they need to be ready etc.

Crowbar and Daffney come down to the announce table.

Match 2: Norman Smiley v. 

Norman throws out an open challenge and after he wins tonight he would like a title shot. Meng answers the challenge! Norman is rightfully scared.

He tries to put on some shoulder pads but cannot in time as Meng dismantles him! Norman hits him with a garbage can and then throws his pads at him to no avail. He tries to flee but is caught and beaten up the aisle. A random Santa gets assaulted too! Meng is beating on him as the Santa gets in the ring and throws powder into their faces! Meng is blinded and puts the Deathgrip on Paisley! Funk is the Santa! He chairs Smiley. Kiwi is trying to pry Meng loose. Funk is hitting Meng in the head over and over and finally breaks it over his head! Funk cackles Ho Ho Ho over and over. He calls Crowbar an idiot and wants him to come into the ring. He wants a title shot at the PPV. Crowbar agrees and gets knocked out by a chair to the skull.

Sarge wants Luger tonight. But Sanders tells him that he cannot have him tonight and he can have him on Thunder. But he needs to do him a favor….

Harris Boys enter a dressing room where a giant sub sandwich is and they start to grub it. FA are watching from a monitor chuckling….Rey was in a suitcase passed out! They wake him up to watch as they put laxatives in the sandwich.

Steiner is with Gene, and he does not care what Flair has to say about he and Sid. If he sees him he will knock him out.

MIA are just yelling about their matches. Jesus. Lash is going to do things his way tonight and Rection does not like that. He wants them to remember who they are etc.

Here comes Sanders. He is not medically cleared to wrestle. He has a solution. Sid comes out and Sanders reiterates what he said and wants to shake hands with him. Sid shakes his hand and clotheslines him.

Match 3: Mike Sanders v. Sid Vicious

Sid takes off his head with a boot and then motions for the chokeslam. He does it. It is over.

* Angle advancement.

Sid screams acting like Stevie Ray and talking about suckers etc. Ray finds it funny.

DDP and Nash are walking in the back.

After the break Sid is shoving some worker around wanting some keys for a car.

Reno is with his sister. He attacks Kronik and Vito has to come help and the Thrillers break it up. Kronik is pissed because this was not part of the deal as they thought Reno was a Thriller. Vito challenges them to a match at Starrcade.

Match 4: Insiders v. Thrillers

Nash attacks but Palumbo kicks him down and now he and Haire double-team him. They suplex Nash and Palumbo gets two. Nash is up and strikes with a lariat. Here comes DDP and he is DDT’d and now Stasiak and Jindrak are beating him. DDP is in a sleeper but he breaks it witih a jawbreaker. Nash gets the hot tag and he destroys everyone. They swarm and overwhelm Nash. DDP is in and he gets hit with a belt and they destroy the Insiders getting the win. Though Palumbo got hit with a Cutter.

*1/2 Angel advancement.

During the break they hammered the knee of Nash.

DDP and Nash are struggling in the back.

Match 5: Sarge v. Goldberg

Goldberg does not want to face him. Sarge is yelling at him. Luger comes out and taunts him. Sarge yells some more but Goldberg attempts to leave. Goldberg will lose his career etc because the bell has ring. Sarge attacks and hammers him. Goldberg has had enough and spears him. He Sarge holds onto him not allowing him to leave, so he Jackhammers him for the win.

* Dull.

Goldberg carries him out.

Noble and Karagias are talking with Meng and stuff. Jesus, this show is really fucking boring. I just don’t care.

Douglas comes out and says the same shit. He is going to dismantle MIA.

Match 6: Shane Douglas v. Corporal Cajun

Actually this has not been half bad. Both are going at it. Cajun beats him onto the announce table. They clothes line each other. Chavo tries to give Cajun a chair and they play grab ass for a bit. Douglas has his chain but Cajun finally takes the chair and turns into Douglas and the chair hits him. DQ. Douglas decks Cajun. Rection runs him off and he and and Chavo argue.

** Angle advancement.

The sandwich has been eating and they moan about their bellies but JJ will have none of it as they have a match.

Sid has an odd look on his face as he is behind the wheel of a car.

Awesome is wit Pamela and he is talking about his feud with Bigelow.

Gene is with JJ and they talk about the same old shit. Harris’ are struggling and run off.

Match 7: Filthy Animals v. JJ and Harri Boys

This is to be a six man elimination match.

I guess the Harris’ assaulted and beat up FA in the parking garage on Thunder. Somehow I missed that. Oh well.

JJ comes out and then the Harris Boys do too but have to run off. JJ is getting pounded. But Kidman is tossed over the top rope. Stroke on Konnan and he is done for. Rey gets a near fall but JJ comes back. The blind tag is made so when Rey is powerbombed Kidman missile kicks JJ. He DDT’s him and then hits the Frog Splash. JJ gets his shoulder up. Rey drropkicks him into the corner. Slide kick into the nuts and a Bronco Buster. But JJ is up again and crotches Rey. Ref is down. Jeff spikes him and guitars him. Rey rolls him up though and gets the win.

*1/2 Not sure why all of a sudden JJ is booked super strong but it was okay. And at least the Cruiserweights did not lose again.

Steiner is in the ring going off. They can keep setting them up and he will knock them all down.

Match 8: Scott Steiner (c) v. A-Wall for WCW Title

Steiner stomps away and then chops him up in the corner. Wall comes back and gets in some offense but he walks into a belly to belly suplex. Steiner hammers him and takes him to floor where he beats on him with a chair. Wall comes back and goes for a table. Back in the ring Steiner attacks but he misses in the corner. Wall slams him for two and then goozles Steiner, chokeslam! But he delays. He goes for another chokeslam after setting up the table. Steiner elbows free and belly to belly’s him through the table. Recliner and match.

** Not too bad.

He puts Wall back in the Recliner. Sid is on the Tron and wants him to come to the parking lot. Steiner obliges and jogs towards the parking lot. Steiner hits a car with a pipe and attacks Sid. Sid fights back, tosses him over the hood and hooks him for a powerbomb. Steiner is fighting him off and punches him onto the roof and hammers him as we fade….

*1/2 The ending saved this lackluster show. It was lifeless and boring. The promos are the same, most of the angles are dull. The characters pretty much suck. They have sucked the life out of Goldberg. The Cruiserweights rarely wrestle. The wrestling was pretty much weak. They need to at least have some long matches. Make them good and that can mask some of the nonsense. Steiner is the only thing going right now. There is no Booker or Sting. DDP is stuck in a tag-team and not doing much. The warts of WCW really showed and hopefully this rating will tell them to pick up their fucking game because it was damn close to a one star show.

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