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WCW Thunder 12/6/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Flair is walking in the back.

Stevie Ray comes out. After the introduction Ray is by Madden basically telling him to beat it.

Flair comes out and he talks about how he supported Steiner but he is out of control. Therefore he is suspending him, and stripping him of the title. Here comes Sanders, and he disagrees with Flair and thinks he is scared of Steiner, and there is a major PPV coming up. He is scared because Steiner has a better physique thane he ever had in his 75 years. He also has more Freaks and Sanders is willing to hold him while he cries. Sanders will deal with the discipline. Flair agrees that Sanders is getting pretty good but mocks Sanders’ wrestling career. Sanders is shaking his head as Flair chastises him. This is about business and Sid and Steiner are off the show and the title is being held up. Arn comes on the Tron and he is going to be the voice of reason. Arn threatens to hand Sanders his ass. He knows that Steiner beat his ass and he saw the animal in Steiner. He does not want Steiner suspended as he lives for the belt and therefore everything needs to be on the line. Flair is thinking about it and AA is making valid points. Steiner is the flagship and he has over thought this and he needs to face Sid. The match is back on.

Coach and Goldberg are conferring.

Flair comes up to Gene, reiterating his decision but both are not going to be here tonight, as he will do something about it on Nitro. He books a match between Sanders and Chavo for the title.

I think they are now filming Thunder right after Nitro now. Long night.

Crowbar has some new duds for Daffney to make her more hip.

Chavo is conferring with Cajun. Wall does not like that and confronts Chavo exchanging some words.

Match 1: Evan and Noble v. Jindrak and O’Haire

Going on six minutes. Noble and Karagias are arguing too. Back and forth. They had Jindrak and O’Haire and used some ladders but shoved each other and so the big men toss both in over the top rope. Frankensteiner and Swanton finishes them off.

**1/2 Good opener.

Adams is on the phone accepting cash up front.

Paula is with Shane Douglas. He is not happy with Rection and even though has Goldberg tonight, he is going to get Franchised.

Match 2: A-Wall v. Bam Bam Bigelow

Daff is wearing some bell bottoms. Crowbar is at the announce table and the winner faces him at the PPV.

They are hammering each other. They brawl inside and out of the ring. Wall is tossed on the announce table and they fight there for a bit. They exchange clubbing blows before Bigelow is thrust into the railing. Awesome comes out of nowhere and plants Bigelow through a table, and both men are down and it is a double countout.

**1/2 Another solid match. Long too.

Buff is going to show Wright why he is Buff and the Stuff.

Here comes Team Canada. There are issues within Team Canada but they are going to solve them quickly unlike the US presidential election.

Match 3: Team Canada v. Jung Dragons

Cat comes out and he is going to kick all their asses. It is six man with the Cat joining the Dragons.

Yang and Skipper start off and go at it. Skipper stops a flipping Yang with a DDT and tags in Duggan who stomps away and runs him into the corner. Duggan picks him up and runs him pillar to post before slamming him. Here comes Storm who whips him into the corner but runs into a boot. However, he trips up a running Yang and applies the Maple Leaf but he is knocked silly by Kaz who nails him with an enzuguri. Skipper and the Cat are in now and the Cat is cleaning house. Duggan is knocked to the floor. Skipper attempts a sunset flip but belts him and gets two. Storm made the save. Duggan hits Skipper on accident and the Feliner finishes him off. Storm had been tossed to the floor.

** Angle advancement.

They all dance in the ring.

After the match Storm tells Duggan to hit the showers. He challenges the Cat at the PPV.

Vito and his sister are talking. Terrible angle.

Match 4: Mike Sanders (c) v. Chavo Guerrero Jr. for WCW Cruiserweight Title

They lock up and Chava takes him over, kicking him in the back. Chavo works him over, and waits for him to get back up to kick him into the corner. Sanders is whipped hard into the corner but he trips up a charging Chavo and then tosses him with a pump-handle over the top suplex. He is kicking him and then drops the fist and stomps a hole in him. Sanders uses the ropes to choke him out and then puts him in a kind of Million Dollar Dream. Chavo gets to his feet, fends him off and then tosses him over the top rope before striking with a flying crossbody. Sanders is whipped into the railing but gets his foot up. Now Chavo is whipped into the railing and clotheslined. Sanders rolls him back into the ring, grabs the belt and Chavo tries to fight back but is knocked into the corner, placed up top but he counters with a bridged suplex! But Sanders kicks out. Ref is distracted and Chavo knocks out Sanders with it, the belt, and he play opossum, and then finishes off Sanders with a brainbuster!

*** Great five minute match.

After the match Chavo brags that it only took him one week to get a belt with his new attitude while it took MIA months to get a title.

Sanders is pitching a fit in the back.

Wright is going to face Douglas on his own without paying someone off. Disco is baffled by that.

Stevie Ray is talking to the Insiders earlier. He asks how they got together. Nash found out that Hall was let go and he wanted to have some fun with his remaining time. They talk about the nWo and how DDP did not want to be the eighth guy etc. But they knew they wanted to wrestle together. They are talking about their title shot. When they get the belts they mean something. DDP wants them back. DDP and Nash are saying Ray is done and Ray will address Tenay about him spreading rumors!

Match 5: Alex Wright v. Buff Bagwell

Wright goes right at Buff but the latter comes back with a swinging neckbreaker and a clothesline. He mounts and pounds Wright in the corner. They go at it for a bit longer but Disco tries to help and it does not. Buff wins.


Match 6: Big Vito v. Kronik

Clark is facing Vito after both attacked Vito. After a minute Vito gets the upperhand as the fight spills to the floor. Adams is up from the announce table as they fight towards it. Clark drops him and rolls Vito back into the ring and he stomps on Vito. Vito comes back and hits the top rope elbow but Clark kicks out and then finishes him off as Vito sells the knee.

** Angle advancement.

They stomp him and Reno comes in with a chair and gets ambushed by one and is then spiked.

Reno and Vito help each other out.

Reno confronts the Thrillers and is not happy blaming them.

Match 7: Shane Douglas v. Goldberg

Douglas has been babbling for a few minutes about being angry and how much Lincoln NE sucks. He is now going off on Goldberg and how his streak ends. Still going on. Jesus. He is calling him a bald-headed moron etc. No Goldberg yet and he wants the fans to chant and then he will come out. He wants his ass and here he comes.

Douglas wraps a chain around his fist and pummels Goldberg. Goldberg tosses him across the ring. Luger comes out with Sarge in the Rack. Goldberg goes for him and Douglas attacks but he is shoved off and speared! Jackhammer.

*1/2 Squash.

Goldberg runs up to a downed Sarge and Goldberg wants him on Monday.

*** A good show. They had plenty of wrestling. The beginning was a bit long and Goldberg’s and Vito’s angles are pretty terrible but overall it was decent. Hopefully Nitro lives up..

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