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WCW Nitro 12/4/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

It is December, and Starrcade, which has been pretty fucking terrible is on the horizon. Hopefully WCW can build on the solid Thunder. Not much to say as it has been awhile. So, Nitro received a 2.5 off a 2.6 and 2.3. RAW got a 5.0 again but the first hour was slightly higher with a 4.7 while the second was a bit lower with a 5.3.

They are in Lincoln. Cornhuskers Baby! JJ wallops a Cornhusker cheer leader (male) with the guitar.

Thrillers are plotting something. They are talking to Oklahoma and he will say something for them but they need to have his back. They assure him that he does.

Not a bad crowd.

Here comes Oklahoma. He introduces himself twice and the fans boo him vociferously and they chant Go Big Red! He thanks the crowd and he has the authority to make a statement and it is about that jacked up box of rocks: Sid Vicious. He is taking his time to soak up the boos and now asshole chants. Tony wonders where he has been! If Vicious steps one inch out of line, security, the police and even the National Guard will be on him like on white on rice. He will leave the Cornhuskers with one thought and it is about Sid but cue his music! Sid is getting a big pop. OK is begging for security and tries to distract him by saying Steiner is right there. Sid falls for it but grabs OK in time and chokeslams him! Sanders belatedly comes out and the police come down. Sanders accuses Sid for stepping out of line and his ass is going to jail. He reluctantly goes along and is hauled off in a police vehicle.

Steiner arrives and Sanders is about to tell him about Sid being arrested. But Steiner wants Sid and freaks out when he finds out what happened. Of course, Sanders wisely blames Flair.

Filthy Animals mock the Harris Boys lack of charisma and ring skills. Match at Starrcade.

Match 1: Kwee-Wee v. Loco

They are brawling, choking each other out. Wee drops him with a high knee, followed up by a dropkick. Kiwi sideslams him and gets two. Loco grabs a chair after dropping Kiwi. Paisley takes it away and Loco is taken down and nearly pinned. Loco decks him, tosses him over the top rope and goes out after him. He chops him hard before rolling him back into the ring. They battle and Loco finishes him with a brainbuster.

**1/2 Nice start.

Sanders is telling Flair how angry Steiner is and how he is going to take it out on Flair. Flair goes off on Sanders and does not think he has the guts to attack him but just in case he wants Sanders to get security.

Adams is on the phone and apparently he and Clark are going to get paid to do something.

Gene is with MIA and Rection is getting a title shot. Gene brings up what happened to Torrie and the issues with Chavo. Rection is apologizing to Torrie. This may be his one and only chance to get the title and warns Steiner not to overlook him.

Here comes Team Canada. He is proud of Skipper because he is going to bring back the Hardcore title and then demands all the objects be removed from the ring but before the Anthem can start the Cat comes out. Lance heads to the announce table as does the Cat.

Match 2: Elix Skipper v. Crowbar (c) for WCW Hardcore Title

Cat has a mic and he wants to beat Lance’s ass and tells him to sit in his Power Ranger ass but tells him that he just wants to enjoy the match.

I forgot that Crowbar was the champ and did not say that on Thunder. My bad. Daffney is back with him. Looking good!

Crowbar digs under the ring and finds a bumper! Skipper attacks but is belted and hammered in the corner. Skipper reverses the whip and flips behind Crowbar and hits him with the bumper. He drops the leg and gets two. Crowbar is tossed over the top rope. Duggan nails him and so does Gunns. Daff attacks Gunns. Cat starts calling Madden fat and he calls him a name and so Cat goes for him. Storm knocks the Cat back and holds him for Duggan but Cat ducks and down goes Storm. Front suplex onto the bumper from Crowbar and he wins.

** Angle advancement.

Jesus. Jimmy Hart is challenging Radio DJ’s and no one is listening let’s be honest. No one is going to wrestle him.

Reno is with his sister with her big boobs. This is weird. He claims that he is back for her.

Here comes Luger with a copy of Goldberg’s book. He thanks the crowd for their response: Goldberg chants. Luger does not want to talk bad about Goldberg behind his back but he is not here yet. He goes on about who trained Goldberg and calls out Sarge, who had a brief wrestling career and was horrible, but he trained Goldberg at the Power Plant. Luger reads some excerpts from the book about Sarge. He goes off on Sarge about how he works long hours witih sweaty guys. Luger brags about how rich he is etc and Sarge is glaring at him and security is around him as Sarge wants a piece. Luger just wants to get the truth out about Goldberg.

Goldberg has arrived.

Norman is talking to a girl about his match with Goldberg. Steiner shows up and the girl runs. Steiner asks who he is facing and Smiley tells him only to get belted with a pipe and Steiner tells him not anymore!

Douglas is not happy with Rection as he took something near and dear from his heart and wants him at Starrcade.

Rection is talking to the Wall and at the other end of the room Cajun and Loco are conferring. Neither of them are happy.

Flair is telling Arn and other production dudes to watch out for Steiner.

Match 3: Three Count v. Insiders (c) for WCW Tag Titles

Moore has the mic and he brags about their ladder match at Starrcade and they will steal the show.

Nash taunts Moore with a test of strength keeping his arms up high on purpose and then goes off with his typical offense in the corner. DDP is in and he and Helms go at it. Perfect Event are plotting something in the back. Helms gets in a few moves but he is kneed and pancaked. Moore makes the save with a guillotine legdrop. DDP is double-teamed. They suplex him as the fans chant for DDP. Helms armdrags Moore on top of him getting two. DDP fires back with a back elbow and both make the tag. Nash takes down both. Helms is cut off by DDP as Moore is powerbombed. Cutter on Helms. Over.

*1/2 At least Count got in some offense but the match should have been better.

Here come the Thrillers and Sanders talks about how “great” their wrestling ability is. They call out Flair and he comes out and he wants to know what Sanders wants. Sanders knows that Flair is all about law and order and the champs pinned the wrong man. Flair does not like being put on the spot. Flair is asking for the belts but assures them that they will get something special in return. DDP is not too happy. But he and Nash put the belts down at their feet after some more exhortations from Flair. Flair tells Sanders to grab them but at Starrcade the Event have to face the Insiders one more time. Nash and DDP kick the belts at him but DDP informs them that at Starrcade they will be SOL and they will feel the Bang!

Match 4: Reno v. Kronik

So Vito paid them off….Kronik is manhandling Reno. The match is already tossed. Another High Time.

NR. One would think Reno could get in some offense.

The sister is watching sadly in the back and her boobies wobble as she runs down. Another High Time. Vito came out and Kronik leaves the ring and Vito leaves too after glaring at his sister.

Flair tells everyone that they cannot Sid out of jail in time and they know how dangerous Steiner is and so he is telling everyone to be careful and watch out. They are spreading out to secure the area.

Match 5: MI Smooth v. Goldberg

They are nose to nose and Smooth decks him over and over. He kicks him but is kicked right back and pounded right into the corner. Smooth gets in one more move but eats a boot and is speared out of his shoes. Jackhammer! Match.

* They have really ruined Goldberg. He could be and should be having longer matches but instead…We get this.

Here comes Jarrett. He calls the crowd a bunch of hillbillies and goes off Konnan reminding everyone that he is the Chosen One. He is ready for a Street Fight at Starrcade. The Animals are coming down and he wants the skank Tygress sent to the back. The Animals confer and the rest leave. JJ attacks Konnan from behind.

Match 6: Jeff Jarrett v. Konnan

Rey though trips up JJ and Konnan kicks him. They counter some moves until Konnan chops him and then kicks and bulldogs JJ. JJ retreats to the floor, pulls Konnan out and runs him into the railing and does so again. They battle some more and the Harris’ come down and Bomb Konnan and JJ finishes him off with the Stroke.

** Angle advancement.

Match 7: Scott Steiner (c) v. General Rection (c) for WCW Title

Steiner brags about taking out Sting and Booker. He warns Flair and will take him out too. He wants him to watch and see what he does to Rection.

Flair is in the back watching and knows what he is up to and gets up and leaves.

Rection goes to work, clotheslining him a few times. Steiner rolls to the floor in order to regroup. Back in the ring, Rection keeps up the pressure with some more blows. Midajah jumps on his back and Rection is kicked and now he is getting punished. Rection tries to fire back but cannot and is clotheslined and then hung upside down in the corner where Steiner pulls back on his neck. Steiner poses for the crowd. Steiner goes back to work but he is backdropped. Rection clubs him in the had over and over and then drops him. Steiner rolls to the floor and Rection slingshots on top of him. Midajah lurks and that distracts Rection who is nailed. Back in the ring Steiner’s whip is reversed. Powerslam and a two count. Now a German suplex and Steiner is set up for No Laughing Matter. He hits it and again Steiner just gets the shoulder up. He goes for a Vader Bomb and gets all knees. He is finished off.

**1/2 Pretty good.

Steiner warns Flair that his time is up and that his ass is his. He jogs to the back as Douglas assaults Rection. Steiner is in the back and attacks and beats up Arn Anderson. AA is beaten into the ring. Flair is held back by Fit Finlay but Goldberg runs by him and heads down and is decleated by Luger and belted with a chair. Arn has been stuck in the Recliner for some time. Here comes Sid and Steiner backs off but ambushes him as security tries to hold him back and we fade….

Too bad Scott Hudson screamed that Sid is out as they panned on Luger and Goldberg and belatedly swung towards Sid. Oh well.

*** It was the ending. The last 15 minutes that is the reason I bumped it up half a star. I enjoyed the final match and the aftermath. The rest had its ups and downs. Luger is a shell of what he once was. Goldberg is not being used too well. The Insiders are just not doing much for me. Other than some of the matches and Steiner the show as fairly bland and is really close to a lower rating but I will stick with what I gave it. They just need to stop with some of the awkward interviews and have longer and more matches. Just stick with that. Also it is nice to see Konnan get involved again. And Storm and the Cat could be good.

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