WCW Thunder 11/29/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Here comes Flair. On Nitro he told Steiner that he was the man for WCW and he has to be that man every week. The title will be at stake tonight with Buff Bagwell facing Steiner. Buff has been really close to being a big star and champ etc. The winner of that match tonight will face Sid at Starrcade! I have stated this numerous times: It is amazing how over this guy got. Sid’s promo was actually coherent, as he talked about how he never lost the belt and how people like Rection helped WCW while Steiner ran around with his fictitious moniker: Big Poppa Pump. He goes on for a bit.

Douglas and Torrie have a brief interview. I missed it talking to my son, it was nothing special.

Here comes Team Canada and he has been assured that what happened on Monday will not happen again and they will be a unit. He demands that the fans rise for the superior nation for the Anthem. Storm is giving Duggan some dirty looks.

Match 1: Team Canada v. Jung Dragons

Not a bad match so far. A lot of back and forth. Skipper is taking it to Kaz right now. He tosses him but Kaz lands on his feet and kicks him. Yang gets the hot tag and slingshots into Skipper and hammers him. Skipper avoids him with the Matrix and prances around until he is dropkicked in the back. He is rolled up after nut kicking Yang. Storm runs in and he is knocked to the floor. He crotches Kaz and Skipper superplexes him off. Yang makes the save and is tossed over the top rope. Meow and Gunns are fighting and Storm is trying to separate them as Skipper gets double-teamed. He is given a brainbuster. Cat comes down and kicks Duggan. Skipper is finished.

**1/2 Nice match. Decent length.

Duggan is assuring an angry Storm that this will not happen again. Storm is going to look for the Cat.

Rection is yelling about Douglas using him as a stepping stone for the title. Rection accepts his title. Wall wants Bigelow tonight.

Match 2: Lex Luger v. Norman Smiley

Norman chants. He takes Luger down and is then nailed when he goes for the lock up. The go at it for the next couple of minutes and Norman gets the Wiggle in! But he is finished off and Racked.

** Extra half for the Wiggle!

Goldberg comes out and chases him off.

Bigelow accepts the challenge.

Crowbar is getting a massage from some Nitro Girls. A present of a Golden Wrench arrives.

Reno is asked if he and the new girl are an item and then says they are brother and sister and Pamela is stunned.

Kronik is working to get some cash for something but Clark has a better idea….

JJ assures Gene that he will get revenge for Monday and the Harris Boys come in with some sandwiches.

Match 3: Crowbar v. David Flair

Nice five minute match where they tore into each other. Crowbar uses the wrench in order to win.


Keibler comes out and tries to help David to the back. After the break she is talking to him in the back.

Douglas and Torrie come down. Torrie calls the women cows and how Douglas will take home the US title.

Match 4: Shane Douglas v. General Rection (c) for WCW US Title

They go at it. Rection works him over in the corner but Douglas focuses on the knee and hammers it. He has him in a Figure Four. Rection fights him off and Torrie jumps on his back and he shakes her off. She is down and out. Loco is not buying it but everyone else is. Loco is leaving as the EMT’s come down to check on her.

NR. Angle advancement.

Torrie is carted off.

Loco leaves as he is upset that Rection did not finish off Douglas who was down.

Match 5: Harris Boys v. Filthy Animals

JJ is with a Harris and it has been back and forth for a couple of minutes. Kidman dropkicks and then powerbombs JJ. Ron makes the save and now Konnan runs in and all four are going at it. Kidman gets the guitar shattered over his head and despite the splinters the ref counts it.

** Angle advancement.

Gene is with Buff Bagwell. He talks about being kept down but he will show Steiner that he is Buff and the Stuff.

Crowbar is with his ladies and a screeching Daffney comes in and hugs him, and promises to have his back.

Ray is with Tenay in a pre-recorded interview. He talks about his career and Steiner and Booker. I guess he is done as an announcer too.

Glacier promo!

Match 6: Bam Bam Bigelow v. A-Wall

Bigelow stomps away right when the Wall gets in the ring. Wall comes back and clotheslines him over the top rope. A table is set up down there (Tables Match) and Bigelow fires back before he can be placed on it. They battle back into the ring and both go through the table and so the match will continue!

Wall punches him and Bigelow rolls to the floor. Bigelow sets up the table but is decked. Wall has Bigelow and attempts a suplex but he blocks it and runs Wall into the steps. Here comes Awesome and he belts Bigelow with a chair! Wall has him and chokeslams Bigelow through the table!

**1/2 Pretty good. Angle advancement.

Awesome is going to give Bigelow a new meaning of what Hardcore is!

Match 7: Buff Bagwell v. Scott Steiner (c) for WCW Title

Steiner informs Buff that he is in a good mood and offers for him to leave and he won’t get hurt. Buff is about to agree and suckers him in with a kick. He knocks him to the floor and brings him back into the ring where he hammers him. But he attempts a float over off the whip into the corner and is caught and then hung upside down in the corner where his neck is pulled back on. Steiner works him over and pulls back on the arms. Buff escapes but is knocked right back down. Steiner clubs the back. Buff comes back and DDT’s him. Steiner returns the favor with a belly to belly. Sid is on the mic and calls Steiner a dumbass and tells him to be ready for Starrcade. Blockbuster! But Steiner kicks out and Midajah jumps at Buff, she is caught and dumped. But Buff turns right into a lariat. Recliner and match! He puts it on again and here comes Sid!

**1/2 Actually pretty good.

Steiner stares at him as security swarms around Sid and we fade….

*** A fairly logical show actually. Wall and Bigelow had a good match that brought Awesome back into the fray. Steiner and Sid got more interesting. Animals and JJ has some potential. Nothing spectacular happened but the matches were decent and overall the pace was fast. A fairly solid show.

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