WCW Nitro 11/27/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

They need to come up with something strong after that disaster last night. The PPV sucked. As usual WCW is hit and miss. Some shows are decent and some are fairly bad and the PPV’s continue to be overbooked with too many matches and too much filler. You have four hours of TV to do that shit. Just fucking wrestle. Still, it was nice to see Steiner win the title and while the match was about 13 minutes at best I will give it the high score because I was desperate. Just wrestle WCW….A 2.4 off a 2.6 and 2.2. RAW received a 5.0 off a 4.4 and 5.5.

Apparently they have announced a winner in the presidential election! The guy turns and JJ breaks the guitar over his head! They forgot to count one vote: Slap Nut!

Match 1: Three Count v. MIA

Count have their song interrupted by Cajun and Loco. MIA is manhandling them and Loco applies a Crab on Moore who gets a slide kick too. Helms is clotheslined and squashed in the corner. Loco puts him on the middle rope and dropkicks him. Now Count comes back and Moore connects with a guillotine legdrop as Helms holds him down. Helms chokes out Cajun as the fans chant that Three Count sucks. Helms whips him hard into the corner and superkicks him off the rebound and both stomp a hole in him. They battle for another minute as MIA comes back. Evan brings down a ladder and hits Moore with it. Loco finishes him with a brainbuster.

**1/2 Fun opener.

Gene is in the ring and calls out Steiner. Steiner gets an ovation but he wants them to pucker up and kiss the champ’s ass. He goes off on their women and how they were looking for satisfaction. He talks about his sexual peak. He came here tonight looking for a fight and there is no Booker T and no number one contender as Sting is not here. How about Goldberg? He is recovering from the ass kicking he took when they fought. I guess he will not have a match until Starrcade and the fans can kiss his ass. Here comes Flair! He congratulates Steiner and how he is now the flagship of the company. But with that notoriety comes responsibility. Flair has someone for him at Starrcade and he will be here tonight. Steiner says that Booker is done and if Austin was here he would kick his ass and then he mocks the Rock! Flair warns him that he will not run wild and will have an opponent. Booker is in the hospital and may never wrestle again. Stevie Ray storms out and wants a piece of Steiner as he is held back by Flair. Flair will make a match but not right now. Ray calls Steiner a jacked up fruit booty and he is going to kick his ass. Steiner mocks him claiming he has nothing. Steiner is for it: The title for his career. Ray wants it and talks about kicking Steiner’s ass later tonight.

Disco is talking with Kronik and wants more help. They write down an amount that they want.

Paulshock is with MIA and Rection says they won the war. He wants Bigelow tonight.

Match 2: Yang v. Lance Storm

Storm is not happy and claims he wrestled with four broken ribs but that is no excuse. Everyone gets lucky. This ain’t over as he will get Rection sometime, somewhere. Anthem time! Yang attacks him from behind. Yang fucks up the headscissors but takes him down and get two. He goes after the taped ribs and tries to flip out of an attack and does so. Storm is dropkicked and then Yang runs up and kicks him. But he is caught with a superkick and down goes Yang. Storm works him over but Yang comes back with some rabbit punches, and he hammers Storm. They tussle and Storm is rolled up for two. Yang is up and hits a moonsault and he gets two. Storm has him hooked and Leia attacks Gunns! Gunns yanks on her hair. Cat throws a chair at Storm and he catches it. Cat kicks it into him and Yang wins!

**1/2 Brewing feud with Cat and Storm….We will see where this goes.

Storm is yelling at Duggan and Skipper. They thought he could handle it.

Ray is on the phone assuring his brother he has this under control.

Boogie Knights come up to the Harris Boys and want there help. One wants food and the other is irate with that but the deal is made.

Here comes Luger. Luger talks about partying and then has a great announcement. He did a huge favor for wrestling last night and he will get his justice. It is about Goldberg spearing a ref. He lost by DQ. Goldberg is out of wrestling and he has appealed to Flair who will restore law and order and so Goldberg is outta here.

A limo has arrived.

Hart is still challenging radio jockeys for a match on Nitro. Jesus.

Gene is with JJ. Gene calls him some names and they bicker at each other. He is facing Rey later and the Animals mess with the lighting and toss eggs at him.

Vito is with his sister and he leaves. Reno pops up and those two chat.

Match 3: Evan Karagias and Jamie Noble v. Boogie Knights

They have the food for the Harris Boys and here they come. Wright tags one of them in. Evan punches him a few times but gets clocked and powerslammed. Evan gets in a few moves and tags in a reluctant Noble who is whipped into the corner. Noble gets the feet up and then hits him from the top rope. After a two count Noble is kicked in the jaw. Wright is in and he gets punished by both. Noble is kicking him in the corner as Evan dances and they bicker. But they recover quick enough to double dropkick Wright. The Harris is in and Noble scissors him over but the other guy is in and they hit the H Bomb. Over.

*1/2 Odd that they bring them back for one match….But it is angle advancement.

Tag champs show up.

Camera pans around the limo.

Flair inform us that he is the president of this company. He goes over his decision with the Luger situation. He makes a rematch for Starrcade. Jesus, that match is going to suck.

Here comes Nash and DDP. DDP does a survey and the fans that they want Hall. Nash agrees. DDP used to manage Hall and he and Nash used to be tag partners. Hall and Nash formed the most devastating tag team with the Outsiders. DDP says then that he and Nash must be the Insiders. DDP will stick around until WCW smartens up and brings back Hall. Nash starts to talk and the Wolfpac music starts and they are grinning and here come the Thrillers. Sanders has the mic. Sanders mocks DDP sitting at home collecting his paycheck, and how old he is and unlike Flair he did not retire. At the PPV Jindrak and O’Haire will take them out. DDP wants the Genetic Jack Monkeys right now and they charge down!

Match 4: Insiders (c) v. Jindrak and O’Haire

Faces dominate initially but Haire has Nash in the corner and pounds him in the corner. Nash returns the favor….Tag Titles are on the line.

Nash sandwiches him in the other corner. Both make tags and Jindrak hammers him. He slams DDP and gets two and now stomps away. DDP is doubleteamed. They hammer him. But DDP comes bak and hits the Cutter! But the ref is pulled to the floor. Nash attacks but the Event puts an end to that and the Insiders are laid out.

** Not a bad segment.

Gene is with Ray. He goes off about Steiner.

Match 5: Reno v. Goldberg

Again the fight is short but Reno does counter out of the Jackhammer or a slam, depending one what he was going for and went for the Dice but Goldberg turned it around and spiked him. Spear and Jackhammer!

*1/2 Goldberg needs five plus minute matches. Come on….Make them worthwhile.

Luger hits Goldberg with a chair and Racks him. He finally releases it after some exhortation from the refs.

Gene is happy with what Rey and friends did with Jarrett. Rey is talking about shoving his arms up JJ’s ass. Konnan stops him and calls JJ boring etc.

Match 6: Bam Bam Bigelow v. General Rection (c) for WCW US Title

They lock up and Bigelow pushes him into the corner and they slug it out going back and forth. Bigelow misses in the corner and is put in a wristlock. But Bigelow takes him down and puts him in a chinlock for a while. Rection is up but is knocked back down. Rection ducks going off the ropes and Rection strikes with a clothesline and then dumps him with a suplex. Rection slowly goes up top and misses the elbow drop. Bigelow powerbombs him! He goes for a table and sets it up on the floor. But the Wall grabs it and that distracts Bigelow and Rection takes him down and heads up top and he hits his finisher.

** Decent big man match.

Steiner calls Booker a liar as he claimed he had to die to lose the title but his career is over. Ray’s will too. He also does not give a damn who his opponent is. He heads out to the limo and opens the door and a bevy of beauties come out. Steiner calls them bitches and Smooth tells him that those are Flair’s and limos have been coming and going all night. Steiner asks if he is responsible for this and Smooth concurs and promptly gets his ass kicked.

Match 7: Jeff Jarrett v. Rey Mysterio Jr.

JJ has the mic and does not like the prank they pulled interrupting his interview. He will get Konnan after the match.

Rey gets the upperhand first and hammers him but JJ takes him down. Konnan hits him as JJ jaws with him and Rey hits a springboard legdrop and gets two. Rey spinkicks him but gets all boot off the Bronco Buster. Kidman grabs JJ and avoids the blow from Rey but not from Konnan. But JJ comes back and hangs Rey on the ropes and goes to jump on him. He misses and Rey springs into him and strikes with a moonsault and gets two. JJ is knocked into the corner. Kidman slide kicks his nuts. Face Full of Stuff from Tygres and a Bronco Buster. He goes for a slingshot blow and is powerbombed! The Stroke! But Kidman pulls him to the floor and the Animals beat him. JJ is rolled back in but JJ reverses the whip only to be scissored over. JJ has the guitar and Rey springs right into it. DQ. FA pounce.

** Overbooked but decent.

JJ is pissed and he wants FA to show up on Thunder and be ready for a Six Man Tag….He won’;t allow Pamela get a word in. She is hot.

Match 8: Stevie Ray v. Scott Steiner (c) for WCW Title

Steiner is walking…

A limo pulls up.

After the break Steiner comes out.

Ray fights him in the aisle. He is run into the railing and Midajah hits Ray with a pipe. Steiner mauls him and finally rolls him into the ring where the bell rings. Steiner continues to punish him. He does some push ups and then beats him into the corner. He kicks him in the jaw and pounds some more. He sprinkles in some chops but hesitates and Ray unloads but is nutted. Steiner dumps him to the floor and drives a chair into the shoulder a few times. Back in the ring, Steiner manhandles him some more. He chops him but misses in the corner after the whip and Ray clubs the back of his head. Ray tries to suplex him but Steiner counters with a belly to belly suplex. Two count but Ray fights back and takes hium down and spikes him. He gets two but Midajah grabs his leg and that allows Steiner to hit a brainbuster and he follows up with a backbreaker. Steiner is on the middle rope and jumps right into a Book End! But Ray cannot follow up in time. He finally covers him and only gets two. A fuck up, Ray stops the boot and Steiner stopped and so Steiner whips him down and they fight to the floor with Steiner getting a chair shot to the skull. Back in the ring, Ray has him in the corner and whips him into the other one but runs into a boot and is planted. Two count. Ray fights him off but again is distracted by Midajah. One would htink he would learn! Steiner picks him up on his shoulders and slams him back. Recliner and match.

**1/2 Not that bad.

Here comes Sid and we fade!

*** This was not that bad. A fun show. Steiner is great as champ. The Goldberg thing has officially Jumped the Shark. But, there was some decent wrestling and new angles, which one would think would begin after Starrcade but whatever works I guess. Sid coming back? Oh joy! But, that guy is always over for some reason. Overall, I liked the show. It was fast paced and did not have too much filler. Makes me miss WCW when their final shows are not that bad unlike Mayhem. It does not make up for that show but it is a start….

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