WCW Thunder 11/22/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Thrillers come down. Sanders still asks woozy from his Goldberg ass kicking. Kwee-wee is injured too and cannot compete. Sanders tells Jindrak and O’Haire, who are the only one’s down with him that they win via forfeiture. Here comes Meng!

Match 1: Jindrak and O’Haire v. Meng

Meng is hammered but he puts them in the Deathgrip. Thrillers run down to help. Nash and DDP run down…Well, Nash kind of runs, and runs off the heels. Sanders is getting pissed off to the highest level of pissedivity. He is not happy with DDP and calls him old. He challenges him.

Steiner has arrived and has his pipe.

Flair, one show before the PPV is putting a no touch clause or some shit between Steiner and Booker. A bit late….

Two Count are in the ring and do a little singing and mock Evan.

Match 2: Shannon Moore v. Evan Karagias v. Yang

Match is about four minutes and Yang ends up pinning Moore. Leia got involved.

** Not bad.

Wright is paying off Kronik again and their price went up.

Stevie Ray is behind a shield as he is talking to Steiner and he is doing it for his safety. Steiner finds it amusing. Steiner believes that he played Booker like a fool and has him on edge. He goes off some more and brags about what he did to Sting and he will do the same to Booker. Ray has some questions from the fans and Steiner does not care about the fans and yells. Booker attacks him from behind and hits him with a chair….

Match 3: FA v. Boogie Knights

Animals come down and taunt Wright and Disco who has an injured back from Germany. They are looking forward to beating on Disco at the PPV. Wright comes out and informs them that their opponents tonight are Kronik. Clark has his gear but not Adams.

Clark and Kidman go at it. Rey and Kidman take him into the corner. Buster! But Rey is grabbed and spiked into the canvas. Rey and then Kidman are hammered. They come back and take him down. Both try to cover him but get tossed off. But Kidman slams Clark. Clark takes out Kidman and then Adams wipes out Konnan. Rey runs out and now Kidman is all alone. Meltdown and match.

** Cruiserweights keep getting buried. It did have its moments.

Steiner goes off on Sanders about Booker.

Gene is with Reno and Bigelow. The latter is upset that a gas station attendant has the Hardcore title. Reno agrees. Awesome will get it too.

DDP and Nash are chilling in the back. Cracking jokes.

Vito and Sanders argue and Vito challenges him. It was about a match.

Gene is talking smack to the Thrillers. Stasiak would rather be interviewed by Pamela as she is easier on the eyes.

Here comes Booker T. He loves the fans. He will have to be killed for the title to be taken. He apologizes about what he did to Gunns and Sting. But he will not be the same kiss ass Booker T. He talks about Goldberg and is willing to take him on….Damn, Stevie Ray is annoying as he gushes about his “brother.”

Here comes Goldberg! Goldberg calls Booker a stand up guy but assures him that he has no ulterior motives. He is happy that Booker defends the title a lot and he had it once. But it has been awhile. He talks about the politics and reminds Booker that he saved him. Booker chants and then a Goldberg chant. He hopes that he wins on Sunday but afterwards he does not give a damn who has it because they are next. Goldberg comes at them and does not play games. Goldberg does wish him good luck and wants to shake and Booker accepts.

Gene is with the Cat and Buff. They go off on Douglas and how there is only one Franchise and that is Sting.

Douglas is yelling about how he has Buff’s Stuff at the end of his fists. Cat also will not beat him. He wants them to get their asses down to the ring and he calls out Jarrett. Now JJ is on the mic and he makes fun of Bagwell’s stupid catchphrase and hat.

Match 4: Douglas and JJ v. Cat and Buff

The faces charge the ring and Cat unloads on Douglas. He mounts and pounds him in the corner. Douglas kicks him off and then pounds him down into the mat. Douglas hammers him and applies a Cobra Clutch. Cat is trying to fight him off and finally yanks him over his back. Douglas stops him and tags in Jarrett who stomps a hole in the Cat. He back elbows him down and tags in Douglas who chokes out the Cat. Cat punches back but is knocked back down. Tag is made but Cat kicks both down and struggles towards Buff and makes the hot tag and he takes it to both but dances instead. He is whipped into the corner but gets the boot up and uses the ropes to spring into JJ. Two count. Another two count after a DDT. Buff clotheslines him over the top rope. Douglas misses the Cat and a kick sends him tumbling through the ropes. Jones yanks Torrie off the apron. Stroke on Cat but the ref is on the floor. Buff has JJ but the guitar comes into play and so does a chain. Heels win.

** Not bad.

Gene is with Crowbar and Awesome and they are talking about their match tonight. Crowbar is talking about the next level. He calls Bigelow fat and he will powerbomb him off the top rope.

Steiner comes down and will beat Booker like a bitch like he did at Havoc. Steiner will end his career and yells. Here comes Vito and Steiner goes over to Ray and yells. Vito attacks.

Match 5: Scott Steiner v. Vito

Steiner is hammered and Stevie decks him. Back in the ring, Steiner comes back and tosses him over his back. Steiner takes turns pummeling Vito and yelling at Stevie Ray. He gives Vito a backbreaker and flexes. Two count and he is upset with the ref. Vito is tossed through the ropes and Steiner pursues. Vito gets his head bashed into the announce table and Steiner and Ray jaw at one another. Vito is flung into the railing. Back in the ring, Steiner keeps after him. Vito keeps kicking out but keeps getting pounded. Steiner misses and Vito punches him and T Bones him. Vito runs up top and hits the big elbow! Two count. Vito back suplexes him and then hits a diving headbutt. Two count. He goes up again and this time he is superplexed off. Recliner!

**1/2 Decent brawl.

Match 6: Bigelow and Reno v. Crowbar and Awesome

The fight from the get go. Crowbar misses a moonsault onto the concrete! Well, the mats. About three minutes in and they are just pummeling each other. Inside and outside the ring. There is carnage everywhere as Bigelow is run through a table leaning in the corner and Crowbar is tossing everything at Reno and hitting him too. Awesome has a table set up. Reno is placed on top and Crowbar is powerbombed onto Reno and through the table! Bigelow spears Awesome through a table. Reno falls on top of Crowbar for the win!

**1/2 Pretty good brawl.

Match 7: Sean Stasiak v. DDP

LumberJack Match:

DDP hammers him and then strikes with a lariat. Stasiak is tossed to the floor and DDP flies into him and rolls him back into the ring. Jacks are already fighting! Back in the ring DDP keeps after him but Stasiak fires back and goes to work for a minute with stomps and punches. DDP punches back but is whipped into the ropes, picked up and hit with a gutbuster. Two count. He keeps DDP grounded with a chinlock. Now just Nash and Palumbo and another Thriller are down. DDP gets to his feet and tries to elbow free but is dropped and choked out. They go back and forth for the next minute. They pound on one another and it is Cutter time! But Palumbo uses a chair as Nash was ambushed and Stasiak gets the win!

** Actually pretty good.

Nash powerbombs the ref and Sanders taunts him and DDP.

*** Pretty good actually. The entire show was well paced and prepared for the PPV quite well. I was pleasantly surprised. The heels came off pretty strong with Steiner and JJ and even the Thrillers. This means that some will not win at the PPV. But at least they are going in strong.

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