WCW Nitro 11/20/2000

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Go home show for Nitro. Still in England. Nitro is still pretty hit and miss but it has been fairly entertaining as of late. They are probably going to give Rection the clean win at the PPV and that is fine. Steiner will most likely win too but that too is fine as he deserves the title. Goldberg will clearly beat Luger and I am not sure if Sting is wrestling….JJ will beat Buff. Not really sure about the rest. Nitro fell to a 2.3 as the second hour fell to a 2.0 while the first fell to a 2.6. RAW received the same exact 5.0 off the same hour ratings from last week despite coming off a PPV.

I did forget that Sanders did not get any offense on Nash. So WCW is as guilty.

Sanders is buttering up Luger. He is called out and Haire is through a table and knocked out. He is pissed and there will be a tag title match. The Perfect Event will take his place. The champs lost the title at a House Show in Germany. Also, Booker will face Luger tonight.

Why didn’t they address the fact that Funk beat Storm for the US title in a House Show in TX and he then won it back.

Sorry, they are back in America. I also forgot to mention that there were rumors last month that the WWF would buy WCW. In the summer a half billion or so was offered for WCW by another group and Turner turned it down. Too damn bad too knowing what we know. But there were rumors that Vince was approached or he approached Turner but it fell through or did not get far and this is the beginning of the Fusient deal with Bischoff at the helm.

Match 1: Yang v. Jamie Noble

They have been going back and forth for the first couple of minutes. Noble hits a guillotine legdrop and he gets a two count. Leia stops him from going up top and when he is finally able too, Yang snags him and crushes him with a muscle buster. Noble grabs the ropes on the cover attempt. Evan Karagias has come down and he gets mauled by Two Count. Noble helps out and then Yang attacks but he is wrapped up and pinned. Noble is attacked but gets help from Evan.

**1/2 Nice five minute match.

Flair is talking with Luger….Schiavone is suspicious.

Kronik asks how much money Wright has when he arrives. He says something and then runs into the Animals who chase him off.

Scenes from another fight with the BattleDome people and this time on that program.

Here comes Flair! He hypes up the crowd and then talks about how a woman would hae been his 20 years ago. He talks about Sanders. He then talks Luger tonight and if he wins then it is a title match against Goldberg at the PPV. JJ comes out and calls him a Jurassic Slap Ass and he is the only Chosen One. He threatens to hit him with a guitar. Flair is not wrestling anymore but he can give orders. After he beats Buff he has an announcement. But then he says that he will spill the beans and that it was he who did it. David comes out and he wants more information. It was at the Great American Bash and she came up to him at the Marriot at 2AM and he cleared out the party and she had one a negligee and he makes a Keebler Elf reference. They had sex. Something about a shopping bag was left there and it was filled with crap and he basically admits he lied. He breaks the guitar over David’s head. Buff goes for JJ and Buff is dropped and then hit again when the fight is being broken up. Buff knocks him off the stage.

Nash arrives and he tells some guy that he is not alone and to pass along the message.

Paulshock is with Team Canada. Skipper is up next and we know what time it is. Storm brags about Canada. Gunns tells Pamela to blame herself and gets called a bitch after she leaves.

Match 2: Boogie Knights (c) v. Perfect Event for WCW Tag Titles

Skipper is Wright’s partner. Stasiak and Wright go at it with Stasiak getting two after a neckbreaker. Stasiak reverses a whip and kicks him down. He delays the pin but Skipper has to make the save. He gets kicked and tossed to the floor. Kidman comes out and takes out Wright and Event wins.

*1/2 Okay…Short and not very good.

Mancow attacks Jimmy Hart and those douches are wrestling at the PPV.

Paulshock is with Kwee-Wee and Meng and Storm took Skipper’s spot in the tag match. So Rection will take his spot tonight.

Jindrak and Sanders talk about being SOL.

Reno is ambushed by Vito.

Battledome is here.

Wright is not happy about losing the tag titles. They will get revenge and Disco is not happy. He challenges the Animals to a handicap match at the PPV.

More Battledome nonsense.

Rick Steiner comes out and has the Battledome belt. He is taunting them. If they want their belt back then they need to come get some. T Money gets in the ring and is decked and Steiner and Money brawl. Dome guys kick his ass.

Reno wants Vito tonight and more talk about being SOL.

MIA is plotting. Who cares.

Nash comes down and he has 13 months left on his contract and he is going to just have the time of his life. He drove to Atlanta with a friend of his. He wants the tag champs at the PPV. Here come the Thrillers. He and Sanders jaw back and forth. He will get his title shot at the PPV but he is alone and this makes him SOL. Nash is not worried as they can’t even hang with him at the bar. They attack. DDP makes the save and he is Nash’s partner.

Luger talks about his stipulation for the title. It is in Goldberg’s best interest if he wins etc.

Team Canada comes down and Storm wants our attention. He mocks the US for not being able to figure out their election. It is not too late for us to join Canada. Anthem time. Meng’s music interrupts.

Match 3: Duggan and Storm (c) v. Meng and Rection

Storm and Meng go at it and then Duggan and Meng do. Meng clotheslines both and Rection gets the tag. He goes off but is hit by the flag from Skipper and Duggan clotheslines him. MIA run down and attack Skipper. Duggan is taken down and pinned.

*1/2 Angle advancement.

Douglas is talking to Jarrett. It is shown from a distance.

Sanders is at the announce table and he is not happy about DDP being Nash’s partner.

Match 4: Kwee-Wee v. Goldberg

Kiwi attacks him as he gets in the ring. He springs at Goldberg and right into a spear. I guess it would be nice if someone got in some offense on Goldberg.

* A star for the cool move with the spear.

Goldberg walks over to Sanders and yells at him. He does not fight his battles and he never knows who is next.

Flair comes down and is going to make everything equal and he tells Sanders that he is next and Goldberg yanks him up out of the chair and brings him into the ring! Sanders is obliterated and pinned. He speared him out of his boots.

Booker will take care of his business and it does not matter if it is Goldberg or Luger or Steiner.

Torrie comes down and calls the Georgians inbred Rednecks. She mocks their accent and how the sixteen year olds brought their children! Douglas agrees with her and the fans are fat and toothless. He challenges the Cat to a match at Mayhem. He feels sorry for Buff right now and calls him out.

Match 5: Shane Douglas v. Buff Bagwell

They are going back and forth for the first minute. Douglas hits a Samoan Drop. He keeps after him and knocks him around, uses his foot to choke him out. He gets a two count and now Buff comes back and unloads on him but is caught and Plunged! Buff kicks out. Douglas whips him into the corner and runs into an elbow. Buff Vader Bombs onto him and gets two. Buff clotheslines him and then does it again. He slams Douglas. Torrie is on the apron and flexes. Douglas charges and Buff ducks and Torrie is knocked off the apron. JJ holds Buff from going up top and the Cat stops him. Blockbuster! It is over.

**1/2 Not too bad actually.

Steiner is in the ring. He has tissues and pretends to cry for what he did to Sting. He sobs! He gave Sting fair warning and when he comes back he will hurt him. He calls Flair an SOB and he does not like getting screwed. Honestly, Goldberg does not want any more of Steiner as he gave him his worse beating in the career. He warns Flair that he may hurt him. At the PPV he is going to look at Booker T and the whole world and he says some Latin. He is going to give Booker the worst beating of his life too etc. Steiner heads to the announce table.

Match 6: Lex Luger v. Booker T (c) for WCW Title

They show Booker walking in the back. They show Goldberg’s dressing room.


Here comes Booker.

Not much time left. Luger does his thing. Booker does it too. Axe kick. Goldberg comes down and Booker stares. Steiner and Goldberg go at it. Goldberg is hit in the eye and Steiner is held back by security. Goldberg is in the ring and Goldberg spears Luger and that allows Booker to win….Steiner attacks Booker and security swarms.

**For the whole thing.

**1/2 Really average show. They did get ready for the PPV but also booked a lot of matches. Clearly they set it up for Nash and DDP to win the titles. Booker and Steiner should be damn good if they give them fifteen minutes to just brawl. Like the other shows I watched tonight, nothing was really bad about it but at the same time the in ring product was really weak and nothing really stood out. Then again it was not that bad….Goldberg destroying everyone and it will clearly lead to nothing.

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