WWE House Show 12/26/2013

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Entertainment House Show
From: New York, NY

Before the show even starts, a dueling “Let’s Go Cena… Cena Sucks” chant starts up.

Opening Contest: Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio: Del Rio wants to shake hands but Rey isn’t interested. Del Rio goes down to his knees really wanting a handshake but is instead met with an obvious dropkick from Mysterio. Rey baseball slides Alberto right into his groin. Rey is sent chest first into the corner and kicked by Alberto for a near fall. Rey sends Alberto to the floor following a head scissors and kicks Alberto to the floor. Rey slides across the canvas and splashes Del Rio! Rey is trapped upside down in the corner and is met with a dropkick from Del Rio, which gets a two count. Alberto keeps control with a tilt a whirl back breaker for another near win. Mysterio is upside down in the corner and is met with a kick to the chest. Rey avoids a spear and Alberto hits the ring post. Rey hits a superman dive off the top and nearly pins Alberto. Alberto cuts Mysterio off on a 619 attempt with a clothesline. Alberto misses a diving attack and falls through the middle rope to the floor. That looked rather dangerous. Rey comes off the top to dive onto Del Rio. Back in the ring, Rey hits a sit down splash and kicks Alberto in the head for a near win. Rey nearly wins after a middle rope hurricanrana. Del Rio stops Rey on the top with a springboard kick for a close two count. Mysterio goes for the 619 but Del Rio catapults Rey into the corner and delivers a kick for a two count. Rey finally hits the 619 and comes off the top with a splash for the win. (***. An entertaining start to the show. Mysterio hit some good moves, which is surprising since he seemingly gets hurt often. The fans were into it and everything went smoothly. Can’t go wrong with that.)

Second Contest: Zack Ryder vs. Brodus Clay: Brodus wastes no time attacking Ryder and puts him in the tree of woe to deliver a few splashes. Clay with an exploder suplex and a splash but pulls Ryder up at two. Ryder avoids a splash in the corner and rolls Brodus up for an upset win. (*. Nothing special of a match. The fans didn’t pop all that much for the upset win, either.)

Third Contest: Bella Twins, Cameron & Naomi vs. Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes & Aksana: They do a dance-off instead of a match. The heels attack during the babyface dancing portion. Brad Maddox comes out and announces a tag match taking place now involving the divas. Long story short, Brie pins Rosa after a face buster.

Fourth Contest: Sin Cara vs. Curtis Axel: Axel works over Cara with strikes until Cara hits a head scissors and dropkick. Axel avoids a dive by running around ringside. Cara kicks Axel into the guard railing. Axel tosses Cara to the floor. Axel hammers away on Cara. Axel hits a running neck snap and works over Cara’s neck. The fans are getting bored and I can’t blame them. Cara hits a suicide dive on the floor. Cara comes back with a top rope dropkick for a near fall. Cara head scissors Axel and a handspring back elbow for a two count. Cara kicks Axel from the apron and hits a swanton bomb off the top for the win. (1/2*. Honestly, this was a boring match and I couldn’t keep my interest into it at all.)

The Great Khali decides to come out and wrestle Axel, because everyone has been begging for a Khali/Axel match.

Fifth Contest: the Great Khali vs. Curtis Axel: One overhand chop and that’s it.

Sixth Contest: WWE World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. the Real Americans in a Steel Cage Match: I’ll never understand how a cage match starts off with traditional rules. Goldust and Cesaro kick off the match with Goldust taking Cesaro down with an arm drag. Goldust tries to send Cesaro into the cage, but Cesaro avoids making contact. Swagger enters the match to try his luck with Goldust. Swagger runs over Goldust with a shoulder block. Goldust hammers away on Swagger and Cody comes off the top with a top rope axe handle. Rhodes with a high knee lift for a two count. Cody nails Cesaro with a clothesline. Goldust gets tagged in and clotheslines Swagger a few times. Swagger runs into an atomic drop. Goldust overshoots Swagger on a twisting cross body off the top. He misses a cross body coming off the ropes and hits the cage. Cesaro baseball slides Goldust back first into the cage.

Goldust hits a springboard back elbow on Swagger but can’t tag in Cody. Goldust is catapulted into the cage match by both Cesaro and Swagger. Cesaro gets a near fall after a gut wrench suplex. Goldust continues to get worked over by the heels. Swagger hits a middle rope splash and Cesaro hits a double stomp. Goldust nearly pins Cesaro with a backslide and tries to tag in Cody, but can’t reach him. Goldust hits a modified Canadian Destroyer! Swagger prevents a tag from being made, but is sent into Cesaro in the corner. Goldust hits a snap power slam on Swagger. Cody gets tagged in and cleans house with clothesline and sends Cesaro into the cage. Cody backdrops Cesaro into the cage and sends Swagger face first into the cage. Cody also sends Cesaro into Swagger before low blowing Cesaro. Swagger slams Cody to prevent the Cross Rhodes. Goldust bulldogs Swagger. Cesaro hits the giant swing on Goldust!

Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes on Cesaro but can’t get a three thanks to Swagger breaking up the pin. Swagger is met with the Disaster Kick and Swagger is slammed to the mat by Goldust. Cody goes to the top of the cage to hit a moonsault on Cesaro for the win! (***1/2. That was a lot of fun, especially the final five minutes or so of the bout. The fans were really into Goldust and the hot tags. A really great house show match.)

Brad Maddox introduces the 3MB, who are dressed up as reindeers. Ricardo Rodriquez is part of the group instead of Heath Slater. The fans simply don’t care about this.

Seventh Contest: 3MB vs. Los Matadors: I don’t know why this was given ten minutes. Matadors do a few dives to the floor to take care of Drew and Jinder. El Torito hits a hurricanrana on a kneeling Ricardo to get the win. I guess they had to kill the crowd for the final two matches.

Eighth Contest: Kane vs. the Big Show: Booker T is the special referee for the match. Show hammers away on Kane in the corner until Kane bails to the floor to regroup. Kane drops Show throat first across the top rope and comes back with a series of strikes in the corner. Kane avoids a chop in the corner with an eye rake. Show splashes Kane in the corner but Kane dropkicks Show in the knee. Kane dropkicks a kneeling Show for a near fall. Kane is focusing his attack on Show’s left knee. They are both on their knees punching each other. Show goes for the chokeslam but Kane kicks Show’s bad knee and delivers a DDT. Show gets out of a sleeper hold with a horrible looking back suplex. Show hits a spear and goes to the middle rope but Kane stops him. Kane chokeslams Show off the middle rope for a near fall! Kane is not happy with Booker. Kane goes to chokeslam Booker but is instead met with a kick and the KO punch from Show for the win. (*. It’s been fifteen years of these guys wrestling off and on… and I can’t remember a time they ever had a good match. Big guy vs. big guy matches rarely ever work out.)

Main Event: WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. John Cena: A slow start between these two as Cena kept Orton on the canvas. Orton is playing the stall game, as well. Orton knocks Cena off the apron to the floor and just stays in the ring. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton wiggles free and stalls on the floor. Cena goes after the champ but is actually met with a right hand and stopped. Cena is sent shoulder first into the ring steps. Orton hits a snap suplex in the ring, twice. Cena fights back with one of his own. Cena misses a running attack in the corner. Orton nails Cena with a clothesline, twice. Orton is so slow and methodical, it’s actually quite boring. Orton locks in a sleeper hold. Cena breaks free to hit a couple of shoulder blocks and a side slam. Orton with a snap power slam for a two count. Orton goes for the elevated DDT but Cena counters by sending Orton over the top with a backdrop. Cena with a spinning slam and the five knuckle shuffle. Orton gets out of the Attitude Adjustment and hits a headlock back breaker. Orton plants Cena with an elevated DDT. Orton signals for the RKO but Cena gets out and soon hits a lifting neck breaker for a near fall. Cena goes to the top rope but Orton cuts him off. Cena knocks Orton off the middle rope and hits a leg drop to a standing Orton and nearly wins the match. Orton avoids the Attitude Adjustment but the referee goes down. Cena has the STF on Orton and the champ taps. Cena thinks he won, though there was no bell. Cena checks on the referee and is met with a belt shot from Orton! Orton revives the referee and covers Cena but only gets a near fall. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment but Orton kicks out. Orton manages to hit the RKO but can’t get a three count. Orton gets out of the Attitude Adjustment and low blows Cena to cause the lame DQ finish. (*1/2. Well, for the most part the match was rather dull and boring. They had to rely on the kicking out of finishing moves to really get the crowd invested into the match. A bad finish to an underwhelming match to close the show.)

Final Thoughts:
Out of a nine match card, two matches had entertaining quality. Del Rio/Mysterio and the cage match were the only bright spots to the show. Aside from that, it’s a boring show and kind of a hassle to sit through.

Thanks for reading.

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