WWF Superstars 6/24/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Superstars
From: Wheeling, WV

1.) Shawn Michaels defeated the Brooklyn Brawler by count-out
2.) Men on a Mission defeated Jerry Flynn & Mike McReynold
3.) The Undertaker defeated Barry Horowitz
4.) Skip defeated John Crystal
5.) Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mantaur
6.) Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Mike Khoury

Angle Developments/Notes:
1. Kama cut a promo during HBK’s match. Kama says that Michaels is lucky for escaping him on RAW. Kama is going to break HBK in half at KOTR. Shawn hits the Sweet Chin Music on the floor and rolls in before ten to purposely win the match by count-out.

2. Waylon Mercy is back kneeling at a park. Mercy is waiting for all the people to come to the park. Mercy talks about the family going home and talking about how great a time they had. Waylon knows how to throw a good picnic. When he gets in the ring in the WWF he is going to show what a picnic is all about. He will debut next week.

3. Mabel cuts a promo during the Undertaker’s match. Mabel went back to his roots back to the hood. He’ll do whatever he has to do in order to make the Undertaker rest in peace. Mabel comes out to taunt Taker after the match but walks to the backstage area.

4. Mantaur splashes Bigelow in the corner and quickly hammers away on Bigelow followed by a clothesline. Mantaur scoop slams Bigelow but misses an elbow drop after coming off the ropes. Bigelow clotheslines Mantuar and hits a dropkick. Bigelow nearly wins with a scoop slam. Mantaur delivers a clothesline after a jaw breaker. Mantaur jumps on Bam-Bam’s back while across the middle rope. Bigelow attempted a scoop slam but Mantaur countered with a vertical suplex. Bigelow avoids a splash in the corner and hits a top rope splash for the win. (**. Not an awful big man match surprisingly. The finish was supposed to be a flying head butt, but Mantaur fell too close to the corner so it was a big splash.)

Final Thoughts:
Another decent show this week as we head into the KOTR pay per view. Bigelow was made out to be overly strong in the feature match, but it was a still a decent match. A simple and effective show.

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