2CW Back 2 Back Night One 9/21/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Back 2 Back Night One
From: Syracuse, NY

Opening Contest: Brodie Lee & Colin Olsen vs. Isys Ephex & JD Love: Ephex and Love send Olsen and Lee to the floor with one punch and side step them charging to send them to the floor a second time. Lee distracts them but Colin runs into Lee on the apron and gets sent to the floor after a double team. Lee is met with an elbow drop from both Love and Ephex. Love and Lee kick off the match legally. Well, now they are going to do a chicken fight in the middle of the ring. That doesn’t work out so well so Ephex hits a couple of jaw breakers and starts the match with Olsen. Colin hits a swinging neck breaker and knocks Love off the apron. Lee tags in and works over Isys in the corner. Lee gets a near fall after a falling fist drop.

Colin clotheslines a seated Ephex but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Love tries to get involved as Ephex is getting worked over but instead just distracts the referee. Ephex hits a flipping stunner out of the corner on Lee but can’t follow up on the new found advantage. Olsen and Love get tagged in with Love cleaning house on the heels. Colin knee lifts Love to the floor and hammers away on Ephex. Lee nails Ephex with a big boot in the corner and Olsen hits a senton splash off of Lee’s shoulders for a near fall. Ephex nearly gets Olsen with a backslide. Ephex pins Olsen after a back suplex/DDT combo. (*. A bad start to the show as they went with a comedy routine that didn’t connect with the fans. Watching this seven years later and hearing fans say that Lee and Olsen, better known as Luke Harper and Colin Delaney, can’t wrestle is just humorous for being so far off.)

Second Contest: John Walters vs. Antonio Thomas: Dueling chants for both men to start the match. They have a standoff after a few counter moves. They continue to have a mat wrestling based start with neither man getting a clear cut advantage for a long period of time. Walters hits a few arm drags and the fans are yelling random stuff. Thomas misses a middle rope moonsault and gets chopped in the corner. Walters has a submission locked in with his legs wrapped around the back of Antonio’s head and pulling on his arms but Thomas gets out of the hold. Walters continues to work over Thomas with chops sending Antonio to the floor. Thomas avoids a shoulder block from the apron and kicks John in the chest. Thomas hits a middle rope knee drop but can’t get a three on the cover.

Thomas continues his offense with a back breaker but Walters kicks out at two. Antonio continues to try and get a submission with a surfboard but Walters refuses to give in. They begin to trade inside cradles with neither man getting a three count. Now it’s just continued pin attempts. Walters goes for the Sharpshooter but Thomas kicks him away and they both hit clotheslines. Thomas gets ran over by Walters with a series of clotheslines and a dropkick for a near fall. Thomas blocks a suplex attempt but not a Code Breaker. Walters plants Thomas with a TKO and heads to the top to hit a top rope knee drop but only gets a near fall.

Walters attempts a top rope hurricanrana but Thomas blocks it and hits a power bomb followed by a northern lights suplex for a near fall. They are on the top rope where Thomas hits a sunset flip power bomb and Walters whacks his head hard on the canvas. Walters catches Thomas coming off the top and locks in the Sharpshooter right in the middle of the ring! Thomas isn’t going to tap out but is dragged to the middle of the ring where Thomas taps out. (**3/4. An entertaining match between these two though it did start off rather slow. They managed to get me back into the match by the end, so kudos to them for recapturing interest. I’d look forward to more matches between these two.)

Third Contest: Loca Vida vs. Delirious: Vida comes off the ropes trying to shoulder block Delirious but isn’t successful doing so. Delirious gets a couple of near falls with rollups. Vida hammers away on Delirious and delivers a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Vida scoop slams Delirious and goes for the sit down splash which he hits but Delirious kicks out at two. Delirious atomic drops Vida and backs Loca into a corner. Vida hammers away on Delirious with a few chops but Delirious regained control with a snap mare. Delirious hits a back splash on Vida for a near fall. Loca blocks a suplex with a knee strike and gets a two count. Vida battles back with a springboard back elbow and a clothesline.

Vida plants Delirious with a wheelbarrow bulldog but only gets a near fall. Vida hits a double stomp to the back of Delirious. Delirious spears Vida in midair and hits a Cradle Shock for a two count. Vida drop toe holds Delirious across the middle rope and Vida hits the 315 for a near fall. Loca hits a Flatliner and locks in a submission but Delirious breaks the hold. Delirious nails Vida with a running knee strike in the corner and hits a top rope splash to Vida’s back and the referee continues to mess up the count of the pin, but apparently it’s a three count. (*1/2. I don’t know what the hell happened at the end there, but it’s a forgettable match. They just didn’t find a groove and it suffered as a result.)

Fourth Contest: Ajax 820 vs. Zaquary Springate III: It’s been awhile since I have watched 2CW from the past, but my lack of interest in anything Ajax or Springate have to offer is still strong as ever. Ajax has the early advantage with a head scissors and sends Springate to the floor where he continues to control the bout. Ajax surprisingly scoop slams Springate but misses a middle rope leg drop. Ajax almost gets a win with a rollup after avoiding a suplex but Springate works over the knee. Springate is sent over the top by Ajax who attempts a springboard moonsault with his injured knee but is yanked to the floor instead. On the floor, Springate hits a brain buster and Ajax is out of it. Ajax manages to still kick out on a cover attempt back in the ring. Springate has Ajax on his shoulder as he delivers a middle rope power slam but still can’t put Ajax away.

Springate press slams Ajax and hits a top rope swanton bomb but Ajax gets his boot on the bottom rope. Ajax finally stays down following a power bomb. (*. The idea of a spirited Ajax trying to overcome Springate was not done well. I’m putting that on Ajax. His kick outs lacked any kind of drama and looked bad. The action was rather boring and uninteresting. The fans aren’t interested in the feud, either.) After the match, Ajax grabs a microphone and says he wants one more match with Springate and if he loses he will leave 2CW forever. Fans appear to be in favor of Ajax leaving. It’s eventually agreed upon for Springate to put his hair up as well. The announcer makes fun of the thought that Springate could be ballad and is attacked by Springate who shaves the announcers head!

Fifth Contest: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Slyck Wagner Brown: This is the third time these two will have wrestled. Brown came up short the two other outings. A slow start to the match with neither man getting a clear cut advantage and they have a standoff. Scorpio has control on the mat driving his knee into Brown’s head while having a hammerlock locked in. Brown catches Scorpio on a leapfrog attempt and plants Scorpio with a swinging side slam! Both men try for dives but the other avoids it on the floor. Slyck hammers away on Scorpio with a series of forearm shots in the corner. Brown nearly wins following a standing dropkick but Scorpio kicks out at two. Scorpio gets chopped but fights his way out of the corner. Scorpio comes off the middle rope to deliver a knee drop and a standing somersault leg drop for a near fall.

Brown punches Scorpio off the top rope and Scorpio crashes to the canvas. Brown clotheslines Scorpio over the top to the floor. Brown follows up with a suicide dive sending Scorpio back first into the guard railing as well. Scorpio knocks Slyck down with a leaping side kick on the floor. Scorpio comes off the apron to simply kick Brown in the face. Scorpio hits a twisting splash from the top but Brown manages to kick out at two. Scorpio hits a top rope moonsault but again Brown kicks out at two. Slyck hammers away on Scorpio but runs into a big boot. Scorpio gets stopped on the top again. Brown hits a top rope hurricanrana and heads to the top where he hits a frog splash but only gets a near fall!

Scorpio gets caught with an exploder suplex and Brown gets a two count. Brown plants Scorpio with a straight jacket sit down power bomb and gets the three count. (**1/2. Well, it’s not as good as their previous encounters as this one felt flat and lacked crowd interest. They seemed to have just went from big move to big move with no actual story being presented. A big win for Brown, but he probably needed a win prior because Scorpio still has two victories over him.)

Sixth Contest: Lexxus vs. Nikki Roxx: Short and sweet with this one as Nikki gets the win after a modified Dominator.

Seventh Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie vs. Eddie Edwards: Dizzie chops Edwards in the corner a few times but Eddie goes for a rollup and begins to return the favor with a series of chops. Eddie dropkicks Dizzie a few times and delivers a forearm shot for a near fall. Edwards hits a snap suplex but Dizzie kicks out at two. Eddie tries to get a submission with an arm breaker but Dizzie won’t give in. Edwards nails Dizzie with a super kick sending the champ to the floor and Eddie misses a baseball slide but backdrops Dizzie into the crowd. Dizzie gauges Eddie’s eyes and has control of the bout as they head back into the ring. The champ has a sleeper hold on Edwards but it’s not going to last. Eddie stops Dizzie with a high knee lift, which looked pretty good.

Dizzie drops Eddie across his knee and delivers a double stomp to the back of his head. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring with Edwards winning the exchange with a clothesline. Eddie gets a near fall after a big boot. Eddie goes for a stunner from the middle rope but Dizzie counters but Edwards counters again with a rollup for a near fall! Dizzie drops Edwards with a twisting flapjack but can’t get a three count. Dizzie puts Edwards on the top rope and goes for a suplex but Eddie fights him off and hits a missile dropkick! Edwards runs into a back elbow but kicks Dizie on the top and hits a stunner from the middle rope for only a near fall! Dizzie backdrops Edwards to counter a power bomb attempt. Regardless, Eddie soon hits a power bomb but only gets a near fall, again.

Edwards appears to be going for a Spanish Fly from the top but Isys Ephex comes out to distract Edwards. Edwards rolls through a cross body from the middle rope for a near fall. Edwards dives over the top and takes Ephex out with a twisting dive! Edwards goes for a back suplex but gets tripped by Ephex, who then holds Eddie’e foot down for the win. (**3/4. A fine match with some quality action. The finish was kind of lame but it sure sets up an Ephex/Edwards match for night two. Anyway, a better match than I had been expecting.) After the match, Edwards gets on the microphone and challenges Ephex to a match for night two. There will be no time limit, count-out or disqualifications. Ephex agrees to the match for tomorrow night.

Main Event: All Money Is Legal vs. Jason Axe & Brother Runt: Murda and Pusha scare Runt and Axe from the ring to start the main event. Murda and Axe start the match with Axe getting beaten to the floor where Runt gives him some pointers. Runt and Pusha get tagged in though Runt didn’t seem to want the tag or ask for it. Runt gets mugged on the floor by Murda and they brawl into the crowd. Pusha runs off the apron to kick a running Axe on the floor. All four men are brawling on the floor with Runt being busted open. The match is apparently no a no disqualification match, as per orders of Murda, who hits a snap suplex on Axe on the wooden basketball court. Several chairs, which are non-folding, are placed in the ring with Runt in there alone with AMIL. Runt is promptly dropped onto the chairs and dropkicked out of the chairs.

Runt has a chair wrapped around his head and is sent into the ring post by Murda. Axe is stuck i the ring as Pusha hits a swanton bomb off the top to Jason’s groin. Axe dumps Murda to the floor and low blows Pusha to help out Runt in the corner. Runt hits the Acid Drop across one of the chairs! Gordy Wallace comes out with a steel chair and acts like he is going to hit Runt, but takes forever and obviously hits Murda with it instead. Pusha enters and gets whacked with a chair as well. It’s tough to see as there is poor lighting but Runt may have put Pusha through a table after coming off a ladder. Don’t hold me to that one, though.

Wallace and Runt hold Murda for Axe who has a chair but here comes Stud Steve Mackenzie who acts like he is going to use the chair on Murda but hits the heels instead! Just so we are aware, I did not see any kind of finish to the match. So, i’ll take it as a no contest. (*. Mainly just a brawl but I wasn’t overly interested in the match. There wasn’t anything memorable for the match aside from maybe the heel turn and fake heel turn. Action wise, this was all over the place and didn’t do anything for me.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, there were a few disappointments from this one. I had high expectations for Scorpio/Brown but they seemed to have regressed from their two previous matches. Walters/Thomas is the best match on the card as they worked a fine match and got the crowd into it. There is some good talent in the company with Scorpio, SWB, Edwards, Lee, Olsen, Walters, Thomas, Ephex, Runt and Vida. This show just didn’t deliver what I was anticipating. A thumbs down for night one.

Thanks for reading.

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