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2CW Back 2 Back Night Two 9/22/2007

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Back 2 Back Night Two
From: Syracuse, NY

Opening Contest: Number one contender battle royal:
This is the first ever battle royal for the company. All the wrestlers involved are in the ring to start the match at once. The final three for the match are Slyck Wagner Brown, Eddie Edwards and Antonio Thomas. Thomas gets worked over by Brown and Edwards. Thomas is almost eliminated but hangs on a little longer. Brown gets eliminated by Thomas and Eddie clotheslines Thomas to the floor. Isys Ephex enters and must have been hiding on the floor. Edwards sees Ephex coming and chops Isys several times. Ephex low blows Edwards and attempts to eliminate Eddie but fails doing so. They are battling on the apron trading forearm shots. Edwards hits a German suplex on the apron and Ephex gets eliminated. Edwards gets a title shot at the next show. (NR. This was actually the main event of the show, but instead I’m putting it at the start and leaving the title match as the main event. A decent battle royal with Edwards and Ephex working well for the final moments.)

Second Contest: Dan Dynasty vs. Kevin Grace: Two local talents square off here with Grace showing off some good personalty and Dynasty kind of reminding me of a Brian Christopher type of wrestler and attitude. Grace hits a somersault dive over the top onto Dynasty on the floor. Dynasty distracts the referee in order to get a low blow and advantage. Dan hits a northern light suplex but only manages a near fall. Grace fights back with a hurricanrana and a series of dropkicks. Grace hits a wheelbarrow face buster and gets the win. (*. A basic and quick match from these two. A filler match, really.)

Third Contest: JD Love & Nikki Roxx vs. Loca Vida & Lexxus: Quite honestly, this match goes roughly fifteen minutes and there is no interest from me to have to sit through that. The reasoning? Love isn’t overly entertaining and mixed tag matches follow the same formula anyway. Late in the match, Vida and Lexxus hit double wheelbarrow bulldogs and win the match.

The next match was promoted as being a no time limit anything goes match between Eddie Edwards and Isys Ephex. However, in true heel fashion, Ephex backed out of the match and had a couple of guys jokingly replace him before settling on Antonio Thomas. The match is strictly a singles match without any kind of stipulation.

Fourth Contest: Antonio Thomas vs. Eddie Edwards:
Early on neither man is able to get a clear cut advantage as they counter each others moves. Thomas backs Edwards into a corner and delivers a couple of cheap shots to get a lasting advantage. Eddie avoids a splash in the corner and hits a top rope missile dropkick. Thomas bails to the floor and Edwards takes Thomas out with moonsault off the middle rope to the floor. On the floor, Eddie chops Thomas several times. Thomas shoves Eddie back first into the guard railing to regain control. Thomas backdrops Edwards on the floor as their brawling continues. Thomas wraps Eddie around the ring post to inflict more punishment on the back and ribs area. Thomas hits a back suplex for a near fall back in the ring. Edwards blocks being suplexed out of the ring and kicks Thomas on the apron. Thomas clotheslines Eddie back into the ring from the apron and delivers a baseball slide to the ribs.

Antonio goes for a half crab but Eddie kicks him away. Edwards with a few forearm strikes but misses a kick and Thomas has the half crab locked in. Thomas yanks Edwards out of the corner and hits a sit down power bomb for a two count. Eddie crotches Thomas on the top and delivers a few head butts. Edwards is on the top rope and hits a double under hook suplex from the top! Edwards dropkicks Thomas and gets a near fall after a clothesline. Eddie goes for a stunner out of the corner but Thomas counters only for Eddie to recounter with a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Thomas plants Eddie with a power bomb and a fisherman suplex for a near win!

Edwards backdrops Thomas to counter a power bomb attempt but runs into a huge clothesline! Thomas goes for the cover but Edwards kicks out. Eddie pushes Thomas away and hits a super kick. Isys Ephex is at ringside now. Eddie gets distracted and Thomas hits a roll of the dice neck breaker for a near fall. Antonio heads to the top rope but Eddie stops him with forearm shots. Edwards knocks Thomas silly with a knee to the face and hits a top rope Spanish Fly! Edwards covers but Ephex pulls the referee out of the ring. Eddie grabs Ephex and has him on the apron. Thomas knocks Isys off on accident and Edwards rolls Thomas up for the win. (***1/4. A good match between these two. Thomas is grossly underrated due to his failed WWE run. An entertaining bout that saw plenty of action and the fans were invested into the match. A job well done.)

Fifth Contest: Zaquary Springate III vs. Ajax 820 in a hair vs career match: Ajax comes out and is attacked from behind due to Springate waiting on the side of the entrance. They brawl into the crowd where Ajax leaps off the bleachers to dive onto Springate. Ajax gets a near fall in the ring after a snap suplex. Springate fights back with a clothesline out of the corner. Springate head butts Ajax on the groin after a springboard off the middle rope in the corner. Ajax hits a springboard blockbuster but can’t get a three count on the cover attempt. Springate almost gets pinned after a victory roll and bails to the floor where Ajax takes Springate out with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Springate soon spikes Ajax with a piledriver for a near fall.

Springate misses a senton and almost pinned but Ajax hits a tornado DDT for another near fall. Ajax hits a modified flipping Canadian Destroyer but Springate kicks out. Ajax head scissors Springate into the corner face first and rolls Springate up for the win. (*. A completely lackluster match. A match with this kind of stipulation needed more violence and emotion. It came across like just another match and the fans didn’t have much interest in this one, either.)

Sixth Contest: All Money Is Legal & Steve Mackenzie vs. Gordy Wallace, Jason Axe & Brother Runt: All six men start the match brawling in the ring with Axe and Mackenzie being left in the ring. Mackenzie takes Axe out with a dive to the floor. Murda runs over Runt with several clothesline in the ring and a backdrop. Pusha knee lifts Gordy in the corner and delivers a few chops before hitting a kick in the corner. Wallace continues to be worked over by Murda. Axe distracts Murda to allow Gordy to deliver a clothesline. Runt comes off the top and double stomps Murda! Axe enters and delivers a vertical suplex to keep control for his team.

Pusha gets tagged in and a double ace crusher on Wallace gets a near fall. Runt enters to cheap shot Pusha and that gives the heels the cheap advantage. Axe hits a gut buster over his shoulder and continues to work over the taped ribs of Pusha. Pusha fights back with a series of strikes on Runt but a head butt to the ribs ends the attempted comeback. Runt goes for the Acid Drop but Pusha counters by dumping Runt to the floor. Murda takes everyone out with a dive on the floor! Mackenzie tags in and works over Axe with basic offense. Mackenzie hits an arm trapped duplex on Wallace but Axe connects with a fisherman buster on Mackenzie. Axe shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Murda.

Axe goes under the ring and slides a ladder into the ring but gets met with a baseball slide to the face sending the ladder into himself. Wallace enters with the laser and gets a scissors kick across the back landing onto the ladder. Mackenzie hits a top rope splash on Wallace, who was on the ladder and gets the three count. (*. Not sure how or why the ladder was deemed legal in the match, but okay. The match was similar to the previous match with very little interest and the action just wasn’t good.) After the match, Runt attacks Wallace with the ladder for losing the match. Gordy is begging Axe for forgiveness and gets it after kissing the boot of Axe.

Seventh Contest:John Walters vs. Slyck Wagner Brown: Early on, Brown leaps off the middle rope to keep a headlock on Walter as the match starts off a little slow. Slyck nearly gets a win with a rollup and now they are trading pin attempts and have a standoff, which the fans appreciate. Walters takes Brown over with a snap suplex to gain control of the bout. Walters drops Brown with a forearm shot and soon tries for a surfboard but loses his footing and instead rakes Slyck’s face. Brown kicks Walters in the corner and fights back with an arm drag and a dropkick sending Walters to the floor. Brown goes for a suicide dive but gets cut off with a forearm shot! They are on the apron trading shots with Walters getting the better of the exchange with a DDT on the apron!

On the apron, Walters has an indian death lock on Slyck but doesn’t keep it on for too long. Slyck counters a hurricanrana attempt with a swinging side slam! Slyck takes Walters out with a suicide dive on the floor! Brown hits a nice springboard moonsault from the apron back into the ring for a near fall. Brown gets another two count following a leg lariat. Brown works over Walters with a few chops in the corner. Walters stops Brown in the corner to hit a reverse hurricanrana! Walters follows up with a springboard DDT but Brown kicks out! Walters baseball slides Brown to the floor and begins to chop Slyck. Walters chops Brown over the railing into the crowd and heads to the top rope. John jumps off and dives onto Slyck in the crowd!

Brown is seemingly lifeless as Walters tries to toss him back over the railing to the ringside area. Walters gets a near fall once back in the ring. Walters goes for the Sharpshooter and has it locked in! Slyck reaches for and grabs the bottom rope. Brown comes back and trips Walters to lock in the Texas Cloverleaf! Walters is right in the middle of the ring abut makes his way towards the ropes and reaches the bottom rope. Brown counters a clothesline with the Appreciation Bomb for the win. (***1/2. A very good match between two of the best workers 2CW has to offer at this point. Walters, much like Thomas, is underrated quite a bit. These two worked extremely well with each other and the bout had several high spots that were impressive. Match of the night.)

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Dizzie vs. Jerry Lynn: The fans are heavily behind Lynn to kick off the main event. Lynn arm drags the champ early on and plays to the crowd. A few fans are chanting for Dizzie, as well. Lynn arm drags Dizzie several more times and Dizzie cowardly bails to the corner to avoid further punishment. Dizzie knee lifts Lynn and gains control with a side headlock. Lynn counters with a headlock of his own to regain control of the contest. Lynn rolls Dizzie up out of the corner for a two count. Lynn comes off the ropes with a head scissors takedown and Dizzie rolls to the floor. Lynn goes to the floor and hammers away on Dizzie sending the champ into the guard railing as well.

Back in the ring, Dizzie kicks the middle rope to low blow Lynn and get the cheap advantage. Lynn hits a cross body off the ropes but Dizzie regains control of the match. Lynn works over Dizzie in the corner with a few chops and boots.

Lynn gets cut off quickly with a forearm shot and Dizzie regains momentum. Dizzie misses a splash in the corner and now Lynn hits a leaping clothesline. Lynn plants Dizzie with a DDT but can’t put the champ away. Lynn goes for a hurricanrana and on a second effort manages to take Dizzie off the middle rope with it for a near fall! Lynn attempts a cradle piledriver but the champ reverses with a backdrop. Dizzie drops Lynn across the top rope and attempts the Hater Breaker, but Lynn gets out of it. Dizzie has Lynn on the top turnbuckle and Lynn connects with a tornado DDT for a two count. Dizzie low blows Jerry but Lynn nearly wins with a rollup. Dizzie quickly comes back with a clothesline.

Dizzie attempted a scoop slam but Lynn counters with a reverse DDT and both men are down. Lynn hits a springboard sunset flip power bomb out of the corner but Dizzie kicks out on the cover attempt. Lynn attempts the cradle piledriver but Dizzie counters and backdrops Lynn. Dizzie sits down and holds onto the middle rope for the cheap win. (*1/2. Lynn tried very hard to carry the match to a respectable level but Dizzie just isn’t anywhere near the talent level that Jerry is at to make it a quality match. Lynn hit all his spots and provided a few sparks to an otherwise dull match.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, we get two really good matches from Thomas/Edwards and Walters/Brown. Should come to no surprise since three of the four guys involved had been around for awhile and Edwards is simply a gifted performer. A stronger show than night one, but it’s a two match card with a forgettable main event and dull matches aside from it.

Thanks for reading.

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