CZW Cage Of Death VI 12/11/2004

Written by: Bob Colling

Combat Zone Wrestling presents Cage of Death VI
From: Philadelphia, PA

Not Reviewed Matches:
Derek Frazier won a CZW Student Battle Royal
Kid Kamikaze defeated Beef Wellington
All Money Is Legal defeated Ghost Shadow, Heretic, & Spyral

Opening Contest: Alex Shelley & Jonny Storm vs. Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong: Shelley and Strong kick off the match with Shelley hammering away on Strong. Shelley head scissors Strong, who tags in Stevens quickly. Alex drops Stevens with a heel kick and head scissors. Storm hits a head scissors on Shelley and drops Stevens over his knee before tagging in Shelley who goes for a cross body on the floor but is caught. Storm hits a double springboard corkscrew dive to the floor! Shelley hits a slingshot elbow drop on Stevens for a near fall. Strong hits a Code breaker and hits Shelley with a neck breaker while Stevens held Alex. Stevens works over Shelley in the corner with strikes. Alex dropkicks Stevens and can’t make the tag. Strong tags in and takes Alex over with a double under hook suplex. Strong misses a standing moonsault as Shelley avoided it and does the same when Stevens attempted one. Stevens senton splashes Shelley across Strong’s knees. Alex shoves Strong off the top and hits a frog splash! Storm gets the tag and hits a Japanese arm drag off the middle rope. Storm takes Stevens over with a hurricanrana but Strong catches Storm on a moonsault attempt to deliver a gut buster and a yakuza kick. Shelley super kicks Strong but is met with a spear by Stevens! Shelley drops Strong with a suplex and chops away on Erick. Storm plants Stevens with a DDT but Strong breaks the pin up and hits a back breaker on Storm. Shelley plants Strong with the Star Struck but can’t get a three count.

Stevens plants Shelley with the Even Stevens for a near fall. Storm drops Stevens with a clothesline. Storm plants Strong from the top rope for a near fall. Storm sends Stevens to the floor and Storm nearly pins Strong with the Wonder World. Strong dangerously drops Jonny on his head and uses the ropes for leverage to get the win. (**. Well, that was incredibly disappointing. I was expecting a much better match and the fans to be interested in it, but they were virtually silent for most of the bout.)

Second Contest: Blackjack Marsciano, Larry Sweeney & Hallowicked vs. Mike Quackenbush, Gran Akuma & Jigsaw: Akuma and Hallowicked kick off the contest. Akuma gets the early advantage with a couple of arm drags and counters a head scissors with a leg submission but Blackjack enters to attack Akuma until Quackenbush enters the match and has a octopus submission on Blackjack. Sweeney attacks Quackenbush from behind but get arm dragged to the floor. Jigsaw tags in to hit a double stomp on Hallowicked. Jigsaw rams Sweeney into the corner but is dropped throat first across the top and Sweeney hit a double under hook suplex. Hallowicked somersault kicks Jigsaw and Jigsaw is getting triple teamed. Blackjack gets knocked in between the rings and several guys walk over him to the next ring. Akuma splashes Blackjack between both rings! Quackenbush dives into the second ring. Blackjack gets kicked on the apron by Hallowicked on accident. Sweeney gets knocked onto Blackjack and now the good guys hit three dives to the floor!

Blackjack saves his partners from a double Boston Crab and bulldogs Quackenbush onto the apron. Jigsaw hits a springboard hurricanrana on Blackjack into the first ring! Blackjack hits a nice Splash Mountain on Jigsaw from the middle rope for the win. (**1/4. A few nice spots but an overall boring match for the most part. Jigsaw seemed to have the most to offer out of the bunch and the crowd reacted to his spots the most. Naturally, he eats the pin.)

Third Contest: CZW Junior Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. M-Dogg 20 in a Loser Leaves CZW match: This is also a falls count anywhere/no disqualification match. They trade slaps to the face and they begin to exchange several blows with Dogg delivering a few head butts but Dutt comes back with a few punches. Dutt springboards off the ropes to kick Dogg off the apron to the floor and quickly dives to the floor to take Dogg out! Dutt has Dogg on the apron and attempts a piledriver but Dogg plants Dutt with a DDT on the apron! Dogg takes Dutt into the guard railing with a hurricanrana. Dogg leaps over the railing to take Dutt out with a cross body in the front row. They are in the bleachers where Dutt kicks Dogg off and leaps off the bleachers to hit a moonsault for a near fall. Dogg sends Dutt into a wall and breaks the wall. They are in the mens bathroom and there was a guy in the stall! Dogg power bombs Dutt onto two unfolded chairs! Dogg sets up a table and climbs a scaffold and hits a splash onto Dutt through the table but only gets a near fall!

Dogg plants Dutt with a piledriver on the concrete floor and puts Dutt on a second table at ringside. Dogg climbs a post like it’s nothing and is all the way at the top the building! Dogg instead comes back down and tells the fans to screw off. That would have been insane. Dutt hits a springboard clothesline back in the ring and works over Dogg with a few elbow strikes. Dutt plants Dogg with a power bomb but only gets a near fall. Dutt takes Dogg over with a hurricanrana but misses a splash in the corner and Dogg hits a springboard dropkick for a two count. Dogg drops Dutt across his knee for another two count. Dutt cuts Dogg off at the top and hits a superplex! Dutt heads to the top rope and hits the Hindu Press but another referee comes out and pulls the referee out! Apparently it’s Rob Henson! Dogg rolls Dutt up and we get a fast count to give Dogg the win.

Zandig gets on the microphone and demands the match be restarted. The CZW referee spears the other referee and the match restarts! Dutt hits a Muscle Buster and hits a top rope moonsault into a double stomp and a standing moonsault but Justice Pain enters and attacks Dutt with a trash can lid! Dogg crawls over but Dutt kicks out at two! Dogg slides a table into the ring and hits the M-Dogg Driver through the table. Nick Gage enters and drops Dogg with a back breaker! Dogg shoves Dutt off the middle rope but misses Death From Above. Dutt hits a tornado DDT and pins Dogg. (***. The overbooking of the match really hurts it from being a truly classic, memorable CZW match. Had they kept it to just these two guys finishing off their feud then it would have been a show stealer match of the show. The match had a big match feel and by the end it felt underwhelming.)

Fourth Contest: Dan Maff vs. B-Boy in the Xtreme Strong Style Tournament Finals: They start off with a series of strikes with neither man getting a clear cut advantage. They head butt each other but Maff drops Boy with a clothesline. Maff tosses a chair at Boy’s face. Maff nails Boy with a running big boot and they continue to trade strikes. They go to the floor where Maff sends Boy into the guard railing. Maff hits a somersault splash in the corner. Boy hammers away on Maff and drops him with a leaping kick. Boy sends Maff into the corner with an exploder suplex! Boy double stomps Maff from the top but only gets a near fall. Maff avoids a shining wizard with a release t-bone duplex for a near win of his own. Maff sets a table up in the corner and goes for the Burning Hammer through the table but Boy gets out of it. Maff settles for sending Boy through the table with a power bomb for a two count. Boy gets his knees up to avoid another somersault splash in the corner.

They begin to trade strikes until Boy hits a dropkick in the corner for a near fall. Maff is kicked to the corner and Boy delivers a couple more dropkicks. Boy has a chair and dropkicks the chair into Maff’s face. Boy covers Maff and gets the win. (*1/2. I didn’t like the match at all. They never seemed to get in a good pace and the action was boring. To be honest, the match didn’t have be interested beforehand, either.) After the match, Boy is handed the Xtreme Strong Style trophy. Chris Hero comes down and attacks Boy from behind! Hero says it is a proven fact that Boy is a loser and he doesn’t give title shots to losers. Zandig comes out and attacks Hero hitting a discus clothesline! Hero bails to the floor. Zandig sets up B-Boy vs. Chris Hero for right now!

Fifth Contest: CZW Iron Man Champion Chris Hero vs. B-Boy: Hero gets attacked on the floor and Boy sends Hero into the ring steps. Hero sends Boy over with a neck wrenched suplex. Hero drops Boy with a double leg slam, double stomp and a senton splash. Hero drives Boy down to the canvas with a vertical suplex. Hero wedges a chair in the corner but wrenches on Boy’s neck for a few moments. Boy gets attacked by Blackjack on the floor while the referee was distracted. Hero delivers a yakuza kick and a clothesline but only gets a near fall. Hero runs into a boot in the corner and gets catapulted into the corner. Blackjack trips Boy and Hero hits a senton but can’t get a three count. Hero accidentally elbows the referee and has the title to try and hit Boy but Jigsaw runs out and attacks Blackjack. Hero is distracted by that and gets clobbered by Boy. Boy hits the shining wizard and Hero hits the wedged chair in the corner Boy has a backslide and wins the title! (*1/2. A rather dull match between these two but the fans popped for the title change.)

Sixth Contest: Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Super Dragon & Excalibur: Steen and Excalibur kick off the contest with Steen hitting a back elbow and dropkick. Generico tags in but is taken down to the mat by Excalibur. Dragon enters the match and punches Steen on the apron. Dragon drops Generico with a forearm shot but Generico takes him down with an arm drag and plays to the crowd. Dragon kicks Generico off the top rope. Dragon tosses Generico onto the top turnbuckle and tags out to Excalibur. Excalibur keeps control on Generico for a few moments. Excalibur delivers a running knee strike and tags in Dragon who locks in a surfboard. Dragon knocks Steen off the apron and tags in Excalibur. Dragon comes off the top to deliver a double stomp on Generico and takes Steen out with a suicide dive!

Excalibur scoop slams Generico and Dragon comes off the top to dropkick Steen and senton splash Generico! Dragon mocks Generico by faking a tag and attacks Generico. Excalibur backdrops Generico for a near fall. Generico gets out of the Psycho Driver and plants Dragon with a tornado DDT! Steen is itching for the tag and finally tags in to hit Excalibur with a spinning heel kick and power slam. Steen knocks Dragon off the apron and Generico takes Dragon out with a dive on the floor. Generico holds their opponents on the floor so that Steen can hit a somersault dive off the top to the floor. Excalibur is sent to the corner where Generico delivers a yakuza kick and a slam for a near fall. Excalibur blocks a moonsault with his knees and Dragon hits a German and Tiger suplex. Dragon and Steen begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Dragon gets the upper hand and blocks a kicks attempt but not a second one from Steen.

Steen hits the Curb Stomp on Dragon! Excalibur comes back and clotheslines Steen for a near fall. Excalibur plants Steen with a tombstone and heads to the top rope. Generico stops Excalibur on the top but can’t take him over with a fisherman suplex. Dragon comes over and goes for the Psycho Driver but Steen saves and nearly hits the Package Driver but Excalibur attempts a Tiger Driver only for Generico to hit a dragon suplex. Dragon hits a springboard spinning heel kick to send Generico down. Steen plants Dragon with a Flatliner but gets stopped on the top and Excalibur hits a spider German suplex. Excalibur is upside down and is met with a somersault dropkick from Generico from the top! Generico hits Excalibur with a brain buster onto the top turnbuckle! Dragon crotches Generico on the top and hits a spinning Blue Thunder Driver from the middle rope. Steen with a gut buster and moonsault on Dragon for a near fall!

Dragon nails Steen with a lariat but only gets a two count. Generico hits a yakuza kick in the corner on Dragon but is soon met with chops and head butts and knee strikes form Dragon. Dragon Curb Stomps Generico! Dragon plants Generico with the Psycho Driver and that’s it. (***1/2. A good match that started off slow but they really delivered the second half of the match. Excalibur is clearly the weakest link of the four.)

Seventh Contest: CZW World Champion The Messiah vs. Adam Flash vs. Kaos in a Ladders and Scaffold match: Messiah is double teamed early on by the challengers whose alliance will likely be short lived. Messiah is super kicked off the apron into the ropes of the second ring before crashing to the floor. Kaos hit a slingshot leg drop from the apron and Flash goes to the scaffold but Kaos pulls him down and they break their alliance. Messiah hits a neck breaker/DDT combo. Messiah hits a suplex on Flash sending him into a ladder in the corner. Kaos casually hits Messiah with a ladder. Kaos hits an elbow drop off the top onto Messiah but Flash hits him with a ladder moments later. Flash baseball slides a ladder into Messiah while he was in a tree of woe. Flash does the same to Kaos, who is busted open. Messiah and Kaos botch a slingshot suplex onto a ladder across both rings. Flash has a big bucket of thumbtacks and sits Messiah onto them. Kaos slams a ladder into a second one into Messiah’s groin and does the same to Flash. Messiah tries to climb to the scaffold but is pushed off by Kaos into the guard railing. Messiah power bombs Kaos from off a ladder and as he climbs Flash hits a spear. The fans are not into this match. Flash uses the ladder on both men and hits a face buster from off the top on Messiah. Flash and Kaos are busy while Messiah gets on the scaffold. Flash and Kaos are on the scaffold as well. Messiah knocks Flash off and Kaos is shoved off onto three ladders set up on the rings. Messiah grabs the CZW World Championship and knocks Flash off another ladder. Messiah grabs the briefcase to collect his own bounty as well. (*. That was a boring match to sit through. Aside from Kaos taking the one bump onto the ladders, any of the big bumps didn’t carry any kind of emotion with them and most of them were sloppy and botchy.) After the match, Zandig cuts a promo saying he wanted to give Messiah a new belt but the company he ordered it from never gave it to him.

Prior to the first Cage of Death match, Robbie Mireno taunts the fans until John Zandig cuts them off and sends Robbie and Maven Bentley into the ring with a barbed wire bat. Zandig scares Robbie and Maven to the top of the cage. Zandig goes over the rules that the only way to be eliminated is if you hit the floor and the only way to win is to retrieve the CZW World Tag Team Championships.

Eighth Contest: Cage of Death #1
Team CA$H: Chri$ Ca$h, JC Bailey, Nate Webb and Sexxy Eddy
Team Blackout: Ruckus, Sabian, Kingston and Jack Evans

Kingston and Webb kick off the match as the first two entrants. Webb tosses a ladder at Kingston from one ring to the other and sets it up in the corner. Eddie is sent into the ladder but Webb gets caught and powerbombed into the ladder. Webb is trapped in the ladder as Sabian is the next man to come out. Webb splashed Kingston with the ladder as Sabian enters. Webb gets attacked quickly and Blackout has control. Webb backdrops Sabian onto the ladder. Kingston hits a brain buster on Webb. Sabian leaps off of Kingston’s shoulders to double stomp a ladder onto Webb!

JC Bailey is the next entrant. Bailey dangerously rams Sabian into the cage and hits a powerbomb. Bailey tosses a chair at Kingston. Sabian sends JC into the cage, as well. The next entrant is Jack Evans. Evans quickly goes after Bailey. Evans hits a spinning kick to Bailey’s face. Sabian and Evans work over Webb with chair shots. Sexxy Eddy is the next man to come out for the match. Webb drops Evans with a yakuza kick as Eddy bites a bloody Kingston. Ruckus comes out as the last entrant for Blackout.

Sabian hits a sick tornado DDT off the top onto Eddy onto several chairs in the ring! Evans hits a standing shooting star press on Webb. Bailey is using thumbtacks on Blackout. Chris Cash is out and leaps off the top to take Ruckus out with cross body! Of course, Ruckus sells it for two seconds. Webb tosses a chair at Kingston in the corner. Cash hits a double springboard dropkick on Evans into the second ring. Kingston suplexs Webb onto two chairs. Eddy superplexs Ruckus onto a chair! Holy shit, Ruckus hit a top rope sit out slam on Eddy through a ladder from the top rope!

Cash hits a German suplex on Evans from near the platform at the top of the cage. Sabian hits Bailey with a chair a few times but Bailed is no selling it. Ruckus leaps off the top of a platform to hit a shooting star press onto Webb and Kingston! Cash holds Kingston on a table while Eddy heads to the top of the cage with a trash can. Kingston rolls off and Bailey slams Sabian onto the thumbtacks. Eddy hits a wheelbarrow suplex on Evans. Webb holds Kingston on table and Bailey leaps off the top of the cage to hit a double stomp through the table!

Kingston drops Bailey onto the thumbtacks and Evans stomps a chair onto Cash. Webb dives off the top to take everyone out! Evans gets swung around by Bailey and Eddy before they drop him down chest first onto tacks. Kingston punches Webb off the top rope and Webb crashes through a table between the two rings and is eliminated as a result.

Eddy gets sent into a table by Evans. Bailey stomps Evans several times to keep control. Cash and Kingston are on the outside of the cage. Kingston gets knocked off and through a table following chair shots and he is eliminated. Evans slams Bailey off the platform to the canvas. Eddy hits a springboard somersault onto Ruckus. Cash slams Evans onto a trash can. Eddy heads to the top of the cage with a trash can. Eddy puts it over his head and hits a blinded moonsault onto everyone from off the top of the cage! Ruckus tombstones Eddy into the trash can! Ruckus somersault kicks Eddy while inside the trash can.

Eddy is sent through the second table between the rings by Ruckus and is eliminated. Evans is on the top of the cage but misses a dive onto Cash and crashes to the mat. Ruckus slams Bailey onto a ladder. Evans and Cash are on the top of the cage. Cash looks to send him off through a table, but Evans misses the table and just hits the concrete floor! Sabian piledrives Bailey through a table. Ruckus power bombs Cash through a table. Bailey is pulled across some thumbtacks. Sabian gets powder in the eyes and Cash lifts him over his head and they fly off the age through tables. What is wrong with these guys?!

Bailey is at the top of the cage and kicks Ruckus off to the mat. Bailey wants the titles but is oblivious to Ruckus climbing up as well. Bailey punches Maven and Robbie and simply grabs the belts to win the match. (****. That was filled with insane spots and I enjoyed it a great deal. The finish was a little flat as he simply walked over Robbie and Maven. Regardless, a job well done by everyone in the match.)

Main Event: Cage of Death #2
Nate Hatred & Nick Gage vs. Wifebeater & Justice Pain

Pain and Wifebeater work over Hatred with Pain going after Gage with a cross body. Pain hits Gage with a trash can. Pain continues to hit Gage with several weapons and Gage is busted wide open. Hatred works over Wifebeater with a bucket. Pain sends Gage through some glass set up in the ring. Hatred hits Wifebeater with a computer monitor. Wifebeater is hitting Hatred with a branch while Gage sends Pain back first into the cage. Wifebeater is whacking Hatred with a chair several times. This match has been just a lot of weapon shots.

Wifebeater power bombs Hatred through a table. Pain leaps off the top of the cage to hit a Blockbuster on Gage! Pain whacks Hatred several times with a sign. Gage whacks Robbie Mireno with a guitar as he is still at the top of the structure from the previous match. Hatred power bombs Wifebeater off the middle rope through glass. Gage lays glass across two chairs. He puts some thumbtacks and salt on it as well. Gage turns on Hatred and sends Hatred through the glass!

A spike piledriver on Hatred two times! Pain covers Hatred and gets the win. (*1/4. The fans didn’t seem to care about the heel turn and the match was just garbage wrestling with a bunch of weapon shots and nothing more.) After the match, Pain turns on Wifebeater by hitting the Pain Thriller and Gage hits a frog splash on both guys. Gage and Pain have reunited.

Final Thoughts:
As you can see there are plenty of top independent names on the show. It’s a good show with several good matches though the main event was a pretty bad way to end it considering all the other options. The CZW World Championship match wasn’t good, either. The first COD and the tag match involving Steen, Generico, Excalibur and Dragon were really the standout matches.

Thanks for reading.

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